Where is actually located at El Capitan pictures files?

I used to have a folder called 'Images', which included a folder "iPhotos library" where lived the real files.  And if I wanted to, I could "show in finder" to see the original photo and power to open it with, say, Photoshop.

I searched, but can't seem to find the equivalent with the new application "Photos."  Overall, I like the app much better than iPhoto (especially being able to put photos into multiple albums).  But sometimes I really have to change the original, and I can't do that if I can't find it.

Thank you!



No - you do not access your Photos that was never directly

TO edit a photo in any use of the editor third external editors for extension Photos ($0.99 on the App store) - see Photo editing Extensions of Photos for Mac for information about the available extensions - or use the media browser in the Editor (at the bottom left of the window under media == > photos == > Photos) or select photos from Photos and export to a folder on the desktop and use there


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