When on a Skype call, the other person can't see me or hear me

I have a logitech USB port web cam connected screw. When you use Skype I hear and see the other person, but they do not see me or hear me. I work with an old Dell laptop.

I'm not savvy in computer science. I guess I don't know how to set up sound for Skype Visual/sound

Hi Ana,

Check if the drivers for the webcam installed.

Visit the link to check if the webcam is installed correctly.

How can I check that my webcam works in the Office of Skype for Windows?

If the webcam is not installed properly, you may need to download drivers for the webcam on the Dell site or contact them if you can't find the drivers.

Dell support

Answer if you need help with Windows, and we will be happy to help you.

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