When I click on a url, it should open in a new tab; why it opens in the same tab?

I have my preferences of Mozilla implemented so that whenever I click on a url, it should open in a new tab, but every once in a while, Mozilla goes on the fritz, and open the new url IN THE SAME TAB! I checked my preferences, they are always well positioned. I checked the tools: Options: general: tabs: open the new window in the tab instead. and when I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately. If it is always well positioned.

What Miss me?


That preference refers to links that are coded to launch in a new window: start them in a new tab instead of a new window.

Unfortunately, there is no adjustment for the links that are coded to launch in the same tab to start them in a new tab instead of in the same tab. You would need an add-on for that.

Normally, I would you recommend checking out Tab Mix Plus as the 'Swiss Army knife' tab features, but lately, it has a small bug so it has not been last updated in recent days, could you hold off on using it.

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