Where can I enable hibernation in my book...?

Recently, I cleaned up my c drive. After that, I can't Hibernate... and also I don't see the option for it...



I used the disk cleanup tool in Windows Vista, and now the hybrid sleep feature and the hibernation feature are unavailable

Read the above info in the link above of Microsoft to solve this problem.

To enable the hibernation feature and the hybrid sleep feature, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start

    Collapse this includes this image

    Click all programs, then Accessories.

  2. Right-click guest, and then click run as administrator.
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      If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password or clickcontinue.

  3. Type powercfg-h on and press ENTER.

See you soon.

Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    I accidentally formatted my drive to start my MBA. Where can I get the os and bootable flash drive for my MBA job again?

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    Try to recover the OS X Internet.


    Press and hold key option + command + R keys at startup.

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    I solved this problem.

    I started the program outlook before syncing.

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    Where can I turn them, is it possible to do this with a single click (in regards to JavaScript or images)?

    They bypass the Windows remote access service disabled?

    Thing I can do to block-to-peer and all remote access to my computer, reading the Web will continue to be possible?

    Thank you.

    Media.peerconnection.enabled set to false in Subject: config.

  • Where can I get the Adobe Acrobat NPAPI plugin?

    "Firefox support is a relatively recent addition to Adobe Reader from version 10.1.4. Therefore, even if you have to have Adobe Reader installed for a long time, you may need to install a new version to get the support of Firefox. You can also find that you need to activate Adobe within Firefox Add-on. To enable the Adobe add-on in Firefox, select Tools-> Add-ons-> Plugins, then in the list of plug-ins, locate the option start Adobe Acrobat NPAPI plugin and click on the Activate button. »

    When I go in Firefox, select Tools-> Modules-> Plugins, this plugin is not there. So, where can I get?

    Thanks for responding so quickly.

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    It's REALLY frustrating me!

    Does anyone know where I can download one or how can I get my sound back?
    I tried to download an audio device on this site, but it has not made a difference. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

    Thanks :)

    Can I ask you how have you disabled the output device Audio (I guess you mean the sound card)?

    Usually the devices can be enabled or disabled in Device Manager.
    Please access the Device Manager in the control panel and check if there is a yellow exclamation point. There is perhaps no yellow exclamation point, but the sound card is still disabled. Then mark it and activate it.

  • How to enable hibernation/standby on Satellite Pro M70-220

    Nice day!!!

    Can someone help me please on how to enable hibernation/standby on my laptop. When I try to do, the laptop always ask me to update the driver for the keyboard and mouse ps2 because it prevents the computer into hybernation mode, I tried to update it goes to microsoft update, but it says I have the latest driver and appropriate for my machine. What can I do to fix this? Thank you.



    I recommend first test mode hibernation without the mouse connection. In addition, the message of the PS/2 mouse is very mysterious because the laptop doesn t all taken supports PS/2!
    How do you connect the mouse?

    However, the hibernation mode must be activated before use. To use this feature, go to the power of the control panel and select Hibernate Hibernate indicator and activate!

  • How can I enable the memory remapping in BIOS on the Satellite A100-192

    How can I enable the memory remapping in BIOS (5.90) on my laptop?

    Thank you.


    It seems a problem with the Microsoft 32-bit Windows operating system.

    Please check this:

    You can find this info:

    _Issue: _
    I put in the memory 2x2gb in my book * and the BIOS * and the operating system is worth about 3 GB

    _Solution: _
    This is a limitation of the 32-bit system.
    System resources need of addressing which overlaps physical memory below 4 GB.
    These requirements can reduce available addressable memory space to and reported by the operating system

  • Where can I find XP x 64 drivers for Portege R500 - hotkey / power management?

    Where can I find the downloads that will enable the power management or hotkey support for my Portege R500?

    I already installed the drivers for everything except the fingerprint reader (do not want), tpm (really envy) and hdd (tos620a) motion sensor (not embarrassed at this time). Most of the drivers are recent original sites of the seller or, in the absence of those, leaving Toshiba 64-bit Vista download areas.

    Everything else works generally: wifi, graphics & chipset, sound, lan, bluetooth stack, cardbus, card reader, etc.

    However, after doing this, are the following questions:

    FN keys do not work for suspend to ram, suspend-to-disk, * screen * brightness *-essential to extend the life. FN keys for digital/Board pad, rocker of external surveillance * work

    Dedicated toggle backlight button does nothing

    However, in order to get the lifetime of battery beyond ~2.5 hours and closest alongside 7.1 hours, I need to turn things down / stop occasionally. What software can help and where I can get, as it runs on Windows XP x 64 edition?


    I tried packages of 32-bit xp which provides Toshiba, they do not seem to work on x 64. The package 'chopsticks' requires 'cmod', but 'cmod' gives this error:

    Installation of Modules common TOSHIBA
    Not an ACPI machine. Cannot install TOSHIBA ACPI peripheral logic.

    I tried the 32-bit xp package called 'pwrsav '; It installs a bad help link in my Start menu and adds a few exes, tpsmain and tpsoddctl, to my automatically starts. These 32-bit executables left immediately after execution.

    I tried to install packages of 64-bit Vista from Toshiba hotkeys / common modules / power management, but the only one of the three I can find via toshiba.co.uk is the common modules, and unfortunately this zip file contains only .inf, .cat and .sys files, no program installation.

    I use a new installation at the same time because the default installation of Vista is unusable (900 MB of memory used on a fresh startup desktop, disk divided into several partitions, trial, adware and with broken software at left and right)
    I use x 64 because I am software engineer the next product needs to work on x 64, and this new laptop was a likely first candidate


    Bad news first :(

    The European driver Toshiba page provides the drivers for XP 32 bit and Vista (32-bit & 64-bit).
    I did find all the drivers for XP 64-bit OS.

    As much as I know XP 64-bit drivers is not exist for one of the series of Toshiba laptops.

    Now a new better ;)

    I found a tool called display Tuner.
    It offers convenient access to the monitor settings, such as brightness, contrast, color settings.

    Perhaps this is an option for you.
    Google a bit

    See you soon

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