When I connect my ipod nano I get an error message of corruption

Apple say that the ipod is great, but my laptop does not recognize


Check with iPod Support and Forums for more information if necessary.

-IPod support

iTunes and iPod Support

Each iPod - iPod help & Technical Support (part 3)


For most MP3 players that can and will be able to be synced to WMP - iPod syncs not natively for Windows 7.

Set the MP3 MTP Mode for WMP sync - mode MSC to treat the MP3 as a reader.
(Now its set to MSC)<-- this="" is="" for="" mp3="" in="" general="" and="" ipod="" will="" not="" usually="">

Your MP3 player should have 2 settings - MSC which should allow the player to be used as an external symbol
drive and PSG that is the parameter to use to sync with WMP. Remove the MP3 and charge it the
computer. Change the MP3 in MTP mode - it power off and plug it in.


There is a plugin to let WMP sync music to an iPod:

WinAmp supports iPod

How to use Winamp to manage your iPod

WinAmp - Forums

6 ways to synchronize your iPod to computer without iTunes

I hope this helps.

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