where are the preferences of the user is registered. ?


our obiee application is integrated with siebel.
users will be signing thru siebel and access dashboards.

my doubt is,
the users preferences in ' settings > my account "must be registered somewhere.
where it is getting saved. ?
It is in the database uses LDAP to SSO. ?
or is it somewhere in the files. ?

These preferences are stored in the Catalog under /users/ {USER} / _prefs/userprefsxmlstore


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    All fonts are system fonts, no specific applications.

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    OS: Windows 8

    Thank you

    type in your windows search bar

    '%AppData% '.
    then you will go to the folder "Skype".
    and there will be a folder with "my received files."
    had the same problem and figured it out

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    Open the Photos app and then go to the view menu and click on Albums, and then double-click recently deleted in the main window.

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    Menubar pages: Edit: Emoji & symbols, or control-command + space combination. Same situation in other Apple applications. In addition, available as a menu item from the menu entry in the menu bar to the right, Finder.

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    Thank you!

    Hi EugeneWhitlock,

    The installation files of all installed programs stored in the C:\Program Files location.

    I would also recommend to post your question in the MSDN forum:


    Hope the helps of information.

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