where can I find the driver of Windows 8 for mobile phone Pantech P6030?

Where can I find the driver of Windows 8 for mobile phone Pantech P6030?

Currently, there is no Windows 8 driver for mobile phone Pantech Renue P6030.  However, I download pictures from a Pantech Renue by connecting the mobile phone to a computer with Windows 8.  On the phone screen a menu popped up.  I chose mass storage link that connected to the computer, File Explorer.  From there, I did some limited tasks which enabled me to copy the images on my cloud.  Not all features are on the Explorer of files to allow downloading of all the pictures, but accomplished most of the tasks I wanted to finish.

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  • where can I find the driver files to dvd for my x16t-1200 cto?

    I don't find the driver files for my dvd player.  can someone point me in the right direction?

    Computer laptop HP HDX - model X16T-1200 CTO


    The driver for the CD/DVD drive is provided by the Windows operating system.  If you have problems with the drive, try the following.

    Run the fixit automated Microsoft at the link below.

    Windows 7


    Check if the drive works now.

    If it isn't, click on the Menu start, open the all programs, open accessories, right-click on command prompt and select "run as Administrator".  In at the prompt, type the following command and press ENTER.

    sfc/scannow                (Note that there is a space between sfc and /)

    Let the entire process, then the output type and press ENTER.

    Then, click on the Start Menu, open Control Panel and click Device Manager.  Click to open the CD/DVD-ROM drives.  Right-click on the drive and choose uninstall.  Do not delete if requested drivers.  When the device has been uninstalled click the icon 'Search for hardware changes' (usually just below help in the toolbar).  Let windows reinstall the disc and see if it works now.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Where can I find the driver wifi?

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my wifi. I have a pavilion dv6 6155sl, and at the bottom of the page, I'll show you the configuration of my laptop. I just formatted my pc and all the drivers are ok. Is one of them, missing just because my wifi does not work! And the problem isn't that it connects, but the light in the wifi button is always red and in the e e options wifi is not connected. Where can I find the driver for this problem? Thank you very much

    HP Pavilion dv6-6155sl Quad Core i7-2670QM 8 GB 640 GB 15.6 "LED HD ATI 1 Gb WIN7 HD6490 *.

    HP laptop, Intel Core i7 2.2 Ghz, Ram 2 X 4096 MB, 640 GB of HD ottica memoria: drive (±R DL), monitor TFT widescreen (1366 x 768). Size: 378 x 35 x 247 mm Peso: 2.9 kg.

    Features Generali
    Marca HP
    Modello Pavilion dv6-6155sl Entertainment - A2B71EA
    Tipo di PC Notebook

    Tipo di processore-Intel Core i7
    Del modello processore Intel Core i7 2670QM / 2.2 GHz
    Velocità del processore [Ghz] 2.2 Ghz
    Calcolo a 64-bit if
    Multi-Core Quad - Core technology
    Tipo chipset Mobile Intel HM65 Express
    Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit Edition

    Memoria cache
    Tipo L3
    Dimensione [KB] 6144 KB
    Memoria RAM
    Fattore di forma SO DIMM a 204 pin
    Tecnologia RAM DDR3 SDRAM
    Installata [MB] 8192 MB RAM
    Maximum RAM [MB] 8192 MB
    Configurazione 2 x 4 GB

    640 GB HDD [GB]
    Velocità di rotation [RPM] 5400 RPM hard drive
    Storage controller
    Type Serial ATA
    Interfaccia Serial ATA Serial ATA-300
    Player di if memory card
    Schede Flash memory supportate Scheda di memoria SD, MultiMediaCard

    Dispositivi di input
    Tipo Tastiera, touchpad
    Features Tastierino digital built-in, multi touch Touchpad

    Dimensions [mm] 378 x 35 x 247 mm
    Peso [kg] 2.9 kg
    Lino in colours Bianco, damascati motivi

    Scheda Rete Ethernet Integrata TR
    WiFi integrated 802.11n, 802. 11 b, 802.11 g
    USB 2.0 port number 4
    Monitors VGA TR
    Audio/video out TR
    Secure Digital, Multimedia Card memory card player

    Data link Protocol Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802. 11 b, IEEE 802. 11 g, IEEE 802.11n
    Device clear rete di rete di
    If supportata LAN wireless
    Compliance standard di IEEE 802. 11 b, IEEE 802. 11 g, IEEE 802.11n


    You need this driver for smbus controller.


    If you don't see a di rete device not appear there, is it possible, you need to install this software first and turn over the card using the software wireless.


    Then maybe you will see listed network controller and that you can get the ID of him so I can post the link of the driver.

  • gamepad work on some games, but some don't. How to fix? where can I find the driver?

    gamepad work on some games, but some don't. How to fix? where can I find the driver? I want it to work like a xbox 360 gamepad, mines look like a playstation controller 2, its a pc gamepad heres link http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IYEZUD6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 sqdeal I want to play a game called microvolts, but game do not see the gamepad even when you use the game software xpadder. S W A D do not work. How to make it work?

    Yes, thanks (NOT) to monopoly$ oft, most default games to the XBOX controllers these days.

    -There were several updates of XInput , who fixes for controllers that were compatible with

    XBOX several years ago.

    I do not exactly remember, but they are either through Windows updates 'important' updates, or

    the DirectX Web Installer, updater DX-

    Download DirectX end-user Runtime Web Installer from the official Microsoft Download Center

    -The game should not have to recognize the controller. If the profiling software that comes

    That's all good it will emulate a keyboard.

    If the profiling software that comes with your controller cannot create a profile for the game

    which allows the stick or d - pad to function as the WSAD keys, you will need to ask at the support

    site for the mfg of the controller.

    Or, if you're lucky, here, someone can have experience with this brand controller.

    I had no problem in WSAD orders for games with my Logitech "dual action".

    the game controller software.

    I think that the new Logitech controllers, for example. - F310, identify the buttons and sticks of the same

    as an XBOX controller and can play most of the games which by default XBOX without using third-party software.


  • Where can I find the driver of USB memory card reader software?

    Where can I find the driver of USB memory card reader software? I checked on hp.com, but he's not here.

    I use the HP Compaq dc7800 Small Form Factor and Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x 86 and p/n: AQ532US #ABA


    You can ask HP support and in their forums. Maybe it's an older driver still used or HP
    is wrong has not posted.

    This is the Realtek site, but he could not be there.

    Realtek - downloads

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Where can I find the product key Windows 8 in my laptop?

    Original title: product key

    Where can I find the product key Windows 8 in my laptop? It is a Samsung NP500P4C-S02US

    Hi, you can find it using a program that can be downloaded on http://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/

    He will find the product key for you
    This is a photo that describe where it is in the program that I have obtained from this website http://theunlockr.com/2013/04/23/how-to-find-your-windows-8-product-key/
    you visit this site which allows me to find a mine.if you found this useful mark as an answer.
  • Where can I find the clock digital multi AGS for the vista sidebar?

    I recently had to smoothing on my computer and do a vista reload fee.  now, I'm trying to find the clock digital multi AGS (the most useful for the windows vista sidebar gadget was by far, in my humble OPINION).  Where can I find the clock digital multi AGS for the vista sidebar since microsoft went down the gadget site?

    Thank you

    As the gadget site is down you can't find the clock digital multi AGS for the vista sidebar.

    You can check the link for help:

  • Re: Where can I find the driver for the webcam for Satellite L300 - 17H?


    Now, I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 - 17 H laptop running Windows XP and everything works perfectly except the camera build-in the web.

    When I try to open the web camera, it's utility program does is display the message:
    "Open Webcam driver fail. Please restart camera or computer. »
    And restarting the computer makes no difference.

    I guess it might be the driver problem, but please can someone give me the link to download the necessary driver?

    On the support from toshiba at the following Web site: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/generic/SUPPORT_PORTAL/
    I can find the driver for model Satellite L300 - 17L
    but I can't find the model for my laptop which is 5 pm?

    Can anyone give me any idea where I could find the driver for toshiba satellite L300 17: computer laptop please?

    Best regards

    Your laptop is part PSLB0E number and when you search for the drivers on Toshiba support download page and you must put the exact model name and number of this piece in model n ° short option.

    Check it out please.

  • Where can I find the driver for a CD-Rom drive?

    Where can I find a driver for the CD-Rom of a desktop Pavilion Slimline drive (model # AW014AV #ABA). I can't find it on the HP site.

    I have a yellow alert symbol in Control Panel-> devices & Printers next to my computer and the icon for HP LaserJet Series 110, and when I troubleshoot or the other, he says that there is a problem with the driver for the CD-Rom drive.

    Chaya Cooper


    There are no drivers available for download as part of the database windows driver and the advent of Windows 2000 in 1999.

    I recommend that you use the automatic correction of Microsoft to the free address on the link below and see if that clears up the issue.


    If automatic adjustment does not work, try the manual fix in section "Let Me difficulty it me ' on the link below.



  • HP Pavilion DM1 - 4200sa: where can I find the product key Windows 10?

    Where can I find the Windows 10 product key for the upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8 to 10?

    Windows 10 uses 'digital right '.

    If you try to switch to 10 Windows from Windows 7 or 8 and try to do a clean install of ISO created media you find you need a product key that you do not.  The only way to do this successfully is to use the option upgrade of software downloaded using the tool of media Windows 10.  PC Worldhave highlighted that in Windows utility 10 as Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder or Belarc Advisor find the keys to generic product instead of faith.

    Windows Pro 10 key users will see KeyFinder or Belarc Advisor: VK7JG NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T.

    In 10240 build if you use the PowerShell script of Hexus forumson Windows 10 Pro he must fetch it: T44CG-JDJH7-VJ2WF-DY4X9-HCFC6.

    Microsoft uses now, apparently, a process called 'digital right' , which is stored in the BIOS so if you replace your motherboard, for example, your 'digital right' will probably disappear and will not activate Windows 10.

    So, before making any change sure to self-organization of backup!

  • Where can I find the driver for Windows Vista updates?

    Where can I find updates for Windows Vista 64-bit driver?

    Where can I find updates for Windows Vista 64-bit driver?


    You should get your software driver from your computer or hardware manufacturer, not through Windows Update (with the exception of updates from Microsoft Hardware).

    Access the site on your computer or hardware manufacturer > Driver and Software Support Section > search your computer or hardware model number > then your operating system > locate the correct drivers > download and install.

    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro L20 PSL25E - where can I find the driver WLan?


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L20 - PSL25E 00G019GR and I am trying to install the wireless card.
    Where can I get the software/driver?
    I can't find these (for Windows XP) in the download area.

    The wireless device is turned on, but I don't see the icon in the network environment.
    So, what should I do?

    Thanks for your help.


    > The wireless device is turned on, but I don't see the icon in the network environment.
    Are you sure that the laptop is equipped with wireless network card?

    AFAIK the L20 Pro Sam is an older model laptop and L20 not all were equipped with internal WLan module even if the WLan switch is available.

    You should check if the wireless network adapter is listed in the device under network adapters Manager.

  • where can I find the driver for the webcam for Compaq Presario CQ-43-110?


    I just bought the HP Compaq Presario CQ-43 and installed the windows 7 (32 bit) operating system, but I could not find the driver for the webcam on the Web site. where can I find it? Thank you


    Hi, Davina:

    It is possible that you only need the software Cyberlink you Cam to run your camera.

    Please see this link to the general W7 upgrade guide for laptops and below the level of 2 models, you when you scroll down you will find the link for downloading the Cyberlink you Cam software.



  • Where can I find the Bonjour service, I need for sharing of home from a Windows 7 Desktop?

    I just downloaded iTunes 12.4.1 and apparently I need good morning services for home sharing.  Where can I find this service?

    For general advice, see troubleshooting problems with iTunes for Windows updates. First, install the missing components.

    The steps described in the second case are a guide to remove everything related to iTunes and then rebuild what is often a good starting point, unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach. Review other cases and a list of documents to support further down the page, in which case one of them applies.

    More information area has direct links with the current and recent if you have problems to download, must revert to a previous version or want to try the version of iTunes for Windows (64-bit-for old video cards) as a workaround for the problems of performance or compatibility with third-party software.

    Your library must be affected by these measures, but it is also related to backup and recovery advice if necessary.


  • Where can I find a drive to CD/DVD for a Satellite A100-088?


    the CD/DVD drive / burner of my Satellite A100-088 died on me and I tried to go to a retailer to get a new one, but he told me that my laptop is too old, so they do not have the parts more. Where can I find a new one?

    Thank you.



    Equip the description of the Google model, and I hope you find a PC shop where you can order a new one. You can also find a lot of discs on eBay.

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