When you click on shortcuts or program files, it goes to 'Open with' & makes you choose a program to open with. (none open)

All of a sudden today when my son was using the computer that it was impossible for the operation of the internet, he told me & I checked out, but now when clicking on desktop shortcuts or try to open program files, it goes to 'Open with' & makes you choose a program to open with.  Looks like a virus that affect executive function/programs?  Can anyone help?  I can't restore...b/c it's the same 'open with' I can only use internet if the opening of the bottom of the box "open with."  Very frustrating and confusing to me.  Word can open if I do it from a file on the c: / drive, but no, if I try to open the program.


1. have you made changes on the computer recently?

Try changing the default program and ONAC devil. Refer to the article below and check.

How to change or choose the program that starts when you double-click a file in Windows XP
I hope this helps.

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