When I open the browser Firefox with Yahoo home page. Images and the font size is so small, I can hardly read it. Frustrated! Tim

I was on the Firefox help page and tried everything that was suggested. I have yet to find a default selection value where I can put my home page to open to say 125% or a way to have it open where I don't have to enlarge each page - whenever I open it.

You can increase the chain pref layout.css.devPixelsPerPx from 1,0 to 2,0 to 0.1 or 0.05 as follows to adjust the size of all fonts and other elements in Firefox (percentage divided by DPI, for example 150% / 96).

In current versions of Firefox this pref is a string parsed in float value and allows you to adjust the dimensions of all elements (user interface and web pages) more precisely.

To open the topic: config page, type Subject: config in the address bar (address) and press the 'Enter' key, as you type the url of a Web site to open a Web site.

If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access this page.

  • Use the filter at the top bar of the on: page config to more easily spot a preference.
  • Preferences that have changed see the bold (user set).
  • Preferences you can restore the default value or change via the context menu.

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  • When we increase the font size of images also increase and fades, how do I solve this problem?

    When we increase the font size then the image become as large and that's why they fade, there should be a way to increase the single font size not image or symbol, so that they erase.

    In safari, I think I've seen this feature.

    Hello pandeyvinod.india, press alt to display the menu bar and go in view > zoom where you can select only text zoom.

  • When I print from the internet, the font is so small, I can hardly read it, it's just begun

    When I print anything the Internet police is so small that I can hardly read, it just started that past how can I fix.

    Hi KathyHodges,
    -What happens when you try to view documents in preview option before printing?
    In the Printing Preferences dialog box, you set the options that affect the way documents are printed. The available options vary from printer to printer, but for most printers, they allow options that are mentioned in the following article:
    Additional reference on:
  • The font size is too small in the email received

    When I receive email using Windows Live Mail, the size of the font of the text is too small, and I can't read them. I was able to select the size of the police "The greatest." However, I still don't see any difference in an email of some, like the email receipt from PayPal.

    When I was using old Outlook Express in Windows XP, I don't have this kind of problem.

    Could you please let me know how to enlarge the size of the font of the received email?

    I use Windows 7 (64).

    Thank you.

    Hi Adam,.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    But I had no more time to play with this problem and decided to use Zimbra Desktop.

    Zimbra works very well. I can see very clearly the HTML messages and can print with the font size, I want, just like Outlook Express.

    Thanks in any case.

    Best regards

    Dr. Musou

  • How to get to 'see' to be able to set the font size? Too small, can't read, especially in Facebook.

    Suddenly, it seems that the police got so small, that I can hardly read it. I have good eyesight and a 21 or 22 "screen. But Firefox has only a single drop-down list, not others he used to have. I need to be able to define the size of the content on the screen. Help! Thank you!

    To the menu 'View' try to press 'Alt' + 'V' on the keyboard.

    To set the default zoom: "Ctrl" + "0" (zero)

    To display the menus again, right-click on the left end of the address bar (where there is an icon of the current web page) and select "Menu Bar".

  • The FONT SIZE is too small in Hotmail Live email. Please indicate how to increase the font size

    The FONT SIZE in Hotmail Live is too small. Please indicate how to increase the font size

    Thank you.

    This isn't. You have ra reolution of 800 x 600 or less?

    Try this

    In Internet Explorer don't see--> text size--> medium/large.

    or increase your zoom level (IE 7/8)

    or try a combo of the two

    Maryse Agarwal

  • When I open a new tab in my home page [google] the new Dosen show google tab I want the new tab also to open with google

    I reinstalled firefox on my desktop the previous one used to show my google home page when I opened a new tab in my homepage .but it doesnot open my google home page now, it's empty with a few rectangular blocks

    I hid them, but I want my home page to open when I open a new tab instead of it being blank that I did what you said and was satisfied thank you

  • Taskeng.exe malware turn away from my Firefox at Yahoo home page and I can't understand how to remove.

    I ran scans using Norton Security Suite and Microsoft Safety Scanner and cannot get rid of the malware Taskeng.exe. My guess is that because it shares the same name as a legitimate file, the antivirus software does not recognize it as a malware. Also, I went online to get suggestions and tried to open the computer in Mode safe to look for a second file with the same name, but it does not appear. The malware Taskeng.exe turn away from my Firefox at Yahoo homepage which slows down Firefox when opening and it slows the opening of other sites as well. Suggestions?

    Favorite and use this.
    Mozilla search reset {web link}
    This module is very simple: when installing, it backs up
    and then resets your search and home page preferences
    at their default values and then to uninstall. This
    affects the search bar, search bar URL, and home

    FIRST BUT cela;

    Sometimes a problem with Firefox can be a result of malware installed on your computer, you may not be aware of.

    You can try these free programs to search for malicious software that work with your existing anti-virus software:

    Microsoft Security Essentials is a good permanent antivirus for Windows 7/Vista/XP, if you do not already have one.

    More information can be found in the article troubleshooting Firefox problems caused by malware .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

  • Why firefox changed yahoo home page. Now different from IE

    For some reason any Yahoo homepage which I always use has been changed on Firefox. On IE, it's the good old home page that I not only like but was used to. I prefer Firefox as my browser but want to the Yahoo homepage back regular. Any ideas?

    The left one looks like a 'mobile' simplified layout. It could be that one of your Yahoo cookies that Firefox is sending to the site has a preference for this layout. Private Windows having a separate set of cookies, which would be consistent with the results of your test.

    You want to try to clear all cookies from your Yahoo to see if that fixes it? First, save all work in progress such as the draft e-mail messages. While displaying a page on the site, try either:

    • Right click and select View Page Info > Security > "View Cookies".
    • (menu bar) Menu Tools > Page Info > Security > "View Cookies".

    In the dialog box that opens, yahoo.com should show at the top. You can delete cookies from the site individually, without affecting other sites.

    Then try to reload the page. Who help me?

  • Webview from landscape orientation to portrait mode causes the font size to become smaller and a problem with the context Menu

    Hi, I have a webview with inline html. It works fine except that when I pass in landscape mode, the screen fills fine and the police grows, but when I go back to portrait fonts are tiny, even smaller then when initially in the portrait. I am installing this on a Z10 with cascades 10.1 SDK. Is this a Bug somewhere in the SDK or BB10?

    Another problem I have is in Web mode, the shortcut menu appears when I touch a Word. I is no need to use the context menu. How can I get rid of him. In the case where I would like to someday use this menu, I would need to add code to it. I can't find the code. Where can I find it?

    Thanks for your help



    I' to propose taying far WebView as much as possible and using TextArea (with type HTML). There are still a few bugs present in WebView that make it unpleasant to use.

    You cannot get rid of the context menu, so it will disappear once you remove WebView. You can still share with other methods.

    This may seem more work and it's probably, but it's going to do to improve the user experience and fewer headaches for you.

  • the font size is too small on 4 k screen - new computer dell laptop

    I just bought a Dell laptop that came with a 4 k screen, all the drop down menus of windows are ok to read but inside cs6 drop-down menus are still reading size of pixel... that makes them so tiny that it is almost impossible to read, is there a solution or an upgrade on the way?

    Hi Phil

    I'm sorry to tell you that there is no solution to screen high resolution for CS6.  2014.2.2 CC workaround in preferences that gives you a 2 X UI, but things like Guides are always one pixel wide and very difficult to see.

    If you're feeling brave, however, there is a registry hack, which could even work for CS6

    Adobe App scaling on the screens to high-resolution (FIX) | Dan Antonielli

  • When I open a new tab with my (Google) page beginning, a second tab opens to my Firefox options settings. Why?

    Running Windows 7 Pro. Change to avoid this problem?

    Hi Caymanfan, the update should have your old folder settings on your desktop inside a folder of old data of Firefox. I suggest hanging in that for a few weeks in the case where you notice what it's critical missing.

  • The font size decreased. Almost too small to read.

    the font size decreased if small it can hardly be read.  This includes Web pages, and this page. I have shortcuts of co, but nothing else.  How you change the size of the police when it affects all computer data?

    the font size decreased if small it can hardly be read.  This includes Web pages, and this page. I have shortcuts of co, but nothing else.  How you change the size of the police when it affects all computer data?

    Re - set DPI:
    Right-click on a free space of the desktop > customize > column to the left, adjust the size of police (in PPP) > uac prompt > click default scale (96 DPI).

    For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • Type the numbers 1, 2, 9 and 0 in a website form such as when you create a new note in Evernote web, Firefox jumps to another tab or change the font size.

    In some forms of web (e.g. What strikes a new note in Evernote Web), I can't type the numbers 1, 2, 6, 9, or 0. Typing '1' or '2' jumps out to an another changes in typing "9" or "0" tab open the font size. Type '6' does nothing I can see easily.

    I use OS X 10.9.5 and Firefox 38.0.1. I think that this problem was introduced with Firefox 37, if I'm not completely sure.

    Problem solved. It is the extension of the key configuration.

  • After the update for Firefox 4, the font size in my gmails are smaller. I need to come back to the larger size. How?

    On both the gmails and the size of the font when gmails are open, the font size is less to before the upgrade to Firefox 4. I change all of the settings. I don't see where I can change this back to the large fonts. Help?

    The page may have been zooming. With Gmail on display are trying to use the hotkey Control + 0 (zero) to reset the zoom on the page.

    For more details on the use of the zoom on the page, see https://support.mozilla.com/kb/Page+Zoom

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