Where can I find that Microsoft signed drivers for Windows 7?

Hello. Where can I find that Microsoft signed drivers for Windows 7?

Can be a little more specific please, what driver do you need?

Drivers are usually better obtained from the website of the manufacturer of the specific device.

For more information, see - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/what-is-a-signed-driver (for Vista but fundamentally similar).

and - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/what-is-driver#1TC=windows-7

See also - http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_update/how-to-attain-signed-drivers-from-windows-update/a9458e79-685e-4fe3-b0f4-9e9f83f99225 concerning a request for similar sounding.

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  • Where can I find XP x 64 drivers for Portege R500 - hotkey / power management?

    Where can I find the downloads that will enable the power management or hotkey support for my Portege R500?

    I already installed the drivers for everything except the fingerprint reader (do not want), tpm (really envy) and hdd (tos620a) motion sensor (not embarrassed at this time). Most of the drivers are recent original sites of the seller or, in the absence of those, leaving Toshiba 64-bit Vista download areas.

    Everything else works generally: wifi, graphics & chipset, sound, lan, bluetooth stack, cardbus, card reader, etc.

    However, after doing this, are the following questions:

    FN keys do not work for suspend to ram, suspend-to-disk, * screen * brightness *-essential to extend the life. FN keys for digital/Board pad, rocker of external surveillance * work

    Dedicated toggle backlight button does nothing

    However, in order to get the lifetime of battery beyond ~2.5 hours and closest alongside 7.1 hours, I need to turn things down / stop occasionally. What software can help and where I can get, as it runs on Windows XP x 64 edition?


    I tried packages of 32-bit xp which provides Toshiba, they do not seem to work on x 64. The package 'chopsticks' requires 'cmod', but 'cmod' gives this error:

    Installation of Modules common TOSHIBA
    Not an ACPI machine. Cannot install TOSHIBA ACPI peripheral logic.

    I tried the 32-bit xp package called 'pwrsav '; It installs a bad help link in my Start menu and adds a few exes, tpsmain and tpsoddctl, to my automatically starts. These 32-bit executables left immediately after execution.

    I tried to install packages of 64-bit Vista from Toshiba hotkeys / common modules / power management, but the only one of the three I can find via toshiba.co.uk is the common modules, and unfortunately this zip file contains only .inf, .cat and .sys files, no program installation.

    I use a new installation at the same time because the default installation of Vista is unusable (900 MB of memory used on a fresh startup desktop, disk divided into several partitions, trial, adware and with broken software at left and right)
    I use x 64 because I am software engineer the next product needs to work on x 64, and this new laptop was a likely first candidate


    Bad news first :(

    The European driver Toshiba page provides the drivers for XP 32 bit and Vista (32-bit & 64-bit).
    I did find all the drivers for XP 64-bit OS.

    As much as I know XP 64-bit drivers is not exist for one of the series of Toshiba laptops.

    Now a new better ;)

    I found a tool called display Tuner.
    It offers convenient access to the monitor settings, such as brightness, contrast, color settings.

    Perhaps this is an option for you.
    Google a bit

    See you soon

  • Where can I find the update named kb970789 for windows 7 rc?

    I think you all know this update important .i can't find it in the windows update catalog, and I want to download for offline installation not through windows update. So where can I find it?

    http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/970789 Carey Frisch

  • where can I download conon s900 printer drivers for windows 7

    I have a beautiful rugged Canon S900 printer but can't seem to down load drivers for it. I tried the canon site, but they do not download correctly. Saw a reference on a site need to get three separate expenses. Surely, there must be an easier way!?

    I offer to my fishing advance thank you for any help received.


    Hey Michael.

    Service and Support for Canon s900 here (drivers and software):


    FAQ is here:


    Good luck

  • Where can I find a list of drivers for my current PC

    Y at - it an easy way to get a list of current drivers installed (with the preferable version number) on my PC so that I can get these drivers before reformat the hard drive and then I would be prepared to reinstall them?

    I am running Windows XP Pro on this machine, and if it makes a difference it is a Dell Dimension 4500 desktop machine.

    2 main reasons why Service Pack facilities fail are:
    -outdated drivers

    In particular, has been a huge step forward for XP - SP2 and if you don't have SP2 compatible driver it is unclear what will happen when you try to install the Service Pack.  It was a back huge problem when SP2 is released!

    PC manufacturer are aware and have ensured that the compatible drivers are downloaded on their Web site.  FYI - here is a list of when the versions of Windows and Service Packs have been released: http://www.carrona.org/winreldt.html SP2 was released on August 6, 2004 - so these drivers that have been published at this time (or after) are certainly the ones you have to worry about really.

  • Where can I find the 64-bit drivers for Garmin 3600 ique?

    Someone has an answer to this question?

    Garmin does not a pilot. They refer you to Palm. Palm a driver for their palmdevices for 64 bit but does not work for Garmin 3600 IQUE.

    So your device is considered legacy by the manufacturer of said device and should be replaced if you want to upgrade to an operating system, they do not support and/or find a way you can bypass.

    Virtual machine with a BONE they support.

    Old computer just sitting just for this device.

    Compatibility modes.

  • Where can I find a ball Pinball game for Windows Vista?

    From: Gloria Coll


    Anyone know where I can get a ball Pinball real good game for my PC. to buy or download. And I don't mean rubbish like master of 3D Pinball. Thank you

    From: Andy

    Do a google search for "ProPinball", they have original tables that looked incredible. Here are older games, don't know what they put out recently, but I loaded "time shock ' in Vista 32 Ultimate and it worked without problems. If detailed, you can see the Pinball roller/spin, etc.


    Another response of the community of Windows Vista discussion groups

  • Do I need to install SP2 before SP3? If Yes, where can I find the Microsoft of SP2 version?

    I had to re - install Windows XP SP1a, from a CD of resettlement came with my Dell laptop. This was done because I upgraded the hard drive. This facility went well. I went to the Windows Update site to try to get the SP2 and SP3. The webiste is said to SP2 until you can do SP3. The only version of SP2, I find on the website says that it is for the professionals and see the link for the Service Pack to the simple version. When I go on this link there is no one version. Do I need to install SP2 before SP3? If Yes, where can I find the Microsoft of SP2 version? In addition, the site says that automatic updates SP2 but I checked my Configuration of the automatic updates and it will not take anything in. Is there a way to force the automatic update to run immediately? Thanks, Ben


    I totally agree with PML, you should be able to set up IE and then go to the Windows updates from there, once you get on the Windows Update site it will scan your system and implement critical updates and optional updates SP2 and SP3 should be on the list. It's a way to force an immediate update.

    I hope this helps.


  • Where can I find dirver 3D DirectX 8 for XP Home Edition?

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    Hi andrewjc2005,

    ·         This number encounter you in playing games?

    ·         Which version of DirectX you have installed on your computer?

    You can download and install DirectX from this link and check if it helps.


    Also, keep the computer up to date by installing all the updates that are available.

    For more information, see: How to keep your Windows up-to-date

    Hope the helps of information.

    Please post back and we do know.

  • where can I find the x 86 folder for 32-bit windows 7

    where can I find the x 86 folder for 32-bit windows 7

    Sunday, September 23, 2012 03:28:07 + 0000, riteshisaacs wrote:

    where can I find the x 86 folder for 32-bit windows 7

    Do you mean C:\Program Files (x 86)?

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

  • Where can I find the disk clean up on windows 8?

    Where can I find the disk clean up on windows 8, please?

    Thank you very much.

    Open your Start menu and tap it that the word own and it will appear in your search results (similar to Windows 7 where you can search by typing in the start menu).

  • Where can I find the e-mail address for my printer HP 5520?

    Where can I find the e-mail address for my printer HP 5520?

    zubzub wrote:

    Where can I find the e-mail address for my printer HP 5520?

    Press the 'ePrint' on your printer - which will display your e-mail address of printer.

    If you have not enabled web services, you can do this from the settings button on the screen that appears on the printer screen when you press the ePrint.

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    Hi reydeltontos,

    If you purchased Photoshop CC subscription so that you don't have any series as it will activate the software using your Adobe ID and password.

    It will be useful.

    Kind regards


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