When I try to use transfer of files on my Windows Vista machine, I get an error saying that "this update is not available."

I have a new Win 7 laptop and want to transfer the files from my old Vista laptop. Recently I used Easy Transfer and a USB cable to do this on a machine for the wife swap so I know it works. However, when you try to load transfer them easily on my Vista machine, I get an error message that says that this update is not available. Anyone know what is the cause and what is the solution?

original title: Windows Easy Transfer problem

Hi Michael,

1. you try to download Windows Easy transfer?

If you transfer files from Windows vista to Windows 7, you don't have to download Windows easy transfer.

In Windows vista and Windows 7 windows easy transfer is incorporated.

You can check the following items and check if it helps.

Transfer files and settings from another computer

Transferring files and settings: frequently asked questions

Hope this information is useful.

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