Where are the Premier Pro custom export presets stored?

Where are the Premier Pro custom export presets stored?   These are the files created when you create / edit a parameter of export and save under a new name.

They used to be at C:\Users\Mark\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Premiere Pro\6.0\Presets but I don't see them here.

I want to save these presets I customized and be able to import them on another computer.

Mac OS: /Users//Library/Preferences/Adobe/Common/AME/5.0


But since you have 5.5 it might not be 5.0 but the rest of the locations should always apply.

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    / Fredrik

    PS/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Lightroom/Contents/Plugins/Web.lrmodule/Contents/Resources/galleries/

  • The Premier Pro 2015 crashing on export


    I have a MacBook Pro (chart below) under OS X 10.11.2 (El Capitan).

    Model name: MacBook Pro

    Model identifier: MacBookPro11, 3

    Processor name: Intel Core i7

    Processor speed: 2.5 GHz

    Number of processors: 1

    Total number of Cores: 4

    (By heart) L2 Cache: 256 KB

    L3 Cache: 6 MB

    Memory: 16 GB

    Boot ROM version: MBP112.0138.B16

    Version of the SCM (System): 2.19f12

    I tried to export a Premier Pro short (less), either on the pre-series HD or you-tube, which takes about 2 hours (seems excessive even if some parts of the video have several effects on it).  He gets almost all to the way of when there about 4 minutes to go (about 96% or almost thanks to export) the software crashes and I get the standard error message, "Premier Pro has met a serious error..." "and the closure of the software.  I tried this about 6 times and I am very frustrated.  I managed to export the exact same movie a couple of days, as a lower resolution file, so I'm a little confused about why this happens.  I deleted on more than 100 GB of my HD in case the problem was the lack of space, as well as on the external hard drive I was using as my work drive.

    I have managed to export different films and more time in the past, with the same settings and much faster, but maybe with less effect on the clips.

    I tried to export a clip different 30 sec short with the same parameters, which has been a success, but when checking the same activity monitor on the export of this little clip, CPU utilization for the Premier Pro has increased approximately 780% (I understand that it's okay?) and User CPU load approximately 95% and CPU system around 4%, so almost all in use.  The 16 GB memory available, that 11 GB of memory is used, with 4 GB of cache files - this maybe is the problem?  What I have to delete the cache and how do I get rid of these hidden files?

    I also tried to update the first pro and making sure that all my read/write permissions were right on records of Adobe, but none of them helped.

    Any suggestions much appreciated.

    Thank you


    Computer stops using the resources GPU intensive applications

  • How to organize the project and the files associated with the Premier Pro

    I tried to hold the input and output files to the Premier Pro (body) to optimize PC speed and keep different projects in separate folders.

    To optimize speed, I try to balance the I/O to the body on different drives. I'm editing on a dedicated PC i7 - 3930K, OS W7, 32 GB of RAM, with 2 SSD and 7200 4 discs arranged in 2 RAID 0.  A SSD (C drive) contains the files program, Documents, Photos and Audio.  The other 3 are used to store the video media.  The second SSD is used for the Cache and editing intermediate files. A RAID contains the video and audio Source, the other RAID files, export files.  I try to balance the input/output between readers.

    To organize files, I try to place each project with its related assets in a separate file.  In Production Premium CS6, default organization of the C:\Documents\Adobe\6.0 projects.  I'm confused because when I put Destination project in the project manager to another location, it always end up in the default location.  To change the location of the project, I find that it is initially allocated to the default, then I manually move it to another folder.  After you restart the body I open a project in the new folder.  Even though I have been editing for many years, I do not edit full time, so I need to refresh my knowledge for the fair distribution of the files such as the Scratch disks...

    To make life interesting, different programs spread differently.  Mocha, the project folder and the default output to the same location.  I found Mocha has a project and output destination allocation of menus that once I put them in different places always end up together.  I was advised to change the location of the moka project as I do with the body, but nothing has changed.  Speed and coordination PC file locations is a challenge.

    I have reviewed the training locations in the body.  Please direct me to the training to refresh my understanding on how correctly assets and distribution projects in the organization.  I also want to understand all the terms and possible menu assignments, if training is available.  A video presentation is preferred.

    The 'libraries', never use integrated in Windows. Those who are buried on the C drive in a rat hole of a tree of files to implement for backup and everything. Really, quite a stupid implemented well. And having the documents on your system drive is very well... doesn't really matter, those not need for speed of access. Put YOUR assets, such as pictures, images, graphics and stuff, in the folders that you create on the drives for them to the best "work" for you.

    So anything I have listed (quite well off of the page of this Tweaker) interferes, or interfaces with Microsoft stupidity wonderful intentions. One just go to the configuration of the places one wants to work as you want for better performance. It is STRONGLY recommended that in these various drives you set up folder trees that are easy to understand AND easy to use for the implementation of backup programs. The Tweaker has rather detailed suggestions tell for the settings of the cache for the Windows system files, which drive page size parameters to use. Those are the only things we change concerning the functioning of the system, and MS is only available for users to use. What readers and how much drive space you want to * system * using the cache? Your choice.

    PrPro has its own set of cache, database, project, and preview file default locations, so that the program won't work if nobody use it knows how to correctly set things upward. These default values are the folders system/users/blah/blah/blah/blah blah... not particularly easy to access for backup configurations, cleaning, that sort of thing, and not JUST because Adobe prefers you use those. In fact, they recommend that YOU set for the best working speed. The default values are all system-car and ensure the performance of the slug-bug.

    When you go to edit-> Preferences dialog box, you will find a number of these things assorted options for which you want to put them. The project settings dialog box is for each project, and it is where tell you him to put THAT prproj main project file & some other assets. It is generally recommended that you put each project in its own folder on a folder tree of files to the disc that you put your project files on.

    Note... all the different bits of the project files, database, cache and preview files have both read & write processes under constant operation. These things need quick access, usually put one shown previously one or two of them to a drive with SATAII internal best matches, or a 4/5 RAID 0/5 array disk.

    Images (media) and rendering (final exports) are mostly one-way moves. Images is primarily a read-only, and export operation is mainly a single write operation. So those who can live on slightly slower connections to the need to obtain. As to say the very fast 128 GB USB3.0 flash drive PNY I acquired in the user suggestions a couple. I tested it, and 1080 p images and exports can be handled by that without slowing down everything else... but ONLY one of these. Either images or exports, NOT both! Few people have found that say that an external SSD with images on a USB3.0 connection is usable in the things their system and speeds but spread across these disks in read/write to access tasks on several pipelines. Some have tried and found that their USB bus is also used for other internal disc or other connections, and so they had no gain speed or slow things down. Test... test.


  • Where are the fonts for FCPX located?


    Where are the fonts for FCPX in my MacBook Pro to mid-2015?

    There are 3 files for fonts: System/Library/Fonts, Library/Fonts, ~ Library/Fonts.

    It seems to be Library/Fonts, but I see that some are not used in FCPX, so I want to be sure. If I'm right, why some is used in FCPX? Looking for don't not to add them, just curious.

    The best


    All fonts are system fonts, no specific applications.

    Fonts can be of different Types of fonts.

    FCPX uses only specific fonts Types, not all types, the system recognizes.

  • best way to import animation (from host CC) to the Premier Pro?

    best way to import animation (from host CC) to the Premier Pro?

    Export of Animate to a format of PP can work with.

  • the premier pro does not start in windows 10


    I have just updated to windows install 10 with a cleaning. Now, I have a problem with the Premier Pro cs5.5. It does not start correctly.  instead of the projection of the screen it goes to an empty p [the age with the bar tools, then falls, disappears. I was wondering if I have to do a re-install or there may be an update to make it compatible to windows 10.

    In addition to the comments of John, a few people with a new Adobe DVA are struggling to get them to open in Win10 but found that by double-clicking the program file, the Properties section and choose "run as Administrator", they had to operate. That said... Win10 and a number of video applications are not on the excellent conditions in any universal sense.


  • Try to download the trial version of the Premier Pro

    Try to download the trial version of the Premier Pro and get the message that the download of applications Manager is corrupt and to contact the customer service. Because calling the customer service seems impossible here, I. Can anyone help with this.

    Make sure that cookies be enabled.  If problems persist, try using another browser.

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    The code above does not make mistake, but I don't see Site Catalyst. I'm looking under custom HTML > custom events > Custom events 1 and I do not see it.

    Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong in the code above, or am I looking in the wrong place to Site Catalyst.

    Thank you!

    You are looking in the right place in SiteCatalyst. Ping me directly ([email protected]) with your ID on the report, and we can take it from there.

    Thank you


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    Hi all

    IM now using AE CS5.5 Mac OS 10.6.8 and I was wondering where are the templetes.  When you start a new project of EI, there is an icon next to her and BR TEMPLETES BROWSE.  Where are they?  In a video of Dennis Radeke older, he also mentions the models

    Thanks in advance

    Hmmm... I see no way of After Effects. Here are the instructions to download the content again and Premiere Pro:


    The instructions are basically the same for After Effects.

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    System Preferences > Trackpad!

  • where are the photo books manufactured?

    Where are the Apple on a manufactured Mac photo books created?

    Apple does not announce - you need to ask them - I guess that's where ever they choose and could be one of a number of different places according to volume and when ordering

    And you posted in iPhoto for Mac forum - Photo Books can no longer be ordered at all since iPhoto - they withdrew in April


  • Why are my recent photos stored on Photo Mac, registered as pitiful thumbnails. Where are the originals!

    My recent photos have been saved as thumbnails, where are the original Photo Mac.

    Sorry, but which does not happen with Photos

    Either you make a mistake or user action caused this

    What is the source of these ad photos why do you think they are only recorded as thumbnails?

    Have you ever cleaned your drive by deleting things in your photo library using the finder or using the software of cleaning as CleanMyMac, macKeeper or others?

    What has changed since they were full size?


  • where are the audio files stored during recording as a project?

    Where are the audio files stored during recording as a project. The project opens fine on my computer, but when I move to another computer I have missing audio files.

    They are stored in their own folder in the project folder:

    So if you want to move it to another computer, you must copy the project folder, not only of the project folder.

  • Where are the saved files that someone sends you through Skype Windows8


    I just bought a new computer that has windows 8 installed above and I must say that I was shocked when I realized that the system is like that running a pad that is so bad, if you want to actually work with the computer.

    Then, I installed Skype and was amazed that there is nothing that you can do with it. No video call?

    I use Skype to send files and make video calls. Now, when someone sends me a file I have no choice where this file is saved... Where are the files stored?

    OS: Windows 8

    Thank you

    type in your windows search bar

    '%AppData% '.
    then you will go to the folder "Skype".
    and there will be a folder with "my received files."
    had the same problem and figured it out

Maybe you are looking for