Where are my purchases?

Watch iTunes to load on the old iPad today, I noticed that not all of my purchases are there.

Example, I bought Eddie Stobards 'Trucking Songs', and some time ago were all there NOW, I have only a 'track' where are the rest iTunes knows that I bought because it tells me when I go to the store, BUT where are the tunes?

I noticed other purchases have tracks 'missing' in a position to help someone?

One possibility is that these songs are no longer for sale on the iTunes Store in your country.

Another possibility is that they were purchased on another account.

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    Where have you looked for them? Tones are once only download from the store, so they will not appear for redownloading on your new phone, and a restoration of iCloud copy them on it. You in the section of tones from your computer's iTunes library (have you you produce > devices > transfer purchases when you had the old phone to copy them to your computer?), and/or on your backup copy of your downloads/library, so that you can synchronize with the phone?

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    For iPhone screen protectors 7 are available for purchase or pre-order of various third party providers.

    Consider, for example:

    You can also monitor the Apple Store online, where guards to screen for iPhone 7 may be added in due time:

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    System Preferences > Trackpad!

  • Explain the relationship between libraries, albums and photos in pictures.  Where are the images stored?

    Looking for info on the relationship between libraries, albums and photos in the Photos app.  I can create several libraries containing photos and unique albums.  Can I put the same photo in libraries and the different albums?  By making a copy it creates a link to the original or a new photo?  Where are located the photo files?  When scanning photo to my Mac Pro files are placed in a folder structure, copy these photos in an album Photos using the original file or he places a copy in a database?

    Bottomline, I'm frustrated by the method of collection, the albums, the place and date.  I want store related photos in a separate album.   Example: A library for a family, containing albums of members of their family. Maybe the photos have duplicate in different albums.

    Some of your questions are answered by Leonie contributor in this thread:

    Re: Too many libraries...

    More answers can be found by using help in Photos app, or in general to help the Viewer.

    Apple Support website has links to information in articles; a search on the web is sometimes useful

    to locate the Apple pages faster than the company's site. Others in line include:

    Photos for OS X FAQ:


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    Good luck!

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    If you back up your library of Photos with Time Machine, then your photos are in the library of Photos in Time Machine - you do not directly access their (or anything else) in the TimeMachine backup - you must use Time Machine to restore the things of a TM backup - use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac - Apple Support - http://pondini.org/TM/FAQ.html

    After that restoring your library, you can access Photos using - do not forget to restore to another location so that you don't overwrite your existing library

    This is not different for iPhoto Photos - or any other program - it's how TM


  • where are the photo books manufactured?

    Where are the Apple on a manufactured Mac photo books created?

    Apple does not announce - you need to ask them - I guess that's where ever they choose and could be one of a number of different places according to volume and when ordering

    And you posted in iPhoto for Mac forum - Photo Books can no longer be ordered at all since iPhoto - they withdrew in April


  • Where are the fonts for FCPX located?


    Where are the fonts for FCPX in my MacBook Pro to mid-2015?

    There are 3 files for fonts: System/Library/Fonts, Library/Fonts, ~ Library/Fonts.

    It seems to be Library/Fonts, but I see that some are not used in FCPX, so I want to be sure. If I'm right, why some is used in FCPX? Looking for don't not to add them, just curious.

    The best


    All fonts are system fonts, no specific applications.

    Fonts can be of different Types of fonts.

    FCPX uses only specific fonts Types, not all types, the system recognizes.

  • Where are my bookmark icons?

    Where are my icons for my favorites? If I click on a bookmark icon dose not update. I know that some will never have an icon.
    Most of them have Favorites icons when I boot in win7, but no victory 8, 8.1, win10, or XP on my system in multiboot. I use firefox sync and sync bookmarks to the top but not the icons. See the screen shot attached photo of win8.1
    Thank you

    Firefox reload the favicon, if you click on such as a bookmark to open it in a tab?

    You can find "Reload-icons of Favorites" in the bookmarks menu.

  • Where are all my iPhoto images?

    So I've recently updated my mac to El Capitan however was shocked to find when I open the new "Photos" App, it was empty and I couldn't open iPhoto as I need the most recent version that is not free and not available in the United Kingdom. Where are all the photos that I have uploaded to iPhoto missing and I can access it again?

    The Finder, choose utilities go to menu, open the Script Editor and run:

    the value the_string file (shell script 'by default read ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iPhoto.plist RootDirectory') POSIX have thong

    If the_string begins by ": ~:" then set the_string to (path to the AsString home folder) & items 4 thru-1 of the_string

    Tell application "Finder" to reveal the point the_string

    This will select the library in the Finder. Run iPhoto Library upgrade on it or drag it to the Photos icon in the Dock as needed.


  • Why are my recent photos stored on Photo Mac, registered as pitiful thumbnails. Where are the originals!

    My recent photos have been saved as thumbnails, where are the original Photo Mac.

    Sorry, but which does not happen with Photos

    Either you make a mistake or user action caused this

    What is the source of these ad photos why do you think they are only recorded as thumbnails?

    Have you ever cleaned your drive by deleting things in your photo library using the finder or using the software of cleaning as CleanMyMac, macKeeper or others?

    What has changed since they were full size?


  • Where are stored the "last Sessions"? I'm changing from Win XP to Windows 7 Pro and want to save/access of previous Sessions.

    The question comes down to my needs. Where are stored the "last Sessions"? I backed up my drive "C", My Documents, my pictures, etc., so I should be OK with bookmarks. But, I would also like to be able to access previous sessions.

    The current session is stored in sessionstore.js file in the Firefox profile folder.
    There are also backups in the folder sessionstore-backups that you can copy the sessionstore.js file make Firefox to use this file.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

  • Re Mail Yosemite: where are the files of signatures and rules are?

    I had to reinstall Yosemite from scratch. I want to import Signatures and rules - without accounts - back-up of the previous installation. What are the names of the files in question and where are they located?

    You need locate the folder ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/Signatures for your signatures and ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/SyncedRules.plist for your rules.

    Drag and drop in the same location on your new installation.

    I hope this helps.

  • Where are my iphone photos?


    I have an iPhone 6 with apparently more than a thousand pictures on it, but when I try to export these pictures to

    my PC via Windows Auto-Play or Syncios, only a handful are

    Support of Syncios says that the problem is that my phone only stores the thumbnails of the actual photos, but not the

    full size versions... they say that my originals full sizes are on my iCloud drive (do not know if it is

    on my PC or if it's the remote storage like a Photobucket/Drop box...)

    When I connect the phone via USB and browse the content of my DCIM with Windows Explorer folder.

    There is no visible photo file... I can't find THE photo files any on the phone

    If this is true, where are my ACTUAL photos so that I can make a physical backup of them?

    I have iCloud photo library on... Optimize the iPhone turned storage IT and load it on my photo power stream

    Can someone help me with this? Where my original full pictures once I take them?

    Thank you!

    If you use iCloud as library with Photos of optimize on, then your photos are in iCloud. As shown Syncios, with pictures of optimized, you have photos of most of your pictures on your device. Given that iCloud library sharing pictures with all devices and computers if your did not use the option optimize Photos, it is likely that your device is not able to accommodate all of them.

    So, once again, the original full-size photos are in iCloud, which you can access through the Photos app when you go to iCloud.com on your PC.

    See you soon,.


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