Where can I find drivers for my Toshiba Satellite U400 BACK?

I'm looking for the BACK drivers for a card Intel Pro Wireless (Familly 3945ABG...) and the BACK drivers for a marvel yukon 88E8072.

My Toshiba U400 cards are not activated on the BACK and I need them to establish a link with my ghost server.

I can only imagine that you can find it on the support site for the card manufacturer.
As you know Toshiba doesn't support such things.

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    Where can I find drivers for Toshiba Satellite A135-S4677 for Windows XP Professional?


    Normally, you can find the drivers on the Toshiba site:

    I checked from Toshiba Web site but I can't find the drivers for Windows XP so I think you need to search on external websites for drivers like Intel, Realtek, etc.

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  • Where can I find drivers for Satellite A100-049 64-Bit Vista?

    Currently, I run Vista Home Premium SP1 32-Bit and do it because there seems to be only the 32-bit drivers on the site Web of Tosiba:

    [http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/vista_drivers.jsp?macId=&mode=allMachines&userOS=& action = search & SelCategorie = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 153 & selProduct = 700 & selOS = 2]

    Where can I find drivers for Toshiba Satellite A100-049 64-Bit Vista?

    Thank you


    Normally you get all the drivers on the Toshiba site, but Toshiba does not have a 64-bit drivers for all mobile phones.
    In most cases only for the new laptops, which came with 4 GB of RAM.

    That can make is to search on external Web sites for 64-bit drivers.
    Here are some examples where you can search:


    Good luck

    Good bye

  • Where can I find drivers for Satellite A350D - 20G


    Where can I find drivers for my laptop, because it is not in the site?
    I install Windows 7 and I don't shortcut key, download driver for model A350D-20F.

    Help please.


    > Where to find drivers for my laptop, because it is not in the site?
    The Win 7 drivers are placed on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Satellite A350D - 20G belongs to PSALME series look at the stickers at the bottom of the unit

    PS: Keys FN needs VAP (value added package) and the Flash Utility card support!
    You can choose these tools distributed for other portable devices such as L500 series.

  • Satellite A350 - 208 (PSAL6E) - where can I find drivers for XP?


    I bought my laptop about 1 month ago, and it is already slow. I think that my laptop is slow, because I have Windows Vista Home premium.

    I don't like Vista at all, so I tried to format my HARD drive and put windows XP SP3 on it.
    But the problem is, I can't find drivers for Windows XP, only the drivers for Windows Vista. How can I solve this?

    And is it possible to install Windows XP on my laptop? I think that there is an extra partition on my HARD drive with Vista on it stuff.


    I'm a little confused right now because you wrote that you have installed Windows XP, and then you want to know if you can install it m.

    In any case, the Satellite A350 doesn t supports Windows XP. On the Toshiba site you can get Windows Vista drivers for it.
    What you can do is look on external websites for drivers, or try you the drivers XP of the Satellite A300, which is similar to yours.

    That's all you can do. Windows XP is the past, now it s time for Vista or Windows 7.

    Good bye

  • Where can I find drivers for my Satellite L755-S1M2?

    I found the page to get the drivers here:

    I can choose as much as the L755, but the short model number:


    If I select the L750 then I see the shortcode:


    But I guess that's not my model (L750). Where can I get drivers for the L755-S1M2 (abbreviated PSK2YF model number)?

    The label under the PC for reference:

  • Where can I find drivers for Satellite M45-S351?

    I formatted my laptop and I can't find the drivers. I searched a lot. I can't use audio, etc. network devices. Where can I find the drivers for my laptop?

    Could you help me please?
    Thank you

    Hi Atti,

    The M45 series notebooks were intended for the American market in order to obtain the driver downloads of: -.


    Just click on the "Downloads" icon, then enter the details of your model for the available list.

    Kind regards

  • Where can I find drivers for Satellite L855-159?


    I am a recent owner of a new laptop Toshiba Satellite L855-159.
    I can't find the drivers listed for her. I have download some drivers for laptops similar to the series, as the ethernet driver. That works very well to this topic, but I can't seem to find a working wireless driver anywhere.
    I tried the official page of toshiba and the toshiba automatic detection tool. He says that it cannot find my product.
    I also tried to enter the serial number only. manually and it gives me the same answer... your product can not be found or not valid serial No..
    (I tried all versios of the toshiba site, multilingual)

    Time my serial number has worked only when I took the laptop to the guarantee.
    So I must say that we hassle to find the right drivers for my product, and it wouldn't hurt to have a cd/dvd with drivers in the box with the laptop. I know that there must be a better solution for drivers online because you always get the most recent version, but a dvd with drivers who are still working for your laptop is necessary when the main site isn't so bad putting at their disposal.

    So please tell me... where can I find the drivers for my laptop?


    According to specification for laptop, your laptop has the part number PSKAEE and all the drivers, tools and utilities for the supported operating systems you can find on Toshiba support and download page - http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp

    Type of product > Notebook
    Family > Satellite
    Product series > Satellite L series
    Model > Satellite L855
    Short model No. > PSKAEE

    Can find you it?

  • Where can I find drivers for Satellite L300-10 q?


    Where I can download the drivers from PC toshiba laptop model L300-10 q.


    It is easy enough to find the drivers for the laptop own model:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > download drivers

    And all that s! ;)

    You must only choose the model of the laptop and the OS. Then you get a list of all available downloads.

  • Where can I find drivers for XP for Satellite A350-200

    Anyone know where to find drivers for Windows XP for the A350 - 200?

    Thank you


    At the moment the European page driver Toshiba does not supply drivers XP FRO the A350.
    Maybe these drivers will be released in the near future... Let's hope

    Until then, you can collect the XP drivers to your hand, you could use some single XP drivers went out to other Toshiba laptops, many series uses the same devices and therefore some unique drivers should work also.

    Good bye

  • Where can I find Firmware for my Toshiba 40TL938G?

    where can I find a new firmware for the Toshiba 40TL938G? I can only find on the new site software updated firmware for the 40TL933G and the 40TL936G. The 933G software is compatible with the 938G?
    The function of automatic update does not work with my TV.

    Thank you



    Have a look here:

    If your TV isn't listed, it means that this firmware is not yet available!

  • Satellite C670-13D: where can I find drivers for Windows 7 32 bit


    Please, where can I find Windows 7 32-bit drivers for Satellite C670 - 13D Part #: PSC40E-004008RU.
    I need 'Value-added Package' to activate the hotkey feature.

    Thank you to.


    Not seem that all Win 7 32-bit drivers are available for the C670 at this time.

    Since the VAP is not related to series of specific portable but the system (Windows 7 or Vista), you can use the VAP released for other series

    I recommend the C660 series and released for download the VAP.

  • Where can I find drivers for Vista for Satellite Pro L450D?

    Hi, can anyone offer any help please?

    My toshiba Satellite Pro (model L450D) supplied with Windows 7 preinstalled. Unfortunately due to virus, I had to format the HARD drive and reinstall an operating system, but only had a legal copy of Vista. Now utilities Toshiba comes back with a message saying that it is blocked at the start, because it is not compatible with this version of Windows (vista).

    All the options to download anything for this model of laptop is in Win 7, of course. Where can I find everything I need to be compatible with Vista please?
    Thanks in advance.

    And you think that the best solution for you is to use Vista or what?

    The problem is that you didn't follow the advice of Toshiba and create the recovery disk. Can you confirm this?
    With the help of this disc you can have factory settings and Win7 again.

    I think Vista is not solution. First Vista is not supported, so if you can't find the Vista stuff on the Toshiba download page you won't be able to find it anywhere. Best option for you is to order the original Toshiba Recovery disk for your machine. You will get the recovery Win7 image, and you can use it whenever you want.

    To order, check it please https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx
    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • Where can I find drivers for my S3-391 Aspire

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    http://us.Acer.com/AC/en/us/content/drivers/4088;-; Longs % 20S 3-391

  • HP pavilion g7 2318sz windows 7, where can I find drivers for my PC Windows 7?

    Hi, I have a problem with the installation drivers on my PC.

    I instaled Windows 7 on my HP pavilion 2318sz g7

    and now I can not find drivers, and I instaled some drivers

    who are for my PC, but they do not work. Solution?

    Thank you!


    Network controller

    Series of Qualcomm, Atheros Wireless LAN Driver QCA9000

    Unknown device

    HP 3D DriveGuard

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