When I try to install MapPoint Europe 2011 I get error 0xC004D301.

I downloaded a trial version of mappoint europe 2011 and that yesterday I lost the power of the computer as loading and now all I get is this error to initialize license 0xC004D301. Contact support.

original title: error initializing license 0xC004D301

Take a look in the event viewer and see if there are any errors reported it for analysis.

You will have a ton of event 64021 in the system for Windows File Protection log - is there any other event for the same service in this ID? If so, for what?

(if there are many, filter on the event ID and see what happens - if it's more about 5, then it is probably easier to reinstall, if you can find your drive)

You are able to correctly read the COA sticker?

The following may be worth trying...

Arrived at

Start: all programs > Accessories > system tools > activate Windows

What is going on? -do you have an error message, or just get says that Windows is activated?

(I'll do a ping of an expert in XP to help - he may have a better idea that I do).

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