When you select the libraries to expand navigation pane, nothing happens in Windows 7

My libraries will be will not develop for me to access documents.music ect. I'm just a novice and don't know how to solve this problem



Open your my pictures location, click on organize in the upper left corner, click folder and search options, click the view tab and uncheck the top option, always display icons and never thumbnails and also scroll down and check Show hidden files files and disks, select apply and save.

Return to your location of my pictures, change the display of the page on the top of the right side next to the question mark symbol, there is another symbol with a menu drop-down symbol, click it and select the medium or large icons options specified.

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  • Photoshop 7 (Windows 10), when you select the size of the Image or the size of the canvas, now crashes

    Photoshop 7 (Windows 10), when you select the size of the Image or the size of the canvas, he now is suspended and does not bring the selector upwards.

    It works fine, but I suspect that some Win 10 update in the last couple days has skewed anything. Any ideas?

    I know it of old, but even after the upgrade to Windows 10 4 weeks, Photoshop 7 installed always OK, so I'm happy with it.

    It worked until yesterday.

    I could start by resetting the photoshop preferences file and see if that solves the problem.

    Press on and hold Shift + Ctrl + Alt just after the beginning of the launch of photoshop 7

    (you have to be fast while pressing down or you won't get the dialog box)

    Keep possession of the keys down until you get a dialog box asking if you want to delete the adobe photoshop settings file

    Press Yes

    Also, if you have not applied the update of photoshop 7.0.1 you should do the same.

    Adobe - Photoshop: For Windows: Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1 update

  • to refine my question. The Lasso tool does not work.  When I select the content aware lasso shrinks and nothing changes.  Help please.

    to refine my question. The Lasso tool does not work.  When I select the content aware lasso shrinks and nothing changes.  Help please.

    A simple reset will often be the case if a tool becomes awkward. Go to this link, then select the lasso tool:

    Difficulty of tool

  • Error message appears when you select the link by e-mail, but there is no problem

    I've upgraded to Firefox 7.0.1. Now, when I select a link by e-mail to a Web site, I always get a failure General error message that Firefox is unable to reach the Web site. In the meantime, the line slim progress red light appears and the website is good. You error message still appears, but there is rarely a problem for a Web site. Any suggestions on how to remove the error message?


  • FireWire Camera disappeared to MAX when you select the driver NOR-IMAQdx

    Hi, as the title suggests, I'm having a problem getting my camera firewire (a PixeLINK PL-A742) appears in MAX so I can use it in my application. First of all, a bit of history.

    It was all works fine on an old computer (Windows XP SP3, LabVIEW 8.6.1, NOR-IMAQdx 3.2).

    We just received two new computers. They have Windows 7 Professional 64 - bit installed on them, then we are stuck using that (I was going to install labview in XP Mode, but there is no support for firewire, which no longer works). After finally getting installed labview (to run the setup.exe from Distributions\LabVIEW-ENG\LabVIEW861\, rather than make the autorun) we cannot get this camera to work. It works very well with the PixeLINK pilot (and Capture OEM program that accompanies it).

    So here is what I tried, and what happens when I do.

    (1) install cost of LabVIEW (including IMAQdx 3.2) and PixeLINK drivers.

    (2) at this stage, the camera works very well in the PixeLINK application

    (3) start MAX. It detects the camera and shows under devices NOR-IMAQdx. When you click on the camera, it informs me that the selected device is not currently associated with legacy OR-IMAQ driver IEEE or the driver OR-IMAQdx. This is perfect, it is supposed to do.

    4) click camera > driver > choose NOR-IMAQdx IIDC camera digital

    (5) he then disappears from MAX (no record OR-peripheral IMAQdx more). If I goto windows Device Manager, it comes under National Instruments IMAQ Interfaces as NOR-IMAQdx IIDC camera, says the pilot did get properly, it just does not appear in MAX more...

    (6) at this point, there is nothing I can do to get it back to the MAX (except in Device Manager to switch the driver on the PixeLINK one, then he pops up and we return to step 3)

    So, any ideas? This could be a problem with firewire interface and not the camera? I use the FireWire on my computer. It presents itself as Texas Instruments 1394 OHCI compatible host controller in Device Manager.

    Here are a few screenshots to help illustrate my problems.

    It is the initial configuration using the PixeLINK driver.

    It's MAX with the PixeLINK driver

    As soon as I click on the NOR-IMAQdx IIDC camera, it disappears

    And here's what it looks like in Device Manager after you have selected the NOR-IMAQdx driver

    Anyone have any ideas? I'm open to anything. At this point, I'm completely at a loss to know what to do.

    Thanks in advance,


    Mechanical engineering intern

    University of Victoria

    Well, you can just ignore this message now. I solved my problem. I installed Vision Acquisition software 2009 and it seems to have solved my problem.

  • How to upgrade the pannel of html when you select the layer?

    Hi friends of script.

    I'm doing a Panel to display the name of the selected layer.

    Declaring even is not a job for this.

    Thanks for the help!

    In HTML, make sure that you sign up for the events correctly. See these instructions: toshopcallback http://www.davidebarranca.com/2014/02/html-panels-tips-7-events-photoshopregisterevent-pho /

    Make sure that you run the latest version 14.x and the 15.x.

  • Link to problems in Outlook Express, nothing happens when you select the

    I have in recent weeks put links to access the problems in outlook express. I received an email with a link to a web site, I click on the link, but nothing happens, I try again and still nothing works, until the link to connect directly on the page, but now it does not work.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    Thanks for your reply.
    I tried everything in this thread.
    I don't use IE as a matter of personal choice.
    In the many years I have used Outlook Express and Firefox, I have NEVER experienced this problem until today.
    I met Microsoft difficulty It Center.
    I think I must have clicked something on this site (unintentionally and coincidentally, I'm sure).
    Anyway. hypertext links seem to work now.

  • Library of visual c ++ runtime error message microsoft when you install the Backup Exec Server 2010 continues to protection on Windows storage server 2008

    When I try to install the Backup Exec 2010 Continuous Protection Server on Server Windows storage server 2008 I get error microsoft visual c ++ runtime library error. Runtime error! The setup.exe has put an end to this application has requested in a medium unusaul.


    Your question is better suited in Windows server on TechNet. Please post your questions here.


  • CTRL and alt does not when you select the picture to join

    I'm not very techno and hope someone can help me find an answer... when trying to select multiple photos to attach to the e-mail, I used to use the CTRL and ALT keys to select several photos.  This does not work for me now.  Are there settings that I can change to get this working again?

    ALT? Are you sure? CTRL + click (for the selection of random photos)
    or shift-click (to select an entire group) works for me.

  • Tecra A2 blue screen when you select the display settings tab

    Hi, I have a Tecra A2 Windows XP SP2 (and all of the updates in automatic mode). Only two months. When I go to display properties and click on the tab settings of the machine crashes with a blue screen. Have tried to reinstall the driver provided on the CD with the machine but makes no difference. I tried downloading a more updated to Intel driver but it says that it cannot install it. Any suggestions from anyone, please?
    Also (may be relevant but do not know) in device manager I have two default monitors list and two identical cards - which is how it should be?


    Yes, to you on time. In the device under Graphics Manager, two graphics controllers appear. But it's not a fault.
    Also Toshiba recommend using the graphic drivers of Toshiba. In this case, you should visit Toshiba's pilot Web site, and you need to install the graphics driver from this site.

    Check if, after this installation, the blue screen error message occurs

  • Photoshop 2015: BUG? Layers panel auto-fait scroll to top when you select the text element with the text, creation/copy of layer tool and other actions

    This is a bug or a really bad and frustrating idea for a story.

    (1) in the layers panel, select a text layer, it highlights

    2) change to the text tool

    3) click on the text element in the workspace


    (1) select a layer in the layers panel

    (2) Ctrl-J, new layer by copying

    EXPECTED: Panel layers rest in the same position

    REAL: Panel layers scrolls the element selected or new layer to the top of the Panel. BORING.

    I do not need or want Photoshop to make decisions for me, space to work around to move without asking, or generally to spoil my flow!

    Please fix this or give me an option to turn it off as soon as POSSIBLE.


    You have successfully updated to 2015.0.1?

    The bug known as in the original message has been fixed in this version.

  • When you select the print document, a box comes up to save the document as. How can I prevent this from happening every time?

    I want just the print page, will not record to it anywhere.

    I hope it's just a setting. I can't find to fix on my own. Thank you for your help.


    Depending on your printer, there may be a checkbox in the print dialog box to "print to file". Make sure the box is unchecked.

  • Command to refresh a calculated field when you select an option from the drop-down list box

    When my form user selects an option in a drop-down list box, the value in the field (in this case, Total) I would like to update, but it isn't.

    A radio button option box makes the Total-development field to automatic update when the user clicks on the radio button. But the drop-down list box is not updated Total (without clicking away from the field). I would like to add a command in the Combo Box to refresh the Total field when you selected the option to drop-down list box.

    Someone at - it a code (Javascript?) to get there.

    Thank you very much.

    You don't need a script, simply select the 'Value selected to validate immediately' checkbox on the Options tab of the dialog list box drop-down list box field properties.

  • Events shown in the range of navigation when you view the properties of the system for recording of JFR

    Which record the events shown in the range of navigation when you view the Properties tab system for a Java flight recorder? I'm guessing that they mark the time for JFR's writing of the events on the disk.

    I ask because, during the capture of a lot of information with the help of JFR, we see two effects that correlate with these events: (1) CPU usage ramps up a little bit between an event and the back then, level departure after each event, even if the application workload is constant; (2) the clock used to time stamp on all the events THAT JFR capture high-resolution seems to run more slowly in the period following immediately each of these events, perhaps for the period while JFR is written to disk. The slowdown of the clock appears as an increase in the rate of events shown in the range of navigation in other tabs - I also analyzed the events selected out of the original EN file to check their apparent rate.

    I see this on Java EE applications running on JBoss EAP 6.x on Java 7 on machines virtual small vSphere.

    The events shown in the navigotor range in any time must appear at the same time they are created. not when they are written to disk which can be a little later, depending on the settings.

    In the System Properties tab, you generally see a single spike per segment in your record. You should see the same thing if you go to the tabgroup events and enable only the Java Virtual Machine system property / Initial if Types discovered.

    As for the damages of its use and CPU timestamp, it sounds interesting.

    What exact version of Java 7 you use, there would be some bug fixes in later versions.

  • Firefox 17.0.7. Display the menu, when you are using extended view (Win7), flickers off when you move the slider to a selection. Reg FF version works fine.

    Using Windows 7, view extended., Firefox 17.0.7

    Firefox menus (file, editing, etc.) and user bookmark lists flicker in and out of visibility when you move the slider to a selection. This happens on the primary display only the second screen. It does not occur on regular product version (23, etc.) and does not occur on any other application.

    We are required to use version 17 on internal business machines.

    Bob Hello, that might be a problem with hardware acceleration - try updating your graphics driver, or in case this does not solve the problem, or there is no new version available at the time, disable hardware acceleration in firefox > options > advanced > General.

Maybe you are looking for