When I try to delete anything out of my windows mail Inbox stops and restarts the imedietly.

Restart mail Windowas

When I try to delete anything out of my windows mail Inbox stops and restarts the imedietly.

Try to compact and repair the database (see www.oehelp.com/WMUtil/).  There is likely an inconsistency between what is really there and what think the database is where and who must reconcile the two.  So beware of interference from antivirus software which can cause these issues (see www.oehelp.com/OETips.aspx#3).


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    When I try to delete an element of images/documents, etc, it is moved to the Recycle Bin ok but the little window recycling rest and cannot be cancelled by the task handle. If I open 'my computer' and start typing in the search box it also freezes and it slows down my computer. I ran spybot, AVG, disk etc. defragmentation, but no problems were discovered.

    Have you tried running SFC. EXE/scannow from a high command prompt to repair a corrupt Windows?

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    You have another admin account , you can connect?
    If so, please do it and then run the Microsoft Support tutorial below.

    If you don't have another admin account, go into safe mode.
    Here's how to get safe mode:
    Shut down your computer > turn it back on and immediately and repeatedly tab key F8 until you see a black and white screen. The top/down arrow and selectSafe Mode with network.

    In the window of logon in safe mode...
    1 can connect to your account administrator in safe mode?
    If so, run the Microsoft tutorial support listed below.

    2. If you can't log into your own account, you see another admin next to your account in the logon screen?
    If you do, that one is the built-in Administrator account. By default, there is no password. Opening of session and run the tutorial from Microsoft technical support below.

    3. If you are able to log on in safe mode, do a system restore. Choose a date when you were able to log in NORMAL MODE as your restore point.
    How to do system restore: System Restore tutorialtutorial from Microsoft support :
    There are several methods,go through one by one.
    Method 3 has a "fix it for me" application
    For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • in windows 7 windows live mail can stop and restart when I try to convey whatever it is

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    Hi 428Tom

    For support with Windows Live Mail, please address your question to the forum Live Support from the link below. Thank you.


  • When you try to delete a file error 0 x 80070091 happens. a part of the file is corrupted or unreadable

    file is landscape in Flight sim X unreadable or corrupt is texture.

    Try to use Unlocker http://www.softpedia.com/reviews/windows/Unlocker-Review-106258.shtml to delete the file (or all files in the folder, then the folder itself - I'm not sure how the program works with files).

    Good luck and I hope this helps...

    P.S. Before doing this, go to start / all programs / accessories / command prompt and right click on command prompt, and then click Run as administrator.  Then type chkdsk /f /r and enter and let it run.  It will check for and try to fix/mark bad sectors on your hard drive (maybe where exists the corrouption). Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

  • When you try to open windows mail it says "Windows Mail has stopped working". The error code is COOD1198. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Download updates for

    There was a problem with that caused it to stop working correctly.

    Your computer may run out of updates that can help improve its stability and security.

    Go online to search for and install the Important updates and recommended.

    1. Click here to access the Windows Update Web site online

    2. In the left pane, click check for updates. If updates are found, click view available updates.

    3. Select all important updates and then click install. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

      If you have activated the automatic update, you can not see important updates listed. If this is the case, the updates have already been downloaded to your computer.

    I am aware of the windows updates.

    Try to compact and repair the database and see if it suits it.  See www.oehelp.com/WMUtil/

    Also be aware of the problems caused by the installation of IE9: see www.oehelp.com/OETips.aspx#15

    And beware of interference antivirus.  See point 3 on this page as well.


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    How is your question about the Windows Update feature? Posting here instead: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7performance/threads ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • When you try to perform a new installation of Windows Vista, it hangs on "preparing the installation" for hours, no progress.

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    as you say that you use the recovery disk that provided the computer manufacturer, you will need to contact then on this problem

    It's their recovery process not microsofts

  • Windows 7 keeps Windows Explorer to crash and restart when I try to access my videos folder? Windows 7 32 bit

    When I try to access my videos folder via windows Explorer, it crashes and trys to restart but never did... so boring


    I suggest you to follow this thread which has helped to solve a similar problem.


    I hope this helps.

  • Computer out of memory. Error "Setup Windows service could not be accessed" when you try to delete all programs to clear a space.

    Original title: the windows service install could not be accessed

    "I have no memory on my xp ran computer and I am trying to delete all programs to clear a space but when I try to delete all files, it says is following" windows service install could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running in safe mode or if Windows Installer is not installed properly. Contact your support team. "Help, please


    Follow the instructions in this link and also please provide more info, make and model of the pc, current antivirus, operating system and service pack.

  • My application Snapchat says "pending". I already saved, restarted and synced my phone and nothing works. When I try to delete the app it still doesn't let me.

    Snapchat is usually a good app on my iPhone work 6. Yesterday, my application is gray and says "pending". I thought it was an update, so I don't worry. Come to find out that when I rebooted, backed up and synced my phone, it does not always work. In addition, if I tried to remove the app it will not work.

    Hi there larry.mcgill,

    Thanks for stopping by the communities Support from Apple! Looks like the Snapchat app on your iPhone 6 is grayed out, despite trying to restart, backup, synchronize your device and delete the app. I'll be more than happy to offer some suggestions to solve this problem.

    To start, go to settings > general > storage & use of iCloud. From there, press "Manage storage" under "Storage". You should see a list of your applications to fill out after a while. Scroll down and locate the app Snapchat tap on it and see if it will allow you to remove it from there! If so, you can go back into the App Store and reinstall.

    If you are unable to remove the application in this way, you can try to reset the settings on your iPhone. To do this, go to settings > general > reset > reset all settings. This removes any of your personal data. You may need to adjust some of your user-specific settings (for example, wallpaper, etc.), as well as re - enter your Wi - Fi connection information.

    In addition, you want to watch resetting your device to factory settings to rule out any software issues. It could install a new copy of iOS on your iPhone. Once you test that you are able to access Snapchat, you can restore from a backup. Here's a link with information on how to restore the factory settings:

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings

    Relax your day wonderful!

  • Running Windows 8.1 and Thunderbird, but Tbird regularly goes 'not corresponding; particularly when I try to delete something. All mail is not clear at all.

    bold text Thunderbird regularly crashes when I try to delete email. ALL MAIL does not work and will not allow me to delete anything. I spent at the property several times and tried to fix ALL the MAIL, but it does not work.

    I was also unable to open and read all of your answers to the previous questions that seem to be similar.

    Like most of the features of Thunderbird, I am about to give up. Help, please.

    1. you don't want to delete messages in 'All messages' gmail account - you may lose all your mail
    2. you can * unsubscirbe * ' all mail '.
    3. it would be wise to read https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/thunderbird-and-gmail
    4. "no answer" is a symptom of the virus, causing performance problems, such as McAfee. See https://wiki.mozilla.org/Thunderbird: test: Antivirus_Related_Performance_Issues #McAfee

  • Error - when you try to delete a file and re - install a program

    Can someone help me pls? A program has stopped working for me, so I tried to remove and reinstall and I'm having no luck.

    I don't see any more on Add/Remove Programs, but when I look under C/program files, I still see the folder here. When I try to delete the folder, I get an error ' cannot delete r2.bmp: data error (cyclic redundancy check). "

    When you try to download this same program again, it says "Setup encountered a disk write error. Please ensure that all other applications are closed before starting the installation. In addition, ensure that the destination drive has enough space and that you have the necessary access rights. "For starters, I havve nothing else open. Shows user accounts I have "administrator rights."

    I'm stuck here, without being able to delete the folder or download again. I'm new to computers (wish I knew more). I watched how do I know which system I have and I have XP.

    Can any of you help me pls?

    Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) errors are usually associated with the hard disk errors.  The best first approach to solve this problem is to do a complete check of the disk.  The short version of the procedure to follow is:
    Under "My Computer", right click on the C drive :-> properties-> tools (tab)-> 'Check now'
    Check out the options and 'Start '.  He will complain that it cannot do it now and tell you that it will do so at the next startup.  Accept the warning.
    Restart your computer and let it complete the disk check.

    More info is here:
    "How to perform disk error in Windows XP check"
       <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/315265 >

    WARNING: This control is performed before Windows starts, can take two hours or more and can not be interrupted.  Do it when you won't need your computer for awhile.  Also, it would be prudent to update your backups before the race.


  • Windows Explorer has stopped working... then restart... only when I try to delete something!

    I'm running Windows Vista Business 2007.  I have not had problems with my computer until my computer has been infected with the Malware last week.  The malware has been removed.  The problem I have is when I try to delete a file, the shortcut on the desktop or do anything, I get a display box that appears and says "Windows Explorer has stopped working... Windows is looking for a solution to a problem." Then another presentation box appears and says "Windows Explorer restarts... "and it restarts.  The file will not be deleted. I tried to delete files in multiple places and using several methods of deletion (button Delete, right click and delete, move, delete, etc.)

    I tried many actions listed on the support forums and nothing has worked yet.  When I first upgraded to windows I had to turn off user account control because it was originally the System unstable and would not allow updates to install. I made on and off again, but it does nothing to help with that.

    ANY INFO on my problem would be greatly appreciated!

    Search for malware that were missed, as suggests.

    Many times when someone experiences this problem, it may be due to add-ons explore or shell extensions. Consider using Sysinternals Autoruns or ShellExView. Disable Add-ons and non Microsoft shell extensions and verify the behavior.  If he went, reactivate the disabled extensions/add-ons, one at a time and see if you can identify who may be liable.

    Try a clean boot, or boot into safe mode.  The behavior persists?

    Another option could be to consider the establishment of the hierarchy of the following registry keys in the registry:
    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Windows error Reporting\LocalDumps\explorer.exe\
    In the explorer.exe key, create a REG_EXPAND_SZ value named DumpFolder and set the value to%systemdrive%\localdumpsdata.  Ensure that the %systemdrive%\localdumps file exists, and then cause the crash to happen.  It must be a dump file in %systemdrive%\localdumps. Download the dump on your SkyDrive file and provide a link.
    (Letter is an environment variable that represents the system drive, usually C:.)
  • When you try to delete e-mail messages in Windows Live Mail I get message "an unknown error occurred.

    Original title: "Uknown error has occurred", you can say that again!

    I use Windows 7 Edition home premium. When you try to delete e-mail messages in Windows Live Mail I get the message "an unknown error occurred. This seems to happen only when I want to delete the messages that have already been opened. Can I delete mail unopened very well. I am allowed to remove an open both message. But as I do that a few times to the top appears the message again stop again.

    Hi Rasrick,

    1. you receive with the message error codes?

    You can check out the following link and check if it helps:


    If this problem occurs only with Windows Live Mail, you can post the question in the Windows Live community:


    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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