where are the audio files stored during recording as a project?

Where are the audio files stored during recording as a project. The project opens fine on my computer, but when I move to another computer I have missing audio files.

They are stored in their own folder in the project folder:

So if you want to move it to another computer, you must copy the project folder, not only of the project folder.

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    Today, I moved the vCenter Operations Manager VM in another data store in the same host. (Datasore1 in Volumea)

    The vCOP has:

    • vAPP
      • Analytics VM

    To move them, I turned them off and migrate to another data store.

    VAPP recognized them and everything works.

    But where are the files of this paralytic? I must not only move the files to the same data store? Or even... y at - it VAPP files?

    I'm not sure I understand your question. I guess that you may have about the data store on which you initially deploy two virtual machines! Both the analytical and the VM UI behave like other virtual machines, so if you completely move in another data store, there is nothing that they need from the old data store.


  • Under Xp, under the paper painted office, where are the pictures actually stored... I want to add a picture to the file in order to make my wallpaper... It seems that some are stored on the c: Windows and some in C:Window/Web/Wallpaper...which is right

    Under Xp, under the paper painted office, where are the pictures actually stored... I want to add a picture to the file in order to make my wallpaper... It seems that some are stored on the c: Windows and some in C:Window/Web/Wallpaper...which is right

    Under Xp, under the paper painted office, where are the pictures actually stored... I want to add a picture to the file in order to make my wallpaper... It seems that some are stored on the c: Windows and some in C:Window/Web/Wallpaper...which is right

    Simply open the photo that you want to use as wallpaper and
    choose... Set as wallpaper... from the menu.

    If you want to physically add the photo in the folder then
    It can be seen in the background list... Add to the
    following folder: C:Window/Web/wallpaper

    FWIW... If there are fewer than 100 pictures in your my
    Folder of photos... you can see in the background list. John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • Where are the CFIDE data stored?

    Where are the CFIDE CF stored data?

    We have a scheduled task running ghost and can't seem to find where it is called for. It is not an entry in CFIDE for her.

    I expect to watch where CFIDE gets its data from to see if the ST is there.

    Thank you

    Neo -?. XML files in {cfserver} \ WEB_INF\cfusion\lib\ folder.

  • Where are the saved files that someone sends you through Skype Windows8


    I just bought a new computer that has windows 8 installed above and I must say that I was shocked when I realized that the system is like that running a pad that is so bad, if you want to actually work with the computer.

    Then, I installed Skype and was amazed that there is nothing that you can do with it. No video call?

    I use Skype to send files and make video calls. Now, when someone sends me a file I have no choice where this file is saved... Where are the files stored?

    OS: Windows 8

    Thank you

    type in your windows search bar

    '%AppData% '.
    then you will go to the folder "Skype".
    and there will be a folder with "my received files."
    had the same problem and figured it out

  • Where are the log files

    Hello everyone

    I had a crash of the server ESXi 4.1 some time between 17:00 on Friday January 4 and Monday, January 7 at 08:00.

    Where are the newspaper held files, I need to know what happened.

    See you soon


    Check the location of the file for the newspaper KB1021801

  • Where are the 'active' files in Dreamweaver CS5?

    I had to reinstall own Mavericks and tries to find assets (mainly the blocks extracted from code reuse frequently in Web site entries).  I can't find in my Time Machine backup.  What are the named files and where, in what part of the directory is Dreamweaver, save them?

    Mine are in Macintosh HD > Applications > Adobe Dreamweaver # > Configuration > extracts

    (Replace # with your version of DW, for example, "CS6")

  • Try to add the Cisco router to hyperic - where are the log files?

    I have a hyperic server. I have create a new network platform for the snmp information in my cisco router.

    I put in the snmplp $ip, the snmpCommunity... and I thought that I was...

    Well, I'm not able to collect any settings.

    My question is, where are the logs for this?

    seems that you need a "connection of the agent" I guess it's to say to use any server running the hyperic on that agent?

    Yes, you need to select an Agent to perform the actual analysis of SNMP.  The Hyperic server doesn't have the capacity.

    On the Agent, you should be able to see the errors in the agent.log

  • How/where are the financial reports stored on the file system of the server?

    We recently lost a large part of our reports on our server. We cannot understand what the restore directory location in order to get these reports back. Where is the default directory for financial reports? And in what format the reports are being saved?

    EN reports can be found in the file system of the operating system (o/s), but the EMP workspace hierarchy (folders, tree, etc.) are stored in the database of repository Hyperion bi +.

    On the system of operating system files, the reports are stored in RM1 folder under folder "C:\oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\ReportingAnalysis\data\RM1\root".

    The names of the reports placed here are UUID (identifiers of long - not the actual names).

    For example:

    When a report is created with the name 'My report' in Studio Financial Reporting, by connecting to the EMP workspace will be available in the name of financial reports/folder where it was saved.

    the actual report will be stored in a subfolder of the RM1\root folder on the file system.

    The file name will be a unique identifier (not the real name of the report is 'my report')

    It will be generated 'on the fly' based on various things such as the date and time on the server (i.e. 0000012f5af72b1a-0000-ec71-c0a8006c.00000130510b77bb-0000-5133-c0a8006c.1)

    The meta-data for this report ('My report', that is in the folder in the workspace, the date of the change of the report, permissions on this report, etc) will be stored in the Hyperion bi + DB as an object in an encrypted table. Financial reporting knows what metadata in the Hyperion bi + DB which corresponds to the report, in the file 'RM1\root' because all rows in the table for that object in the Hyperion bi + PB related to 'My report' will be referenced using the UUID of the file (for example 0000012f5af72b1a-0000-ec71-c0a8006c.00000130510b77bb-0000-5133-c0a8006c.1)

    Note: The location of the folder of RM1 differs with each facility's operating system.

  • where are the printer presets stored? How to find the .prst files to load into InDesign?

    I use InDesign CC 2015 to a new intall of creative cloud on a new hard drive after the old one crashed. I always have access to my files on the old HARD drive and you have copied most of my files on the new drive. When I go to print in InDesign, the program seems to know what settings of the printer, I used on files that I created, but I don't see no presets. When I go to load the application InDesign presets where I should look to load the files .prst and that's what I want to know. They are on the local drive? If yes where? They are on the cloud in my Adobe account where I have my cloud files? I will keep searching my computer, but if someone knows the answer, please help.

    Printer presets are stored in the InDesign Defaults, a part of the whole of the preferences file. You should open the ID on the old system and then click on the dialog box define where you can select them and click on save, and then on the new system, you can load the game that you just saved.

  • Satellite L650-11F: where are the backup information stored on the HARD drive


    My original Toshiba HDD is a failure and I had to replace it with a new one. I haven't had any recovery DVDs until Windows stopped booting and try to avoid buying one.

    I thought that I copy just my recovery Partition and the master boot record on the new HARD drive which worked well. However I find that this hidden restore partition has only 400 MB and so cannot possibly contain all the necessary information to restore the system.

    I have boot from it, but I don't get any options to restore the default settings. It scans only for problems with Windows, runs a few tests on my records and presents me with advanced options that I can't go because I'm not connected.

    I went searching all about and know that ELSEWHERE THE PARTITION RECOVERY that you still need your Windows partition for recovery work.

    It seems just really stupid because most people will try to restore their default values after damage to their windows (deleted files accidentally or whatever).

    What is the point of keeping a partition hidden with just enough to Prime the system, but then require that certain parts of their partition original windows remains intact in order to restore?

    What I'm trying to know is exactelly what part (files) do I need to restore my computer. I tried to copy the Windows partition on the new disk but its too damaged and he'll take it apart if I try to copy some files or to copy directly (using linux dd or ddrescue).

    I am able to copy some of the unique files, so with little chance I might be able to copy everything that I need. I can't copy the part of the Windows folder however.

    So any1 know where the backup information is stored or has other ideas?

    Thank you in advance and please excuse my bad English.


    At first, I must say that your biggest mistake was not not to create recovery discs. With these discs you didn t now have a stupid problem.
    Anyway, in my opinion, only option for you is now buy original Toshiba Recovery disk and install Recovery on the new HARD disk image.

    I put t know how to start the discussion with you and try to offer some answers. Is Toshiba doesn t create recovery CD/DVDs more and original recovery image is saved on the HARD drive. At first he was saved on the second partition of HARD drive and visible for laptop owners. Many people have deleted and do some experiments with these files for recovery. Later after the screwing up of most of them wondered why the recovery installation doesn t work anymore and blaming Toshiba for non-working HARD drive recovery facility.

    You need to just check this forum and see how many comments you can find here all this.

    I think that was the reason why Toshiba has decided to save this image on a hidden partition to avoid such things. Please note that this image of hidden recovery is designed for your laptop only and can be used if your laptop has the factory settings. Any type of change may result with missing option to start the installation of HARD drive recovery.

    Problem is that people don't read the operating manuals and don t understand how it works. To avoid any situation where the installation of the HARD disk can't start or failure HARD disk Toshiba strictly recommended recovery DVD creation. I m wondering really you didn't create these disks.

    At this point, I would like to repeat what I think: you will not be able to do anything, except by using the original installation disc of recovery. To be honest, it is cheap and costs 30 euros. Don t waste your time to play, buy, install the OS, and be happy.

    Bye and good luck

  • Where are the editable files title?

    Without finding all the editable files in Premiere CS4 title, I am forced to start from scratch and build each new title without the ability to modify existing titles. If these files are supposed to have .prtl extensions, I can' find f. Is it because I have not spared somehow them special, because I don't know where to find them, or what? All I find are rendered versions .mov in my project. PRV file. If those who are supposed to be editable, how can I get the in the Titler?'

    Thank you for helping.




    Securities are recorded in the file PRPROJ (project), as what PrPro 1.0 (?).

    If you want to use them again and in other projects, just Save_As_Template. They will then be available in any project. You would choose just Menu > based on model, then navigate to Oregon\Title templates, or the location of your choice.

    Note: It will be in the format of the RTC, which cannot be used in PrPro, or PrElements.

    Good luck


  • find out where are the archived files

    can they be deleted?

    There is no "archived" file in Vista - I think you can mean something else.  If it's something else, please describe what you mean and I might be able to determine what type of files, you're talking about this. Where these files are created?  Which could be used for?  What do you expect to find?  Why do you need to find the 'files '?

    Microsoft Outllook archived files (usually called archive.pst) to store contacts and old emails so that they don't clutter up the file outlook.pst normally used.  Where they are depends on where you put them.  The easiest way to find them is to do a thorough search of the entire disk.  To search for the folder C: whole disk in Vista go to start / search and type in EXT:PST. As you type, you'll see two hyperlinks appear just above where you type and we'll search everywhere.  A click on it.  Who will do a fast indexed search and bring up a dialog box.  It does not find them in this research because the file type. PST is not normally indexed.  Click on advanced search.  Click the drop-down location and find the C: drive and click on it. Check the box "include not indexed, hidden and system files (might be slow).»  Then click on search.  You will now search your entire hard drive to the specified file.  And Yes, this isn't a very effective way to search the entire disk for a file but it is how it is done in Vista.

    I hope this helps.  If I'm on the wrong track, please explain to me exactly what you want to say (and give me an example of an "archived" file or that is contained in an 'archived' file, if you can).

    Good luck!

    Lorien - MCSA/MCSE/network + / has + - if this post solves your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • Where are the help files

    Hi I have Adobe Captivate 5.5. When I select help > > Adobe Captivate Help, the Adobe Help application appears, but it's just going to a web site at helpx.adobe.com. This site lists a manual for "Captivate 7.  On the status bar help from Adobe, it says "local content updates available". Under the search box, there are radio buttons for the location of the search: 'Online' and 'Local', however the 'Local' button is grayed.  All this suggests that, when I installed Captivate, the help files have not also installed.

    Is it possible that I can download and install the help files?

    If not, is there a site where the documentation can be viewed online?

    I have the rest of the entire education and have similar problems with all the products in the bundle.

    Ah, sorry missed that one. Thanks Lieve.

    Please find the cumulative help PDF for Captivate 5 and 5.5 here:- http://help.adobe.com/en_US/captivate/cp/using/captivate_5_help.pdf

  • where are the video imessage stored prior to shipment

    I recorded a priceless video on imessage and immediately sent it. I came back to send about 1/2 hour late to see it... after the fact that I learned to control the video auto imessage delete setting and found that it set to 2 min.

    I can't get this valuable video?

    Thank you


    Hello dlneiser,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    Looks like you want to find a video you've taken through iMessage on your iPhone.  I'll try to help.

    Take a look inside the Photos app on the iPhone and see if the video is stored there.

    Have a great day!

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