where can I get firefox 64-bit versions? where can I get older versions of firefox?

It's really frustrating.

After the installation of Iceweasel 20 of my distribution is no longer restore previous session at startup.

My distribution is no longer firefox 18 door which was the previous version. He wears an iceweasel 10 version that does not have this problem.

Of course, the problem is not reproducible with fresh profile but I don't want a darn empty profile. I want my story.

And download 64-bit version or an earlier version of firefox from mozilla.com is almost impossible. No links are provided. You can try the best a random URL in the hope that you find the one that leads somewhere.

You can get versions of Linux 64-bit from the FTP server.

The regular download page offers only 32-bit versions, but these version will work on 64-bit and Linux if you have 32-bit versions of all the plugins and libraries.

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