When writing an F9 email no longer displays the address book unless in safe mode, how do I solve this problem?

I tried to search the frequently asked questions and did a search first. It did not work, what I found F9 turns the initial contacts on and outside, but does not solve the problem with the component being wrong.

Until a very recent update (last week or two at the most) when I type writing, the contacts pane in the window of writing have shown my address book. Now it shows some kind of research, that I can't use because I have to see all the entries to see which ones I want to send an email. In some cases, I have multiple entries for a person based on their having several email for different types of e-mail addresses. Try to remember those who want DOESN'T WORK for me. I can't get this behavior in safe mode. As an alternative, I need Thunderbird to save my setting of safe mode, so I don't have to reconfigure the SafeMode whenever I have to restart windows or restart Thunderbird. I currently come in default safe mode

I tried to remove and then install an older version of Thunderbird and the pane bad contact on the left was there. I can't find any setting to change the part of that wrong at the old I need. I would rather not try to reinstall win7 pro from scratch for this problem, assuming that would fix it.

I am running windows7 64 bit pro

It was very strange. Now things work properly and I don't know why. I want to thank everyone for their help. The image shows the first letter of the contact you want on screen messages write with the address list. Before it wasn't to show a list of addresses, just search options to search for address books. I think I'm more confused then I was before. I'll try a reboot and see if the message of Scripture remains fixed.

Once again, thank you for all the help and hope that the correction is corrected.

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