When I click the icon to open a new tab, how can I be the same web page as the current one I'm clicking a +?

For example, if I'm on a web page of recipe and I click on the + icon to open a new tab, so I can look at the comments to this recipe while keeping the web page of recipe, open the new tab appears as a blank page research right now. I wish the new coming tab like the page of a recipe where I was when I clicked on the + to a new tab. In this way, I don't have to go get the Web of recipe in the new tab page, and comments... I would already be on the same web page of recipe in the new tab and then simply click on reviews. I hope I have explained this clearly. Thank you!

This thread has some solutions:


The simplest seems to be: hold CTRL and left click on the button reload. You can also click the reload (for example 'click' with the mouse wheel, if you have a mouse wheel.) The thread above has other options.

Edit: you could also hold down the Ctrl key and drag a tab beside himself to clone, another suggestion of the thread above.

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