When you open a Photoshop file with Bridge, how can I control what version of Photoshop, the file wil

At the opening of a bridge of fthrough Photoshop file, how can I check which version of Photoshop, the file will open in?

I store my PSD files that is adjacent to the original RAW file which it originates.

If I open the folder and double-click this PSD file, it opens to the CS6. But, if I use the bridge (CS6) for access to and open the same file, it starts by is Photoshop CS5 and then opens this file PSD in CS5.

How can I control which Photoshop will open a file then choose to open it through Bridge?


Interesting, but it does not give any idea what I'm supposed to do. No Photoshop ducuments listed.

Look at the PSD file on the location of Curt and Photoshop Document research. Beside him ideally should show Adobe Photoshop CS6 if you have Bridge open CS6. Click to provide the fly on the menu and choose the correct Photoshop from the list.

But probably something went wrong with your installation. By default, Bridge chooses the latest version of PS to open its plug in.

Maybe reset preferences may also help you. Can you provide more details about the version of the OS etc.

And you have a good reason to keep your Raw and finalized in the same place files. Personally I put them aside and use a convention of appropriate filename (YYYYMMDD and details) so I can easily search the DNG files in my archives if I needed, but I don't make mistake by opening a bad

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    Please help... Thank you!!

    This is the flattening of transparency, which causes the hairlines to appear. Here's why:


    If you choose a compatibility Acrobat 5 or higher (no transparency flattening), then you will not see them.

    Whether the flattening is required for your particular printer, this is what you need to ask them.

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    No idea what happened?

    Can't say I've ever seen that happen before.

    Have you tried to reset the photoshop preferences?

    Press and hold the * + Cmd + Option keys when you start photoshop.

    Keep possession of the keys down until you get a dialog box asking if you want to delete the adobe photoshop settings file.

    Because you do, press Yes .

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    It's certainly a Monday. I encountered a new problem. I tried to add a new topic in a folder to a project of sub-project manager and then add a chart about it. When I tried to do, I got an error message saying that RoboHelp had met a probem and needs to close. I clicked on close, but instead of just close, RoboHelp locked up and I had to use the Windows XP Task Manager to close the application.

    All other projects work well, but whenever I try to open an htm file in a project now, I get the same error message and everything crashes. The error message refers to the following:

    AppName: robohtml.exe
    ModName: iwysiwyg.dll

    He also says that the error is written in C:\\windows\Temp\52d9_appcompat.txt but when I open the Temp folder, the text file does not exist. No idea of what is happening and how to fix it? There is a lot of content in this subproject and I can't afford to lose. Thank you.

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    In fact, everything gets backed up to the server every night so if push comes to shove, I can bug people IT, if I can't fix something myself.

    Problem solved, apparently. I tried closing and reopening RoboHelp with no luck, but after that I restarted my PC, everything was fine. I could open individual topics, make changes, and everything worked as expected.

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    I don't want to get out of these dialogs whenever I open a PDF file.  I just want to see the PDF file.  That's all.

    How can I configure the software so that it does not prompt me for that?

    First of all, even if works well, Acrobat 9 is not officially compatible with Windows 10, so some problems are to be expected.

    However, the behavior that you describe is usually caused by a script or parameters incorporated into the files you open, not in the application itself.

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