Whenever I run Firefox junk tab with advertisiment game or Russian forum opens.

When I try to close the tab, another opens and offers to receive a gift. Only 'Leave page' button on the screen to finish closing unwanted thing, but next time Firefox starts, it opens again, usually with different forms of web content.
Kaspersky IS and Malwarebytes didn't find anything. So I guess it's sort of configuration stuff, but I can't find were pick up the unwanted "opener of the tab.


Thank you very much! This was the case. Stupid, I've been to don't not to watch this simple thing, especially after correction of similar problem with my IE shortcut which I thought myself.

Shortcut was the URL 'firefox.url' file with content as in the attached picture.

Sometimes the air forms the side help! Especially when you focus your efforts to try to find the cause of the problem were it is not (try to find malware responsible for trouble when the syntax simple question is to blame).

Thanks again!

Tags: Firefox

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