When I turn off the option "optimize the iphone storage" in iCloud photos, made my phone automatically re - download all my photos/videos in my phone again?

I used the option "optimize the iphone storage" on my old phone to save space, but I hated waiting to load when I want to watch them. Now, I clicked on "Download and keep the originals", but I can't tell if my phone is re - download the original photos/videos to iCloud to my phone. What does automatically or are these pictures forever in the version "optimized" on my phone?


Subsequently, it must download the originals. Synchronization is VERY slow, so it may take some time depending on how many photos you have.

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    Somewhere, I messed up my permissions, turn off the computer to see if it helped, now will not start at all. The start bar stops a quarter turn along. I tried in SafeMode as well do. I ' on a Yosemite iMac running. I can't enter to give more details. Can anyone help? There are a load of work due to deliver to the printing press Monday

    Have you tried to boot from the Partition Recovery and repair then the disc from there, using disk utility?

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    You will need to check the line user_pref ("lightweightThemes.usedThemes", < pref data >) to see is something changed in the data stores installed light themes and compare this line in the current prefs.js file with the corresponding line in the backup of the prefs.js.

  • Windows Tablet 8 - music stops when I turn off the screen; where is the setting to change this?

    I have a Samsung ATIV (XE500T1C-A04US). I'm listening to Spotify. I press the tablet on the top to turn the display off. The music stops. Yes, I KNOW it's because of the system from going into standby mode, so I thought there must be a way to change this.

    I scoured for any type of option settings because I thought that surely he was not forgotten. My initial guess is that it is a kind of power setting. But after that several Google search AND the search here on this forum, I can't find yet another question about it.
    If you know something, let me know. Thank you very much!

    Here is another solution, at least for Surface Pro 2:

    -action close the lid: do nothing (on battery)- so you can always put in standby via the power button;

    -put the computer to sleep: 4 hours, or whatever;

    -turn off the display: after 1 min.

    I am currently using this workaround solution and at the moment it works.

    (I use the built-in music app, I do not know if it works on portable Office)



    Which was discussed several times here and there were a number of reasons as to why it may not be a great idea. It is a user support forum. If you want to make the suggestion to Apple, you can post to http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html

  • turn off the iphone screen 6

    How do I turn off the display of the iPhone 6 or set the time

    Settings > general > self-locking > choose the desired time.  You can also click the sleep/wake button to turn off the screen. Get help with buttons and switches on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support.


  • Spoolsv.exe has 99% of the cpu when I turned off the printer after printing.

    Original title: spoolsv.

    I recently installed a new printer Lexmark Pro715.  Everything works fine, no problems with printing, but as soon as I put off the printer after printing, spoolsv.exe takes 99% CPU.  If I leave the printer in mode 'sleep', the problem is, but I do not often print, I prefer to turn off completely.  There is nothing in the print queue, everything else seems normal.  I can use the Task Manager to stop it, but this isn't a good solution in the long term.  I run MS Update and uninstalled and reinstalled the printer, with no effect.  It's driving me crazy.  I have Windows XP Home Edition SP3.

    From what I've read on the Internet about the print spooler using 99 to 100%, Norton is also sometimes involved as a contributing factor to a runaway print spooler for some people (where my request).

    IIRC, people would set their Norton to start a scan and when it was made, the print spooler has run amok at 100%:

    "Because I have Norton Antivirus, do a system scan every Friday night that I happened to see that the value SPOOLSV. EXE is using almost 100% of the CPU of the morning Saturday. It's the only time that it happens, so I simply stop the process in the SERVICES window, and life is good. I don't know why Norton Antivirus it triggers during the scanning process that I couldn't find anything on the Symantec relating to this site. »

    If the problem resurfaces surface, using abduction special tools on their website, you can uninstall your Norton and view the appearance of things without him - you can always reinstall again once, right?

    I disagree with Norton in general for its CPU and memory hogging and known interference with other XP processes (such as the restoration of the system), so I'd keep which in mind if the problem returns.

    A few years ago, I used to like Norton correct, but will never go back or recommend it.  Microsoft Security Essentials with it's lower overhead and footprint and some regular on the analyses at the request of the MBAM and SAS should hold your own system based on your surfing habits.  Your system will reward you with an improvement in the overall performance of the system as well.

    I can tell you that no single AV tool seems to know everyting so it is safe to use several respectable scanning tools.  Norton certainly doesn't know everything.

  • My computer freezes when I turn off the printer. HP D7360, Windows Desktop.Photosmart 7

    When I turn my printer off the computer crashes.  HP desktop computer.  Windows 7.  Photosmart D7360.

    I reinstalled the drivers.

    Have you tried a different usb cable? It could be that the usb cable is grounded on which could be a short circuit in the usb cable, or the printer port. Although it is also possible that this is the USB controller on the motherboard of your computer to try another cable is fixed not try with another computer if possible. If the other computer does not have any problems, then it's HP desktop computer. When you do that, you are out of my field of expertise friend . (In other words, if this does not work, try your luck on the forums of office or by calling the 1-800-474-6836)

    I hope this helps!

  • Turn off the iphone without password

    my Iphone was stolen at work... I went to find my Iphone, but it wasn't why don't apple so the access code is necessary to stop the Iphone off it have would give me time to find or there at - it a setting to do?.


    What to do if your iOS device is turned off or offline?

    If your missing device is turned off or offline, you can still implement this Mode lost, lockor remote wipe. The next time your device is online, these measures will take effect. If you remove the device from your account while it is offline, pending actions for the device will be cancelled.

    If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is lost or stolen

  • Net-broadcast event window 2.0.0 is 'end now' when I turn off the computer

    Every time I shut down the computer 'end now' comes up with net-broadcast event windows 2.0.0 and also hidden shellcon

    comes up "end now".  What is and how to remove it?

    Hi Kwatts45,

    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, it seems that you get the 'Net-broadcast event 2.0.0 window' when you try to shut down the computer.

    However, we need more information.

    Please help me to answer these questions.

    1 did you install .net or programs in visual studio?

    2 have had any changes made to the computer before the question?

    I have a couple of steps that should help you with this problem.

    Method 1:

    Check if the problem persists when the computer is in clean boot by referring to the following article.

    A clean boot to check if startup item or services to third-party application is causing this issue.

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State


    Note: Put the normal computer as stated in article 310353 How to configure Windows to use a Normal startup state .

    Method 2:

    Also, look for error messages in the event viewer. If you find error messages after return the exact error message so that we can help you better.

    Using the event viewer

    Understanding of event viewer

    Procedure to view and manage event logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP

    Hope this information helps. Answer us queries windows and we will be happy to help.

  • monitor turns off turning off the kitchen light

    I know that sounds weird, but I have a problem for some time now. I have a trash can end 2013, Mac Pro and Eizo monitor connected by a miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. When I turned off the light in my kitchen, the monitor lost the signal from the Mac for about 10 seconds, and then returned. It was an annoying problem, but I could live with it.

    Now, after the last update to OSX, the problem got worse. The screen loses the signal, but can't find again as before. Even if I unplug & plug the cable displayport, I can get the screen on again once. Only if I use a MiniDisplayPort to DVI, I can make it work with a bit of luck. Then, when I plug the miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable and unplug the DVI adapter, it finds its 'report once again... also with a bit of luck and after switching around between outputs 6.

    I have no idea how to solve this problem. And I can't use the DVI adapter because it does not support native of 27 "screen resolution (only until 1920 px I think).

    Any idea on what could be the cause of this problem is welcome!

    I would try to eat the Mac and the monitor by a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

    Also try plugging the Mac and the monitor in the taken away from the light switch.

    Sounds like you have an electrical problem in the House

  • turn off the ringer on the envy 7640

    I'm a new 7640 attached to a 2013 end Yosemite running iMac. My wife works from home and I would not have the ringtone on the sound off printer when a call comes in. Is it possible to turn off the ringer, as you can do on a phone?

    Hi @Neilkn,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I read your post and see that you want to turn off the ringer on the printer. I would like to help you today. If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button "Accept as Solution" down below in this message. If you want to say thanks for my effort to help, click on the 'Thumbs Up' to give me a Kudos.

    I've provided the steps to disable the volume of faxes. Hope that helps.

    • On the printer, go to Fax settings.
    • Select the Fax Volume.
    • Select disabled.

    If there is anything else I can help you, let me know. Thank you.

  • Parameters for the turning off the mouse pad

    I have a Pavilion laptop dv7 (P/N VZ500PA #ABG) running Windows 7 and I want to use a mouse with it. I'm not entirely sure what the thing is in front of the keyboard is called (the one used when you do not have a mouse), but I want to know how to change the settings on my computer so that when I turn off the mouse pad thing, it REMAINS off the next time I turn on my computer. I know that it is possible to change the settings to do this, because it allows to do this before you change a lot of settings. It's really annoying that I have to press the button whenever I connect to Windows (if I did, then I find myself accidentally pressing the button as I type and accidentally he then clicks on things).

    If anyone can help me I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

    I contacted HP support by phone, and even if my laptop is out of warranty, they helped me!

    To make the icon Synaptics Pointing Device appears in the system tray, follow these steps:

    > Click Start type in the mouse Menu

    > Select "mouse".

    > Select device settings - Select static icon.

    > Select apply.

    > click OK.

    To make default the touchpad disabled, follow old_geekster instructions to do a right click on the Synaptics pointing device icon and then uncheck "tap to click on.

  • Turn off the xbox 360 causes internet to file on computer

    OK, so it happened for some time. Whenever I turn off my xbox 360 it causes internet on my desktop and laptops to be cut for about 2 minutes. Everthing is connected wireless and there is no problem when everything is turned on and connected. Just when I turn off the xbox.


    Since the question is originally due to the Xbox.

    I suggest you contact Xbox support forums to get help:

    Welcome to the Xbox support


    Hope this information helps. Response with status so that we can help you.

  • HOW CAN I TURN OFF THE KEYBOARD SCREEN. IE automatically stop coming.

    HOW CAN I TURN OFF THE KEYBOARD SCREEN. That is to say stop automatically come


    ·         What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    Answer with the information above for you help.

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