When saving a photo, the colors do not transfer correctly (they are dull) unless I have "save for web".  But when I save it for the web, it reduces the DPI up to 72 or 96 at best.  So I have to take the extra step to resize the image at 300 dpi, m

When I "save under" I lose my color settings.  They are not more dynamic.  When I use save for web and maintaining devices, the colors, but PGD is only 72.

This is because if you have not defined in all metadata option, you lose 300 ppi print metadata and file takes the default value of web metadata. 96 for Windows or the Mac 72.

Set your metadata at all SFW, and you'll keep the printer to 300 dpi setting.  Oversampling a 72 ppi to 300 DPI file is very destructive and unnecessary.

So just save your file again in SFW and simply select all as shown in the screenshot.

Let me know how it went.


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