Where can I find all the drivers for Toshiba NB520 for WIN XP?

I would like to change the system on windows XP
I found all the drivers are for win 7
Currently, I have Win 7 starter and I can't do basic things like changing the wallpaper
In addition, it does not on a few diagnostic programs
makes you want to pick me up, but I've found none for XP
Can anyone help page and get started with the same drivers drivers

Thank you


Unfortunately, it seems that Win XP drivers are not available for this series of laptop.
But I recommend you to use Win 7. It looks a little different, and you would need much time to settle down in the environment of Win7 but it s much better than Win XP.

And you can also use the Win XP in Win 7 software.
In most cases, the software should be compatible with Win 7. If you want to get a few problems of facilities you can then run this in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

Here's a nice page of Microsoft:

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