When you run XP mode USB ports will not accept XP drivers or if they remain Windows 7? Should I really go to a Dual Boot System?

I am running Windows 7 Professional.  I have a piece of equipment that has only Windows XP drivers, I desperately need to work.  I read up on top of the virtual systems and XP mode.

When you run XP mode USB ports will not accept XP drivers or if they remain Windows 7? Should I really go to a Dual Boot System?

Thank you



You must attach the USB device to Virtual PC XP Mode: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/824369

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    Hi Patrick,

    -What operating system is installed?

    If you have installed Windows 7, then follow these methods.

    Method 1.

    Connect the device, run the hardware and devices Troubleshooter and check if that helps.

    Follow the link given to open the Hardware Troubleshooter: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/Open-the-Hardware-and-Devices-troubleshooter

    Method 2.

    You can update the drivers and check if that helps.

    Update a hardware driver that is not working properly: http://windows.microsoft.com/is-IS/windows7/Update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work properly

    Refer to this article to learn more.

    Install a USB device: http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/install-a-USB-device

    I hope this helps.

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    > except to play videos through a Player multimedia, I can use my Vizio TV as a monitor for what is related to the computer, there is no another negative question. I can surf the web, edit videos, etc. When I run a video from Youtube to my computer the monitor #2 TV Vizio, the Youtube video plays well. Ditto for Netflix, no complaints there. In fact, I just typed this post on and displayed using Monitor #2... But if I want to watch a video that I saved in a folder XP then the only option is to use the #1 monitor.

    Thanks in advance for your help :)

    Do restore of the system as a first step. If this fails,

    1. uninstall all software of Monitor 2

    2. unplug the monitor 2

    3. restart the computer

    4. connect the monitor 2

    5. install all the software monitor

  • When I try to connect to the wireless router, it asks you the password I put it and he then asked again and will not accept the password. all other computers (without windows 7) connect correctly.

    My new computer has windows 7 when I try to connect it to my router it ask the password, then he asks the network password I put in the same password and it does not accept it. I spent ove an hour on the phone with a very helpful and confused expert to the Virgin. He tells me that the password only I need to communicate with the router is the main. We tried a lot of things all very technical and finally he gave up. Other computers with vista on connect very well with no problems at all.

    The network is fine and all the settings are fine. Occasionally, it connects via a home network but then it stops. When I try to communicate with the printer wireless signal stops and starts.

    I don't hold much hope of a response that experts were left very confused by this first abandoned after 45 minutes and the second lastered over an hour are totally flumaxed and blame windows 7

    But everyone told me that windows 7 was supposed to be the best

    Your post has nothing to do with the Windows Update feature (compared to the upgrade of Windows). Please repost it here for assistance: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7network/threads ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

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    The modem is installed and works fine when using the product recovery image, but the drivers will not work after the installed unnatended be applied.
    The unnatended disc has also included modem drivers, but of course, they do not pick up any.

    Is it possible that I can get my Active Modem?
    Thank you very much


    You said that the modem is working after installation of the recovery CD.
    One question; Why you n t want to use the Toshiba Recovery CD?

  • 'Boot Camp 6' will not install the drivers of "Key board" on windows 10!


    Yesterday I received my installation "Windows 10" doesn't work anymore, when I tried to boot into windows, a BSOD.

    It's the error: "(KeyMagic.sys) System_Thread_Exception_Not_Handled.

    I tried several solutions, but none of them helped.

    I removed my boot camp partition and to install windows again and this time it's the same thing when I was installing boot camp drivers after a successful News '10 Windows' installation!

    After reboot I reinstalled successfully boot camp drivers, but the function of the keyboard keys does not work, in fact it completely does not recognize the keyboard!

    What can I do to solve this problem of blue screen of death?

    Finally, I was able to get my problem is solved as follows:

    1. I removed my existing Windows Partition

    2. I installed all the updates that are recommended for my 'Mac OS X' of 'Mac App Store'

    3. I created "Support of Windows Setup" again, using "Boot Camp Assistant".

    4. first of all, I checked the first 2 options to create 'Windows Installer' and 'Download Support Windows software' and then after that it's over, I did it again "Boot Camp Assistant" and I chose only 3rd option to create a partition and install windows

    5. Once successfully installed Windows, I installed "Boot Camp" without any problems and everything works fine!

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    I have a problem with my laptop [HP 15-r002se] all three 3 usb ports do not work, or even detect that something is plugged, I tried techniques to conquer the problem by the system of formatting and reinstalling windows 8 32-bit where I found myself without success, because I can't able to get compatible drivers of troubleshooting. Then I go to the usb ports even on windows 7 64 bit does not. and finally, format and install windows 10 64-bit, I downloaded the drivers from hp website, but unfortunately when I run the downloaded software sometimes nothing appears either to the pop-up a message on the error or continuation and sometimes it shows this kind of error after it finished extracting

    Finally with the help of pilots pack that I managed to install all required drivers but finally arrived with NO SUCCESS, yet neither the operation of the usb port. Here is the screenshot of my device manager.

    Please, I seriously need your help to solve this problem, because I am a student, I can afford to buy another laptop earlier

    Hi @Mustapha_Musa,

    I read your message and please try the following steps. A brilliant work has been done by trying these steps. Kudos to you on this point. It's a problem of clear material with the device. The USB ports are defective, the motherboard should be replaced. you will need to contact HP telephone support on this subject for the machine.

    HP technical support are available by clicking on the following link:


    (1) once the page opens, please select the country in which you are located. Then enter your model of HP on the right number.

    (2) then choose "Contact the Support" tab at the top and scroll to the bottom of the page "HP Support - contact" to fill out the form with your details.

    (3) Once finished, click the "Show Options" at the bottom right.

    (4) Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Get a phone number." A file number and telephone number will now fill for you.

    The workaround, for now, is the following: If you have a USB port on the device that works, then you could buy a USB port extender and connect it to the port good work.

    Then you connect other devices to the USB port extender. This way multiple devices may still be connected to the computer.

    Just to say thank youPlease click the ' Thumbs Up 'button to appreciate my efforts. If it helps, Please mark this "accepted Solution".

    Thank you and have a great week ahead.

  • Cannot start computer? vill will not accept my code

    When I start my computer, it says - will not accept your profile and can not start and I tried many Jules Destrooper. O (sorry my English not good...)


    There may be help here in a better language for you - Up at the top where it is said to the United States - English - click
    that and look at the other languages.

    You can try to fix it with Safe Mode - repeatedly press F8 as you bootup.

    Some programs such as the Google Updater (if you added the toolbar Google, Chrome or Google Earth) has been
    known to cause this problem.

    How to fix error "the user profile Service has no logon. User profile cannot be loaded. »

    How to fix error "your user profile was not loaded correctly! You have been logged on with a temporary
    Profile. "in Vista



    How to enable or disable the real built-in Administrator account in Vista

    Use the hidden administrator account to lower your user account APPLY / OK and then lift it to ADMIN.
    This allows clear of corruption. Do the same for other accounts if necessary after following the above message.

    You can use the hidden - administrator account to make another account as an ADMINISTRATOR with the same password (or
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    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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    Hello world

    I searched high and low on this site and many others trying to understand what could be the problem without success. I am owner of a multitouch i7 8 GB X220t with the stock 250 GB hard drive. I've only had the 250 GB because I had planned to upgrade it, but then wouldn't spend the price exorbant for a drive of 7mm at the time of the purchase he treats so any type of. in any case, my unexpectedly crashed the other day, complete HARD drive clicking noise, not light with an external USB Sata or anything, I'm currently in St. Kitts (teaching of medical students) so I have a little wait until I can a new (600 GB Intel SSD!) so I tried to run ubuntu on a USB (I have a 32 and 64 GB once are supposed to be 'super speed' or something else transcend the) brand).

    Here's the weird part, when I run from the installation disc, using live cd, everything works super fast, MUCH faster than putting out the HARD drive and I thought that was becase the disc sports a (and I compared the other day) read and write speed 130mbps 150mbps. But now, whenever I have to install the OS on a disk (partition ext2 not logged or hell I even tried Fat32) the BONE becomes unbearably slow, gel for even the more meanial such as logon or typing or anything like that.

    Does anyone have AN idea why this happens? Is there a driver? or Bios problem?

    I want to save more than 8 GB of memory persistent on my 32 GB stick, and I have this situation for the next month, so please, any help is appreciated.

    Running an operating system on a USB stick is really slow because the USB ports are not very effective to transfer data.

    Now, if you had an ExpressCard with USB 3.0 ports and a USB 3.0 drive, you might be able to keep up reasonably well. I have not tested it myself, but the difference in the execution of a backup of my external SATA 3, 3 USB, HARD drive is incredibly fast compared to use it via the USB 2.0 connection.

    This could be worth in the future, considering you can get a USB 3.0 expresscard shell, disk HARD SATA 3 and 54mm, for cheap, close but not also have the security of the backup feature of cloned drive and rigour, the ability to run your entire operating system off the external drive.

    I forget exactly what I paid for that Setup, but I think the 750 GB SATA 3 was about $ 80, the expresscard (with two USB 3.0 ports) was about $ 40 and the sata 3 capable external tank designed for USB 3.0 and disk of the laptop was about $35. The external hard drive it's thinner than a pack of cigarettes and only marginally more wide/plus. The weight is also surprisingly little.

    Anyway, that might not help much now, but it would be a convenient emergency backup in the future, and it is fairly simple to put up with some software like Acronis offers.

  • Using vmrun to obtain an IP address when you run the virtual machine mode headless fails customers

    Operating system: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

    VMware Fusion: Professional Version 8.1.1 (3771013)

    When you run a VM guest in headless mode I can't use vmrun to get IP clients. If I eventually bring to the top/start the merger GUI, the command returns the IP address as planned. It is always reproducible.

    $ vmrun -T fusion start "path/to/MyVMs.vmx" nogui
    2016-06-12T10:55:46.626| ServiceImpl_Opener: PID 11515
    ... wait for VM to come up. If the VM has a static IP address I can now ssh into the instance.
    $ vmrun -T fusion getGuestIPAddress "path/to/MyVMs.vmx"
    Error: The VMware Tools are not running in the virtual machine: "path/to/MyVMs.vmx"
    $ vmrun -T fusion checkToolsState "path/to/MyVMs.vmx"
    ... Start the VMware GUI and ensure the VM's console window is open
    $ vmrun -T fusion getGuestIPAddress "path/to/MyVMs.vmx"

    I tested with open-vm-tools and tools VMware packaged with the merger and the behavior is the same. I also spoke with others on the channel of freenode #vmware who have confirmed that the problem exists for users of workstation as well.

    Hi danandham,

    Welcome in the vmware community. Iyou s really a problem, we try to fix it.

    After a command, you can use as a workaround:

    vmrun t fusion getGuestIPAddress "path/to/MyVMs.vmx" - wait

    See you soon

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