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  • How can I customize the toolbar when you use the browser of the attribute

    In CVI 2012, changes in the toolbar depending on the environment, for example, it is different to the source window and the user interface editor. The toolbar can be customized using the Options menu / toolbar...

    Unfortunately, when you use the browser of the attribute of the user interface editor, another toolbar is displayed, i.e. not the UI Editor toolbar... I would have assumed that the browser of the attribute belongs to the user interface editor, obviously this isn't... So, how can I customize the toolbar when you use the browser of the attribute?

  • Error message when you use the menu buttons in IE but not chrome


    My recently transferred website has a problem when you use the menu anywhere on the site in Internet Explorer, but not on my mac using chrome? I get this error message came up on top of the screen which takes three clicks to go MuseJSAssert: error calling the function switch: TypeError: object does not support property or method . So, if I click on anything else it pop ups again. Any ideas how to get rid of this? I tried to re - download files from muse, but the same phenomenon occurs. I tried to download the files in a folder of exported frm different muse I saw had worked for someone else on here, but no difference? Any help much appreciated.

    Website: vanletteringco.com

    You might get an error that iPage are sorting when opening too, just remove the /root1 in the address bar to see the site?

    Thank you



    Using Jotforms should ideally create not the questions here. Did you try reseating Jotforms code? I suggest you to get a charge of Jotforms code and then try to insert it to test.

    Kind regards


  • 37 of Firefox crashes when you use the browser of peacekeeper test

    Hi guys, I've updated my browser Firefox 37 and it crashes on me whenever I use the browser of peacekeeper test. I had no problem using the website in the past. Whenever I update my browser I have run the test to compare previous results as well as compare results with Google Chrome.

    It works very well with chrome, but crashes 2 minutes FF37 test. I tried to run in Mode safe as well, but it still crashes. My plug-ins are up to date and I tried a refresh as well. I don't have any other applications while running the test, just the browser was opened with a tab. I am running Windows 7.

    This is the website of guardian of peace: http://peacekeeper.futuremark.com/

    I sent the Mozilla Crash Reporter.

    Appreciate your help... Thanks in advance!

    Edit: included peacekeeping Web site.

    Hi @user293, @jscher2000 , and @cor-el, thanks a lot for your comments and help with this question, I've had. I tried to disable WebGL and ran to guardian of peace, and it worked well. There is no crash.

    How to disable WebGL: [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/upgrade-graphics-drivers-use-hardwar...]

    I guess now disabled shouldn't really pose a problem for me? When the new version of Firefox was released in may, I'll turn on WebGL and see if this problem has been resolved.

    Thanks again for your help guys... it is very appreciated!

    Edit: help link included for deactivation WebGL

  • BlackBerry Smartphones-error message when you use the browser

    My Blackberry Storm began to display: error occurred during parsing XML: Expecting '; '.  When I go to the browser.  No idea how to eliminate this error message every time I use the browser?

    Error message went away by itself (a day after my post).  Thanks for the posts.

  • Error message when you use the parental controls in Win7: "Unable to change parental controls."

    (1) I try to use the supplied with Windows 7 parent controls. However, every time I make a change to a parental control, I get an error message that says: "cannot change parental controls. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator. »

    Often, once I have clear error message boxes, the changes I made are displayed as changed. Sometimes, however, they are not applied, making these useless parental controls.

    (2) I also have problems establishing parental control measures for one of my children. Whenever I try to open the parental controls for a user account, I get the same message, as described above, then the display returns to my administrator account and does not allow me to add parental controls or change them.

    (3) when he signed then, a message in the lower right corner indicates that it uses a 'temporary' account and that any changes he made will be saved. What is a temporary account, how it is created, and how it can be changed to a normal account?

    Hi Papa_Danno,

    Thank you for keeping us posted.

    If windows was pre installed on the computer, then you must contact the Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the same. If the Windows 7 installation disc was purchased directly from then you can contact Microsoft directly.

    I wish that you follow the steps in the article-

    Installation and reinstallation of Windows 7

    Note: Make sure that you back up all data on the computer before you perform a Clean Installation to avoid any data loss.

    Hope this helps!

  • When you use the 3D camera tracker, how can I insert an image instead of / on top of a solid?

    I'm just learning how to use the 3D camera Tracker feature.  I wanted to show what would look like a development project proposed along the coast and managed to get four cubes, representing four houses, appears in this video:

    Save our shores Gloucester: the back Shore, now with Mr Court! -YouTube

    Each of these cubes consists of four solid singles.  Effective, but not realistic.

    I would now like to do a similar thing for another construction project.  But for this project, the developer has some renderings of high quality that will look like the building, and I would like to insert these images in my video, rather than repeat my cubes of Day - Glo.

    I can't find a tutorial that shows how to do this, maybe because I did not come to the expression of right to describe.

    How can I achieve this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Just add your solids as placeholders and then add the image to the model and make the 3D layer. Now, hold down the SHIFT key and make the solid placeholder the parent layer of the 3D image. Now the SHIFT key will skip the image layer to the exact position of the solid. Then, simply adjust the rotation and scale. Then you remove the placeholder in parenting will disappear.

  • Attachments does not open when you use the browser to open my pdf documents

    HI, guys

    I have a problem, can someone help me?

    Some of my PDFs get attachments, those attachments can be opened while I using Adobe Reader. After that I downloaded these PDF documents in my FTP server and then with my browser to navigate these PDF, I can't open these attachments.

    Thank you

    Hi Miykael,

    You have flash player installed on your system for that browser? Have you tried to access this PDF from a different browser?

    I would also recommend to refer this KB Document: https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/display-pdf-browser-acrobat-xi.html

    Kind regards


  • BlackBerry Smartphones duplication of Web sites when you use the browser

    Thanks for the response/updated. I had a feeling that it may be the result of the way in which the sites were created. Strange that I never had problems with my curve.

    I'm surprised that Rogers is / would not use an OS up to date.

    Thank you again...

  • Is there a way to format the text (ie: "BOLD", size) when you use the browser edit feature

    How to add a symbol of the brand

    Put in shape/style is not supported through IBE at the moment but you can type the symbol of such mark as mentioned in the following article, there should be no problem in synchronization to your Muse project - http://www.wikihow.com/Type-the-Trademark-Symbol

    Thank you


  • When you use Internet Explorer, cannot save a PDF file.  Adobe Acrobat message "the document could not be saved.  Access denied"may be logged when you use the Google browser.

    When you use the browser Internet Explorer, PDF files saved cannont.  Message from Adobe Acrobat: "document not saved County. Access denied.  Same PDF can be saved when you use Google.


    I use Adobe Acrobat 11.0.10 - Windows 7 - Office 2013 - Internet Explorer 11.  Compatibility according to the link is OK.

    Thank you

  • When you use the feature of period of Parental controls for my child's account, the session is saved, and although very convenient for the user, it's boring for the parent. How can I disconnect this acct when it expired already?

    When you use the period of Parental control feature, acct of my child receives the 15 min and 1 put min warning, and then the closure of the session. However, any Web site that it has a really annoying music keeps playing even when I connected under my account admin the only way I can disconnect the acct with Parental control game is to restart my whole machine. Is there another way to disconnect the user standard acct with this feature of limitation in time game? THX.

    Hi marion_librarian

    Thank you for using the Microsoft Answers Forums!

    This is the problem of design, the session remains active in the background, however, so the next time they connect, they can pick up where they left off without losing any of their work.

    In case if you complete the program, there is no these settings in the parental control to close the program, you can disconnect the program using the Task Manager.

    Check the link for more information:

    Explore the features: Parental controls:


    Set up Parental controls:


    NOTE: When you log in as an administrator you can connect to the wide of other users. Follow these steps to log on to the account with Parental control and/or any other user.

    1 click-right on the taskbar and open the Task Manager.

    2. Select users

    3. right click on the user name you want to disconnect, and then click close session.

    Hope this information was useful.

    Let me know if it worked.

    All the best!

    Thank you and best regards,

    R uma - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Firefox does not open after the update. Cannot open the profile technical, even when you use the directory in cmd line path

    I'm using Firefox on a Windows 7 computer. Firefox does not open after the last update. I read the help articles and it seems that I need to create a new profile because my settings were probably corrupted. I'm unable to open the profile technical, even when you use the directory in cmd line path. I tried the following commands in the command line:

    Firefox Pei
    "C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla" PEI

    Nothing happens with every order.

    I am also running Norton Internet Security. I read a help of virtual navigation features Re article that can cause a problem. The article says to check the setting of virtualization in the internet security software and to clear the virtual cache. I went through all the menus of settings in Norton Internet Security version and I don't see anything that looked like in "virtualization" settings, so I guess that does not apply to me. "

    If you have any ideas, I had appreaciate that your expertise!

    Hello arcandl, at the launch of the firefox is not after you double-click the shortcut, it is sometimes also a sign of active malware on a system.
    you might want to try running a scan with some various other security like the free version of malwarebytes and adwcleaner tools that are specialized to remove the adware and browser hijackers.

    Fix Firefox problems caused by malicious software

  • How to enter the character ü when you use the pinyin keyboard?

    How can I enter the character u when you use the pinyin-simplified keyboard, for example, for the opening of the syllable nu with your 3.

    The keyboard pinyin-simplified is for entering the characters han, not latin.  If you want to type the latin pinyin, you must use the extended ABC keyboard configuration.  A list of the shortcuts is to


  • Is cell required when you use the map applications of conduct?

    Is cell required when you use the map applications of conduct?

    Yes. GPS does not work with a Wi - Fi connection.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Lower level local document

    Hi support them. We use R2 2012 server as a print server, all works well, and we not running in windows 2003 application, all users are connected to the 2003 server via RDP to access the application, with this application, we are able to connect to t

  • Smartphones from blackBerry App World

    I have a TORCH (software 6.0 Bundle 3049) with App World installed from Blackberry Desktop Software.  I have download the updates and App World indicates that a new version is available, I download the new version and App World Spea

  • Failures of blackBerry Z10 Z10

    My hub is very slow to organize, sometimes takes 3 to 4 minutes when I change the email address for the ome form to another or that you want to change to text or e-mail. Lately locks in all the functions of the screen, should keep rebooting by removi

  • How can I prevent Windows Media Player and other programs exit full screen when they lose focus?

    What I would do to prevent the release of the mode full-screen when it loses focus after another object with the focus on the main Windows Media Player display and other programs on a secondary display? In addition, the object on the secondary screen

  • My computer does not start if HP Officejet Pro 8600 is plugged into a USB port.

    If I unplug the printer and then turn on the computer, it starts very well.  The printer works fine if I don't turn it on until the computer is already running.