Where can one find a list of the full functionality for Lightroom?

I tried the site links Web and Adobe lightroom. Found very nice, but slow to graphical display ads for mobile, tutorials, How - to (the first was 32 minutes long!), but do not see any list of function or even a good description of what it does. I couldn't even of the screenshots. I want to refine my choice of software before you begin to download and try each others.

A bit of missing information:

Provide editing of IPTC data? If so, he takes a photo at a time, or can I ask an IPTC data of hundreds of photos at once - for example, the event, date, photographer, and keywords.

They dodge and burn tools? I'm not full blown photoshop, but this is very useful when the background blown highlights occur near the edge of my crop, or clear background objects distract the subject.

He plans to print contact sheets with some IPTC data fields printed in the photos?

It does not send photos to Zenfolio? If so, he plans to create new galleries in Zenfolio as part of the download?

Does perform exhibition (OK - brightness, but it seems that exposure), contrast and white balance and adjustments to several files in a batch process -l' user can select thumbnails files.

It supports multiple monitors tools can be on a monitor and the pictures on the other?

Plan comparison side by side photos?

Provide a directional light meter to measure the brightness of a specific area of a photo compared to the neutral gray? (Or classic zones.) This is very useful when working on-site with a computer laptop-calibration of the screen isn't much help when you are still working in different ambient light.

It supports several processor cores for more hearts equals faster processing?

I shoot sports in RAW format. I use up to three programs in post processing: Photo Mechanic, Canon RAW software, and Corel Photo. It would be my workflow speed if I could use a single program. Lightroom seems to be a combination of Photo Mechanic and Canon RAW software with some features Photoshop which can carry on what I'm doing with Corel.

I mainly use Photo Mechanic for post-processing: shots of thumbnails selection, the IPTC data entry down of sampling, cropping, move, copy, removal, sharpening, naming, download and printing of the Board contact with legends. He converted Canon RAW to JPEG files more than 10 x faster than the Canon software, with the best options for the taking of samples, but all changes to in the software of Canon RAW files must be saved in a jpeg file (painfully slow) out because Photo Mechanic can not see the RAW changes.

I use the Canon RAW software for brightness, contrast, white balance and saturation - but only as an exception. Most of the time I can send photos as shot - with the exception of the Photo Mechanic work.

I use Corel to dodge and burn, corrector and clone tools software. Corel has the same features that I use in the software of Canon - but these features do not work as well in Corel software as Canon, is not a substitute for the Canon software. For example, often light Won ' t bring out shadow details - it turns just black to grey, where the Canon software for the same photo can bring out details in shadows, when I adjust the brightness. The Canon software has adjustments more significant - I can brighten up in 'stops' instead of arbitrary scale from 0 to 100.

Sorry for the long post. I'm used to seeing lists detailed functionality and screenshots on the boxes of software. Surprised the Adobe site isn't that. If so, please post the link.

Thank you

This should help. Here is a link to the manual of Lightoom:


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