When you click on "don't show this again option" in "Firefox prevented this page to open in a new window or tab," How do you get the window of options again?

I clicked by mistake on the choice of "don't show this again option" in the "Firefox prevented this page open in a new window or tab", and now I can't understand how "uncheck" the box and back again once the window options.

My bad - it was the pop up Adblock Plus 0.7 Addon.

"I went just the Firefox button orange > Modules > Adblock Plus pop-up Addon 0.7 - > Options > my site rules > the site right click > edit > checked 'Block all pop-up windows' and unchecked" this rule applies to: 'New Windows' and 'new tab '.

Presto! Firefox works as before.

I didn't know I had controls within the addon that would affect the Firefox popup blocks the action.

Please call the attention on the "details of the system more.»

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