When I open Firefox, I get a grey screen transparant but no message of default of any kind. What should I do to let firefox still works?

I have nothing special on the internet (no updates,...). I did different antivirus scans - but they found nothing. Also restart the computer did not help.


Hello KevinBeaulisch, another user that we found that this could be related to active malware on your pc. Please close all firefox windows and try to start firefox in safe mode (by pressing the SHIFT key while you start it). in firefox, safe mode go to firefox > addons > extensions and remove the entry named 'Codec v1.0' or any other addons that suspicious look and you have not intentionally installed. then see if you can restart firefox normally...

Please also make a thorough analysis of your system with the security software already in place or another tool like the free version of malwarebytes & keep firefox and your plugins up to date in order to stay safe on the web.

Fix Firefox problems caused by malicious software

Update to the latest version of Firefox


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