Where can I get a new keyboard for an Acer aspire ES1-521-603V?

Where can I get a new keyboard for an Acer aspire ES1-521-603V?



Here is the part number on your keyboard with the 'framework ':

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  • Where can I get a new keyboard for my Tecra A3 in the United Kingdom?

    I spilled water - heck! -a couple of days ago on my Tecra A3 and I think it is beyond fixing, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I was not clean it regularly and I think there's probably some dust - and other foreign bodies - under the keys and I think that dust got, through the water, in the electronics connecting the keys to the white fabric - I don't know what you call it - the keyboard connecting links for the rest of the machine.

    Most of the keys does not work, and some of them, they work, whey in free, add additional letters for a tap.

    I removed the keyboard and left it and the machine to dry and when has not toured and dried the keyboard and surrounding parts thorougly - working delicately - cleaned using a little bit of alcohol and ear hydrophilic cotton cleaners. I also used a small air pressure producing machine to try to get rid of any dust. I think I did a job just, but it still does not.

    I think I have to buy a new keyboard. Do you know where can I get a new keyboard A3 in England or a second hand keyboard that would be in perfect working order?

    Thanking you in advance,

    Conor Joyce


    New parts can be ordered from the ASP from Toshiba (certified partner) in your country. Guys could control the room is not available directly from Toshiba.

    If you want to buy a second hand keyboard, I recommend you research in the internet, ebay, etc.

  • Where can I get a new charger for Satellite Pro L500 - 1 4?

    Hi, I would like to get a new charger for Toshiba. My first charger was lost and the second charger that I bought on ebay 3 months ago for £10,-a stopped working. Where can I get a charger? I googled and found a few wesbites for example


    Chargers cost about 25-30 GBP. I don't want more problems with a charger. I have the late...
    Where can I get a good charger where that is authentic. Other suggestions are welcome

    Thanks in advance

    The magazine you found is OK and I think you don't need original Toshiba charger.
    If you want to have Toshiba we part number is PA3716E-1AC3.

    Check it out. Googling around you can find it.

  • Satellite L30-10 X - where can I get the new RAM for upgrade?

    Hello, world from Toshiba!

    I finally decided to spend my current RAM (2 x 512) memory in better and more useful work 2 x 1024. I'm willing to spend the right amount of money for the best solution and I really wanted to get the upgrade memory on the official website of Toshiba, but for some reason any he does not list my model (L30-10 X) in the list of laptops, in fact I can't find at all.

    Could someone please direct me to a site that sells official Toshiba products, or if you please inform me of a potential market of memory RAM (for example, Kingston, Corsair, PNY) which will work in my laptop?

    Thank you in advance!


    I think that your model is not on the site of Toshiba, because it s an old but why you don't find your model on the Toshiba site, if you want to increase the RAM? Official website of Toshiba, you can order new RAM modules.

    I tried a bit with Google and I founded the part number for 1 GB RAM DDR2 400/533; It s PA3411U-1M1G.
    If you're looking for with Google too you should find a few online shops where you can buy it. Alternative contact you service provider allowed. They also sell new RAM for your laptop.

    And in my view you can also use RAM from Kingston for example. I have good experiences with Kingston.
    As far as I know Toshiba doesn't produce its own RAM. It s RAM other manufacturers like Kingston, but only with another label.

    Good bye

  • Where can I get the Chinese keyboard for the X 1 carbon touch?

    I'm looking for this keyboard for the X 1 carbon Touch (3443CTO):

    In my view, it is sold to Taiwan, because there the Bopomofo typing system, but I would mainly to Cangjie. Still, I think I narrowed down it to two replaceable units on site: 04 X 0479 and 04Y0819. Is it possible to install a keyboard of carbon Windows 7 X 1 for a Touch of Windows 8 X 1 carbon, IE. they are cross-compatible? Unfortunately, I don't know that we purchase or how to order the keyboard. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    The knockout between X1C and X1CT is the same. You go to the repair of Lenovo in Shanghai Center, they should be able to get an order for you.

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    Title of the message was edited by: Brett N

    Just google 'free actions photoshop elements' without the quotes and you'll find enough to keep you busy for a long time. Find out how more if you leave the 'elements', but not all work measures right at the PSE PS if the action includes steps, as for example a snapshot of history, which does not include the PSE.

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    Where can I get a new drive for recovery for my computer? Pls help

  • Satellite Pro L350 - where can I get the new BIOS?

    I downloaded the new BIOS - 1.60 for Satellite Pro L350 and it generates an error saying "This BIOS is not for your laptop".

    Where can I get the new BIOS - 1.60 for * PSLD0E Satellite Pro L350-154-02601WS4 *? Thank you


    Are you sure that you have a Satellite Pro L350 PSLD0E?
    The series PSLD0E is a Satellite L350 (not Pro).

    But the BIOS update, you can find the Toshiba site.

    Welcome them

  • Where can I get plug-ins ATG for Eclipes?

    I want to develop ATG with Eclipse and where can I get plug-ins ATG for Eclipes?

    Hello dalianzj: -.

    If I understand your question " your questions about how to create a PROJECT USING ATG BUILT in ECLIPSE plug-in ATG" if so...

    Follow the steps below: -.

    Go to your folder of installation atg as ATGXX of->. X/Eclipse/ATGUpdateSite.jar

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  • Where can I get the right drivers for Satellite Z930 - PT23LA - 01 009?

    A little history: I recently bought a version of Win7 to a Z930 in Auckland from PB Tech shop. I've updated to a clean version of Win8 64-bit. My Win8 seems works ok but I noticed something strange in the Toshiba PC Health Monitor - apparently the Toshiba HDD/SSD Alert is not installed, so I don't understand not his iconic display in the health monitor (but the health monitor think my SSD is in "Good" shape - maybe it's reading the INTELLIGENT of my SSD interface, or maybe it's just saying 'Good' because the integrity monitor is apparently able to operate?)

    I can easily find different versions of the Toshiba HDD/SSD Alert Utility in questionable Web sites - download, but I really prefer to get my Toshiba support drivers. Which leads to my question:

    Where can I get the right drivers for PT23LA-01 009? NZ nor the webarea to Toshiba support have this model in their menus. The closest match seems to be


    There is probably not much difference between a PT23LA-01F and a PT23LA-01 P but it is a bit of concern to be download & install the drivers for a chip that is no my model...

    See you soon,.

    PS: http://forums.toshiba.com/t5/General-Features-Knowledge-Base/TOSHIBA-HDD-SSD-Alert/ta-p/347120 advise me the area downloads for Toshiba support. He also advises "not all utilities are available for each model and operating system. During the installation of utilities, install the TOSHIBA value added first. "Sigh... so maybe my problem is that I installed the Win8 drivers & utilities order when build my own-building a Win8 pass win7? Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest... but if this is the case are here all other dependencies in these built?

    > Where can I get the right drivers for PT23LA-01 009?

    First series of Toshiba laptops (Australian, European, etc) is very similar to the other
    Your model of laptop Australian Satellite Z930 * PT23LA * series is the same as the European model Satellite Z930 * PT23LE * series.

    That's why the drivers, tools and utilities published for Satellite Z930 * PT23LE * series must be compatible with the Satellite Z930 * PT23LA * series.

    To get all drivers for Satellite Z930 * PT23LE *, you should check this page:

    There, you can get all win 8 - upgrade the drivers. Also the HDD/SSD Alert Utility v3.1.64.14

    Welcome them

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    Go to the support home page > download > in the drop down menus select laptop and your model > display driver

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    Choose the appropriate model before download the drivers. You can also contact IBM support for assistance.

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    Answers - Feedback is for questions about the site of answers.

    Answers is a site of support of peers supported for Windows and other Microsoft products and
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    Help with your problems, contact the assistance of MyLife.


    I hope this helps.

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    1. What is the problem you are having with your desktop computer?
    2. are you using a computer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or custom it was installed?
    If you use a PC OEM, then contact the manufacturer of your computer to get a recovery disk or restore the computer by using the recovery partition.
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