When I try to automate - fusion photo I get this error - which freezes my Mac and I have to force leave to use anything - 19 error: bad argument: invalid resource format. Error on line 0, the character offset 560, in ' {alignChildren: 'fill', text: ' $$$

Error 19: Bad argument: invalid resource format. Error on line 0, the character offset 560, in ' {}alignChildren: 'fill', text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/Shared/Photomerge/process/Name = Photomerge', orientation: 'row', alignment: "fill."View1: Panel{"text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/Shared/Photomerge/Scr/layout = layout", direction: "column", alignment: ["fill", "fill"],View2: Group{orientation: "column", alignment: "fill."_LOauto: RadioButton {text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/shine/Photomerge/Scr/Auto = Auto ", alignment: 'left'"},view4: Image {image: "/Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CS6/Presets/Scripts/Stack%20Scripts%20Only/P_AutoAlign _Automatic_87x38.png"}},view5: Group{orientation: "column", alignment: "fill."_LOperspective: RadioButton {text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/Shared/Photomerge/Scr/Perspective = Perspective', alignment: 'left'},Vision7: Image {image: "/Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CS6/Presets/Scripts/Stack%20Scripts%20Only/P_AutoAlign _Perspective_87x38.png"}},view8: Group{orientation: "column", alignment: "fill."_LOcylindrical: RadioButton {text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/Shared/Photomerge/Scr/cylindrical cylindrical = ', alignment: 'left'},view10: Image {image: "/Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CS6/Presets/Scripts/Stack%20Scripts%20Only/P_AutoAlign _Cylindrical_87x38.png"}},view11: Group{orientation: "column", alignment: "fill."_LOspherical: RadioButton {text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/Shared/Photomerge/Scr/spherical ball = ", alignment: 'left'"},view13: Image {image: ' /}

Hi Donald,.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This happens usually when the script does not have enough permissions to manage this.

Please make sure that this folder applications, and two libraries have full read and write.

Also if it happens again, please tell me if you use Bridge for example or directly with Photoshop.

Thank you


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