When using windows scan & fax tool I get: _ 'network processing timed out. Check the scanner settings & network"error

I am running Vista ultimate on 64-bit computer with a Linksys WRT310n router in LAN mode. I also have a Canon MF4370dn printer that prints screen & documents ok. I can see the printer on the network.

I'm mainly interested in the function of scan here.
With the mf scanner set to scan mode of network (according to Canon), I opened the Windows scan & fax tool, I select the WIA Canon scangear printer/scanner/fax to network & I get a panel where you select dpi/jpeg/bmp etc. When I select the function preview or scan I get an error message that says "network timed out treatment. Check the settings of the scanner & network.


I read a lot of sour comments on the analysis of the network of this machine. It's a shame, because it is a machine of great, fast & compact mono laser. I have disabled the firewall of the router, still no go. I also tried the rout USB with software to reinstall with network for others, printing & for my machine but italways deferred to the network on mine with the same error message.

I also read where it analyzes only at 300 dpi... so with all these pros & cons I decided to get a good, dedicated, scan that will probably better results of the scanner anyway.

Thank you for all the good sites & info you have provided.


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