When I try to open Firefox it says "Firefox is already ongoing enforcement... » ? !

It started yesterday after I did a reset of Firefox. It worked perfectly after that, but when I closed and tried to reopen the program I constantly get a message saying "Firefox is already running but is not responding... »

Here are the steps I have already taken to try to resolve the problem:

1A sought the Firefox process in my task manager to complete but impossible to locate
2 restarted my computer
3 has tried to open an older version of a restore point but get the same message "Firefox is already running...". ».
4A sought solutions in support of mozilla, but couldn't find one that worked.

Help, please!


It turns out that I have had accidentally ticked the 'Read only' box in my AppData folder in my user account properties. This had somehow apparently prevented Firefox from termination or restart... or both, I don't know exactly why. After going back and uncheck the read-only Firefox starts fine.

Thanks for your suggestion if ideato!

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