When I view the bookmarks, Bookmarks Bar appears more than 100 times. I don't know how he makes his appearance. I deleted all and they made their reappearance.

Somehow, some bookmarks are created and copied again and again without my choice to do so. Others are copied over and over again. I keep scrolling down and there are screen after screen of "BookmarksBar." Is there a way to delete all bookmarks? I have my favorites related to my other PC, whereas it appears on both.

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First, disable the synchronization altogether. Now to solve the problem. Once you are
of course, the problem disappeared, disable synchronization of the former, then make a new.
Who must serve the problem completely.

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    You must indicate what is your e-mail program.  If it's Outlook Express, your sent items folder is probably damaged if the message is stuck in the Outbox.  Move all messages in the folder to another folder.  Then close OE and delete the file sent items.dbx (hidden).  OE will create a new on and must fix.

    Otherwise, since you already have a file corruption, it might be better to go to the file. Identities and setup a new identity.  This will give you a base of messages new, incompetent and you can use the file | Import | Messages to bring them from the old identity.


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    If you mean the trash in Explorer mode, simply click on the column heading "Date deleted" until the most recent appears first on the list. If you do not have this column, do a right click No matter what column header and click to put a check on 'Delete Date' in the context menu that appears.

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    You may need to change your DPI settings. See the link below:

    Make the text on the screen larger or smaller
    You can make text and other items, such as the icons on your screen easier to see by making them bigger. This by increasing the dots per inch (DPI) scale. You can also decrease the DPI scale to make text and other items on your screen smaller, so that more information fits on the screen.

    If at the end you can not click on the button 'OK' because it is hidden, press your 'Enter' key (OK is defined as the default value).

    If it would not help see this:

    Change the screen resolution

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    How your company grow to 100 cases?  There would be some oversight in place as he grew.

    What do you exactly mean by "manage"?  Monitor?  Start/stop?  Performance optimization?  Add storage / Storage?  Backup?

    You may need a mixture of methods / facilities.  Again, it should be obvious that you have something in place already - if you replace it entirely?

    Hemant K Collette

  • In my address book, e-mail addresses are repeated over and more, as more than 100 times! What is the fastest way to remove them?

    Also, do you know why the rehearsals took place? Address are not ones I use, and I'm happy to remove them completely, but don't know how?

    Open "address book".
    Select the address book that contains the e-mail addresses, so that you can see them listed in the right pane of Contact.

    If you click on the "E-mail address" column heading, you can sort by e-mail address, so that all the email address are now listed one after the other.

    Left click on that to highlight the top
    'Shift' key and click the last one - everything else will be highlighted.
    Right-click on the highlighted email addresses and select 'delete '.

    How has it happened?
    Good question.
    You say that the relevant addresses are not ones I use.
    They are in the address book "collected addresses"?

    Please search to see if you have all the "Sent" saved messages seem to have used this email address in a 'TO' or 'Reply-to' field. ?

  • Name of the SMTP for my email address is incorrect, but I don't know how to correct it. Help!

    Two of my email address appear to have been joined. When I try to send an e-mail to the address of problem asked me my password but the ID in the SMTP application shows jerrhrt27 when the real address is jerryeg27. No idea how it was changed or where I can correct. This is a yahoo email address and I can send emails from there without a problem.

    you have now created a second smtp and they both correct
    Username which is the same as the email address they serve.

    Check the saved passwords to see if there is a saved inccorrect parameter.
    Tools > Options > Security > passwords tab

    • Click on 'Saved password'
    • There should be two entries for smtp. How do you think?
    • Is there a smtp: / / setting for the wrong username?
    • If so, then select it and click on 'Remove' and then click 'close '.

    Then check the config Editor settings.

    • Click on "Advanced" > "Général" tab
    • Click on the button "Config Editor"
    • He will tell you to be careful.
    • At the top of the search page: jerryhrt27
    • What is displayed in the list?
    • Please post a picture of the results.

    Close this window - top right of X.
    Click OK to save and close the Options.

  • TB has worked fine until yesterday when I needed to send a message to more than 100. I divided the AddressBook into pieces and sent about 50 when TT502 came.

    I use TB 31.7.0, PC Windows 7. Had no problems until now. I divided the 100 addresses in groups of about 20 and sent to 3 groups. The 4th was wrong and I got the message: "too many recipients, TT502. I cut down the number of addresses, but the problem persists. I can't send all messages now, even to a single recipient. So I have a problem that does not reset when tuberculosis is turned off and restarted. Incoming is fine but I can't answer. Any ideas?

    Looks like you reach the limit of the sending of your provider. Of course sending for 1 person isn't too unless your provider has a hourly or daily limit and cut you.
    Given that the error has an associated server code the error came from your server vendors. Thunderbird would have nothing to do with it.

  • Many of my saved messages are now empty or encoded without normal text in them. I had not changed any setting, so I don't know how to make the content

    Message that had been opened and was text inside is no longer have text. Just a white screen. Others just code and no original text. How to restore these to be able to read the message?

    To try a fix of corruption, do a right-click on the problem file, select Properties, then on file Repair.
    Depending on the severity of the corruption is to be prepared to lose some or all messages problem.

    In the future do better maintenance folder to avoid the problem.
    This article shows you how.


  • My monitor is 17 '' amd now my pages are bigger than my screen and I don't know how to make the page smaller to fit on my screen. Help, please.

    my monitor 17 "is smaller than all my pages. The TPO and low headers are not visible. Once I put the pointer over the edge of the image, and then down the toolbar. Help, please. Also. I get that thin lettering and drop thick as you can see. As if they were a beat on the page re: the ink.

    Hi the Minister m annettegraham fast,

    What version of Windows you have installed? Follow the steps in this document to set the resolution of the screen.

    Let is know if this helps.

  • When I updated my computer I have mad a mistake and removed my material pregnant and I don't know how to reinstall my speakers to get sound and I really need help__

    my computer says that my speakers are working correctly and installed, but they are not

    Hello Tina21,

    Thank you for your message.  What changes did you make to your computer?  Did you delete your card driver sound or something else?  To check your driver follow the steps below:

    Click 'Start' > right click on 'My computer' > select 'manage '.
    Click on Device Manager.
    In the right pane, double-click on ' Sound, video game controls.
    Below, your sound card should be displayed.  Do you see a yellow!  If so, you will need to go to the site of the manufacturer and download/install the latest driver for your device.

    If this isn't the case, please let us know so that we can help you further.

    See you soon

  • NET framework 4 keeps the installation of the update even on a more on my windows vista computer, anyone know how to stop this problem

    NET framework 4 installation of the update even guard on one more, how can I stop this problem

    See the article after some troubleshooting for your question:

    Windows Update or Microsoft Update repeatedly offers the same update


    Please let us know if it did or did not help to solve your problem.

    UTC/GMT is 15:17 Thursday, May 17, 2012




    Please do not type in capital letters as it is difficult to read and regarded as yelling.

    Please try to describe what you see if the methods below (all) do not help. The screen not extend fully

    Bring back moved off screen Windows on your desktop (keyboard Trick)

    If a separate monitor (not a laptop), it will be setting of physical geometry on it then you can move all the
    the screen to the right and enlarge if necessary. Also right click an empty area of the desktop - graphic properties.
    Search for geometry settings (PCs and laptops).

    If a laptop computer Right Click a white office - properties Graphics - look at the horizontal settings.

    If necessary contact your system support manufacturer and check their documents and online forums. Do the
    even with the monitor manufacturer if different from the manufacturer of the system.

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • all used bookmarks appear in a drop-down list to the right of the bookmarks bar, now they are not

    All my favorites appeared in a water drop down automatically to an icon at the right end of the bookmarks bar. These were not only the additional toolbar bookmarks, but all the bookmarks you'd get to go to bookmarks in the menu bar. Now all I have is the star that opens all the bookmarks to the left of the screen. How to return the auto decline more practice at the bottom right?

    Thank you

    You'll see that the button Menu bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar if the menu bar is hidden.

    • View > toolbars.
    • Firefox > Options
  • How can I lock the order in which my links appear in the bookmarks bar?

    I have 10 bookmarks on my bookmarks bar. After you have moved so that they are in the order I want them, I close firefox. When I reopen it firefox, bookmarks have been moved and are not in the order that I placed the.

    Is it possible to lock their position on the bookmarks bar?

    Bookmarks should remain where they are placed.
    New entries should be at the end of the current.

    Maintenance of the premises {web link}
    Allows to run Maintenance tasks on the database that drives
    Bookmarks and history module places behind Firefox.

    Open the Add-ons Manager. Locate the add-on, then press the Options button.
    Select all tests. On the bottom, then press Execute .

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