When you click on "don't show this again option" in "Firefox prevented this page to open in a new window or tab," How do you get the window of options again?

I clicked by mistake on the choice of "don't show this again option" in the "Firefox prevented this page open in a new window or tab", and now I can't understand how "uncheck" the box and back again once the window options.

My bad - it was the pop up Adblock Plus 0.7 Addon.

"I went just the Firefox button orange > Modules > Adblock Plus pop-up Addon 0.7 - > Options > my site rules > the site right click > edit > checked 'Block all pop-up windows' and unchecked" this rule applies to: 'New Windows' and 'new tab '.

Presto! Firefox works as before.

I didn't know I had controls within the addon that would affect the Firefox popup blocks the action.

Please call the attention on the "details of the system more.»

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    You can try this.

    Instead of the parameter mentioned pref in about: blank, you can enter any site of your choice.

    Ex: encrypted.google.com

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    Hello anthonyrodak,

    They do not know. No matter that you're a beginner or a professional, everyone has problems with their computer and, frankly, it's that rely on what the scammers. They know that everybody has problems, so it is easy for them to pick someone at random and send them a mail (or by phone at them) and inform you that you are having problems. Of course, because you know that you have had problems, wrongly, assume that Microsoft comes to your rescue and support Microsoft took the time to communicate with you and help you solve your problem.

    Microsoft does not work like that; they never contact someone directly about a problem they have with their computer - well no, unless that person has paid for the support program. It must be so ask yourself, do I have a paid support program? The answer is usually no. don't have I give my phone number to Microsoft? The answer again is usually not, so how can he ask for help me to be authentic. The answer is, it isn't, that's all just a scam.

    Make sure that your anti-virus / anti-malware applications are up-to-date and, unless you have asked someone help yourself, don't give personal details to anyone you do not know and do not allow anyone to access your PC, unless you know them personally.

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Expert - consumer: www.winuser.co.uk | vistasupport.mvps.org | xphelpandsupport.mvps.org | www.silversurfer-Guide.com

  • Does anyone know what to do when you get the message "an unknown authentication error occurred with the help of a yourAdobeID. (SHARED_UNKNOWN_ERROR:80) » ?

    No one knows what to do when you get the message "an unknown authentication error occurred with your AdobeID. (SHARED_UNKNOWN_ERROR:80) » ?

    I have been successfully using the system for 10 months and all of a sudden I get this message.

    Hi Robert,.

    Please try the following steps: -.

    (1) sign of muse helps--> disconnection.

    (2) close all Adobe applications.

    (3) sign of creative cloud application by developing the right gear as a symbol.

    Then choose Preferences--> account--> disconnection.

    (4) sign at the rear to cloud creative app.

    (5) raise Muse and try again the publishing site.

    Kind regards


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    Remove the attribute target tags on the homepage.

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    Moreover, what seems to happen, also well and everything has happened now when you log in here, my mouse moves automatically to the left of the address bar!
    I don't want my page or do stuff that I didn't ASK it to do the mouse. Thanks for your help

    I use the keyboard shortcuts. I checked my settings of the mouse and it had been re-set for use smart move. Don't know how, but used pc long enough to know that sometimes things just re - adjust themselves. I unchecked it and it's fine now.
    Thank you

  • When I click on a link that is highlighted in green with an underscore beneath her, I am taken to an advertisement. How can I get rid of this? I expected to get more details about this.

    This has happened for a few weeks.

    MBAM fixed! Thanx

  • Help! No one knows what to do when you get the "error Code 2" when you save a document?

    I worked for HOURS and in the end saved some pages of my book as a pdf document, BUT, for some reason, this time above the pdf never showed up! I checked background tasks and he said 'save pdf - 32% '. Because it was taking so long, I left it all night in the hope that it would end on its own. This morning, he said the same thing.

    The problem is now, Indesign is frozen (not answer) and my task manager it will not make it appear. I copied the file, so there is a backup, but the file last saved at 22:45 last nite - so probably this is the file corrupted.

    I have read other forums & troubleshooting pages on this subject, but there is no suggestion on what to do when your program is unresponsive. So I thought I would ask here!

    Any suggestions on what to do next without losing all my work?

    THANK YOU :-|

    You might not like, but try a force quit on ID, or shuts down the computer, assuming that you have not already closed ID.

    Re-booting, then restart ID and I hope that the file will be reopened automatically the data recovery.  Try immediately save money for a new file name, and then export to .idml (you have not told us your OS or the ID version, that we really need to know, but says bottom CS5 or most recent task and the Task Manager indicates a version of Windows). This does not work very well. Error code 2 is generally not recoverable, in my view, directly in the code.

    You should certainly also try to open the saved copy and do the same steps. If you can get a .idml one, which open and save it as another .indd file and I hope it will be good to go. You can also clean the file by exporting InDesign tag text stories and import it into a new document.

    If all else fails and you absolutely positively need to recover rather than rebuild it, you can try the recovery of Markzware service: Bad InDesign or Quark File Recovery submission form

  • Once the account is active when you get the serial number?

    I have an active account. My ID is fine. I see that my card has been charged for my subscription, but I don't see that a serial number listed anywhere.

    There is no serial number for Cloud applications.

    They are activated via your Adobe ID and password.

    Still is a 64-bit application and requires a 64-bit operating system - is the same for Premiere Pro.

    You are running a 64-bit operating system?

  • When I open a new tab, how can I get the new standard tab page?

    When I opened a new page, I get AVG Search to ensure that the new page. I want the new standard page that Firefox offers where I can organize my best sites on the new page. I don't want AVG, but I can't get rid of it.

    Hello sageventure, you can install the addon Search reset , or manually reset the new tab page by entering Subject: config in the address bar of firefox (confirmed the message information where it appears), seeking the preference named browser.newtab.url and right click and reset it to its default value (Subject: newtab).

  • "Limited connection" when you configure the network between two computers XP.

    Original title: Configuration of the network connection

    Trying to establish a network connection between two home PCs., both running Windows XP Pro. Have been through the network on both PC Setup Wizard but, they still say limited, in fact no connection. I use an Ethernet cable between the two Crusader. If it is true what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanx Terry

    Old but good, networking tips from MVP Malke, MS:

    The best and simplest is to buy a wireless router. This way you get Internet connectivity both machines and the added benefit of security more between you and the Internet. Then you configure your network wireless safely, and then you configure file/printer sharing. Here is information on the implementation of a router and also in networking. It seems long, but don't be intimidated. Setting up a router and the LAN of sharing between two computers takes about 15 minutes.

    The router configuration

    Setting up a router is simple enough. Normally, you run the CD that came with the router and follow the instructions. If you're running Vista, maybe the CD that came with the router does not work; I do not know this. But you can set up the router without the CD. Note that if you have Internet cable for the connection you have just set up the router to DHCP (or there may even be a choice of cable to choose). If you have DSL Internet, you select TRP usually and enter the username and password you selected when you initially set the DSL connection. So:

    1. turn off the power to your cable modem.

    2. attach a cable (usually supplied with the router) course Ethernet cat5e Internet/WAN port of the router to the Ethernet port on the cable modem.

    3. connect the ethernet cable cat5e from the network card in your computer to one of the ports on the router. If you do not have an ethernet cable (because you were using USB), you will need to go to the store and buy a.

    4. turn on the cable modem. After that all the lights are on, turn on the router.

    To configure the router:


    Have a computer connected to the router with an ethernet cable. Examples given are for a Linksys router. See the manual of your router or the router mftr's Web site. for the parameters by default if you don't have a Linksys. Open a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox and in the address bar type: [Enter] (it is default IP address of the router, which varies from router to router then check your manual)

    This will bring you to the login screen of the router. The default username is blank and the Linksys default password is "admin" without the quotes. Enter this information. You are now in the configuration of the router utility. Your configuration utility may be slightly different from mine.

    Click the Administration link at the top of the page. Enter your new password. MAKE A NOTE SOMEWHERE THAT YOU WILL NOT LOSE. Re-enter the password to confirm it, and then click Save settings at the bottom of the page. The router will reboot and show you the box of connection again. Do not fill in the user name and put it in your new password to enter the configuration utility.

    Now, click on the link wireless at the top of the page. Change the network name (SSID) wireless by default to something, you'll recognize. I suggest that my clients not use their surname as the SSID. For example, you might want to name your network wireless network "CastleAnthrax" or similar.

    Click on save settings and when you get the prompt that your changes were successful, click the wireless security link which is just beside the Basic Wireless Settings link (where you changed your SSID). If you have a newish computer, you will be able to affect security WPA2-Personal Mode. Do this and enter a password. The password is what you enter on all computers that are allowed to connect to the wireless network. MAKE A NOTE SOMEWHERE THAT YOU WILL NOT LOSE.

    At this point, your router is set up and if the computer that you use to configure the router will normally connect wireless, disconnect the Ethernet cable and wireless of the computer should see your new network. Enter the password you created to join the network and start surfing.


    B. file/printer sharing of

    Excellent, comprehensive, but easy to understand article on sharing files/printer under Vista. Contains information about sharing printers and files, and the folders:


    For XP, start by running the Network Setup Wizard the on all machines (see warning in section A below).

    Problems sharing files between computers on a network are usually caused by 1) a misconfigured firewall or a firewall neglected (including a dynamic firewall in a virtual private network); or (2) inadvertently run two firewalls such as the firewall of Windows and a third-party firewall. and/or (3) do not have accounts to the same users and passwords on all computers in the workgroup. (4) tries to create actions where the operating system does not.

    A. configure the firewall on all machines to allow traffic to local area network (LAN) as being approved. With the Windows Firewall, it means which allows file sharing / print on the Exceptions tab normally run the XP Network Setup Wizard will take care of this for these machines. The only "witch hunt", it will turn on the XPSP2 Windows Firewall. If you are not running a third-party firewall or you have an antivirus with "Internet Worm Protection" (like Norton 2006/07) which acts as a firewall, you're fine.  With a third-party firewall, I usually set up the allocation of LAN with an IP address range. E.g. would be - Obviously you would substitute your correct subnet. Do not run more than one firewall. DON'T STOP FIREWALLS; CONFIGURE THEM CORRECTLY.

    (B) to facilitate the Organization, put all computers in the same workgroup. This is done from the System applet in Control Panel, the computer name tab.

    C. create the counterpart of the user accounts and passwords on all machines. You do not need to be logged into the same account on all machines and assigned to each user account passwords can be different; accounts/passwords just need to exist and to match on all machines. DO NOT NEGLECT TO CREATE PASSWORDS, EVEN IF ONLY OF SIMPLE. If you want a machine to boot directly to the desktop (a particular user account) for convenience, you can do this. The instructions on this link work for XP and Vista:

    Set up Windows to automatically connect (MVP Ramesh) - http://windowsxp.mvps.org/Autologon.htm

    D. Si one or more of the computers is XP Pro or Media Center, turn off Simple file sharing (Folder Options > view tab).

    E. create share as you wish. XP Home does not share the users directory or the Program Files, but you can share folders inside those directories. A better choice is to simply use the Shared Documents folder. See the first link above for more information on Vista sharing.

    F. you have the job of file sharing (and tested by exchanging a file between machines), if you want to share a printer connected locally to one of your computers, share of this machine. Then go to the printer mftr Web site. and download the latest drivers for the correct system. Install them on the target machines. The printer must be collected during the installation procedure. If this isn't the case, install the drivers and then use the Add Printer Wizard. In some cases, printers must be installed as local printers, but it is outside this response.

  • Click on a new website and it will open in a new window?

    For some time when I click on a link to something from another web page, it opens in a new window.
    Or if I select the option "open new windows in a new tab instead", then all links to a different Web site open in a new tab.
    For example if I search something in Google, and then click one of the results of the research. The result opens in a new Web site.
    However if I click on something else on the site of Google for example 'Shopping' then it will open in the same page.

    The result is very irritating because I find myself with hundreds of windows (or tabs) open.

    I suspect that this is a framework rather than a bug because it is 100% of the time.

    Any ideas guys? I'd like to go back to normal navigation

    sound according to your viewing site.
    A site code is written to open the link in the same page/new page/tab or.

    If it opens more than one page per click, then check for malware/thread.

  • When you customize the taskbar icons added to the navigation bar disappear when clicking on Done.

    I use the customization to add several icons in the Navigation bar. While customization window is opened they all are seen on the Navigation bar. When I click on Done some of them disappear. You can see the problem in these two images.
    Icons missing to not appear anywhere on the Navigation bar, at the other end.

    You need to hide the menu bar if you want the button to Menu bookmarks with the drop marker will appear on a toolbar.

    If you want the button bookmarks to open the bookmarks in the sidebar, then you must button bookmarks without the marker drop you can see in the first screenshot on the second row.

  • A font I need is not available in italics. Corel Paint Shop Pro produces the police in italics when you press the Italic button in the software, but I don't see any way to do this in Illustrator. Help, please.

    A font I need is not available in italics. Corel Paint Shop Pro produces the police in italics when you press the Italic button in the software, but I don't see any way to do this in Illustrator. Help, please.

    Select the text and use the Warp tool to give a fake italic.

  • HowTo: "don't show this update" for Microsoft Silverlight?

    I have a problem preventing the wanting to install Silverlight from Microsoft/Windows Update. Every time when I do a Microsoft/Windows Update, the 'software, optional"has at least a suggested entry: Silverlight.

    The first 10 + times this happened, I clicked on the "don't show me this update again", but it has always been ignored. The of Ms/Win next update, the update of Silverlight is there still.

    I'm not anti-Silverlight, but I do not need to have installed and prefer not to see the recommendation every time. IIRC, I installed it once on a virtual machine of MsVpc2007-SP1. Seemed ok but not essential that I have the boss needs to do.

    I'm a developer of software (for most MFC) who prefer to have my score of development as 'vanilla' as possible with only these tools/utilities that I have found to be essential/reliable/stable/etc...

    I could check with success "don't show me this update again" for most of the optional software utilities, such as Search, PowerShell, .NET, etc. Silverlight seems the only one that does not take account of the "don't show this update again."

    Hi l_d_allan,.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Please take a look at the following links for more information about Silverlight.
    Description of the update for Silverlight: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946609

    The Silverlight issues other than to install and configure, meet their needs through the FAQ and newsgroups, Microsoft Knowledge Base is available on the Microsoft Web site at the following address: http://silverlight.net/forums

    All the best!

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Syed V - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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