When you use Windows Explorer to view the files and folders, the thumbnails of image files appear briefly then are replaced with the default icon of the image file. I tried the answers to similar problems, but none worked.

Browse the folders with image files, I cannot see the thumbnail icons for images correctly.  I know, it should be possible, but I can't do it.

When I first open a folder in Explorer, I see the correct images for a fraction of a second, then all images are replaced by the thumbnail of the image file (which looks like part of a digital SLR).
I put all folders to display picture to display the preview and the filter, and the "always show icons never thumbnails" is not checked.  Display file icon "on the photos' is unchecked (I tried checking, too, without change).  I also deleted the thumbnails using disk cleanup as suggested on another question, but which did not allow them.
The result is that, if I want to open an image for editing or downloading, I have to use a third-party application (for example, Pentax Photo Browser) to preview images, and then return to the Explorer window to select the correct file by name. Don't try to difficulty of these things that are not broken.

You might want to try it and I just did this procedure myself a moment ago and surprising, it worked!  First of all I must tell you that I have Windows Vista, but the information I got was for Windows 7 and it worked.

First: You must create a NEW FOLDER and put it on your desktop.
Second: Move or copy the contents of the original file in the NEW FOLDER on the desktop. I copied the content, just in case something went wrong.
Third: After that is finished and all the contents are inside you.
Fourth: On the desktop right click on the folder and click Properties at the bottom of the box.
Fifth: Click Customize tab at the top and then the Middle click on DEFAULT settings for the folder.  Click on apply to, click OK and your done

NOW! You can move the folder wherever you want by drag-and - drop the folder and when it's done and that's the best part, you should see the thumbnails of the folder on the EDGE of the folder that you just created.  It worked for me and I hope it works for you.
I have 10 years of experience with my computer and have troubleshooted my friends for viruses and other computer problems successfully.  I'm advanced computer user.

That this is done, it restores the folder its original settings.  Good luck! Rick

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