Where is it save to save a photo library? Requirements for the external hard drive

Apple support documents have been somewhat vague about the requirements for a player welcome photo library.

It is not yet clear if Photos can run a file system, is not HFS +: this restriction is mentioned only for the system of libraries of Photos, which syncs with iCloud (https://help.apple.com/photos/mac/1.0/?lang=en#/pht211de786)

By default, your system library is stored in the folder of images on your Mac, but you can move it to another location on your Mac, or store it on an external storage device. However, to use iCloud services, the external storage device must be formatted using the format Mac OS extended (journaled), also known as HFS +.

But it is experiences during the migration of libraries, that Photos cannot migrate libraries iPhoto or Aperture libraries to a photo library, if is not filesystem HFS +.  It will try to create the library migrated on the system drive instead (probably because he can't create links hard disk) and generally not running out of storage.

Apple less did today, confirmed that he is not sure store of the photo library in a synchronized cloud storage, see: update to iPhoto to Photos for OS X - Apple support

If you store your photo library in a place that is part of a Cloud Computing service (for example, Dropbox, box or Google Drive), your library might be damaged by the synchronization process. So, you might lose photos.

To see your photos on all your devices, you can use iCloud photo library. To back up your library, you can use Time Machine.

I still have not found supporting documentation, that clearly indicates if a library of Photos can be stored on a NAS. If it cannot be used as a library of Photos of system.  For the opening of libraries or libraries of iPhoto, the recommendation of Apple was clear: use locally mounted volumes extended, Mac OS X for your Aperture library

Does anyone found a similar document for the Photos?

Is it possible to store original files referenced on iCloud by car or in a box?

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    It cannot be done in iPhoto, but you can easily create an iPhoto library on a disk external to the Mac OS extended (journaled) format and directly connected to your Mac.

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    Help, please

    Please show us a screenshot of what you ask in the topic.

    Is the G drive that you are talking about the drive letter or name of the manufacturer of the drive?

    You use a Mac or a Windows PC?

    If a Mac and you have used the Photos included on a Mac app you cannot directly import from the storage of photo images in LR.

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    I would like to set up my computer to save all my pictures on my external hard drive to free up memory.  So when I download new photos on my computer they will be sent directly to the external hard drive.  Also how can I send all my photos that I currently have on my computer to the external hard drive?

    You can copy and paste the files on your external hard drive.

    Right-click your folder of the image and choose copy...

    Right-click on the drive letter for your external hard
    drive and choose Paste.

    You can also right click on some files or folders and
    in the menu... Choose... Send to..., then select the
    Letter from the external hard drive.

    FWIW... the external hard disk file system
    must be NTFS if the files larger than 4 GB will be

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    In addition, if I take the external hard drive and plug it into my laptop (Macbook Pro), Lightroom detects photos and does not watch the point mark.  However, I can not see the pictures on the external hard drive.

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    Thanks for the reply Akash.

    I did as you asked.

    When to disconnect the drive and click on ""?, "it shows the external drive as the previous location."

    Where to plug the hard drive and search using the finder, that nothing is found.

    When I connect the drive, Lightroom see files and works normally.

    Lightroom sees the files if the external hard drive is connected which leads me to believe that they are still on the drive.    However, they are able to access by Lightroom.  I see nothing in the files on the external hard drive.

    This really baffled me.

    Kind regards


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    I have a macbook pro with only 128 GB of hard drive. I installed lightroom and all my photos on an external hard drive. Can I keep my library on the external hard drive also lightroom?

    Yes. Find LR catalog file in Edit/settings/general catalogue. Close LR and go to this place. The catalog file is one that ends by .lrcat - move it where you want. Beside the .lrcat file is a subfolder called Previews.lrdata. You can move, but if you don't not LR will generate new insights. Double-click the .lrcat file in her new home and LR will open with this catalogue. Set preferences in more recent catalogue.

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    Have you seen dialogue indicating files can't be copied?
    If_Yes_what at - he say and how have you tried to copy
    the files?

    Maybe the info will help you...

    OK... when the external hard drive is connected to your
    PC... admittedly with a drive letter to start.
    My computer.

    Once you know what that is... try to drive letter the following
    and let us know what is the result.

    Select (highlight) the file names of the photos you want to
    copy on the external hard drive. Right-click on the selected group
    (or the folder itself if you want that all the photos) and the
    menu choose... Send to... and choose the drive letter of
    the external drive.

    Then uncheck "read-only" you left click... "." Apply / OK?
    (it works in a lot also selected)

  • LR 5 - use of the external hard drive to store photos

    I just bought the LR5 and imported the photos, that I have stored on an external hard disk drive J assigned.  the catalogue has been and is on my C drive.

    When I reconnected it the external hard drive to my PC, it received the F drive letter.  I change all the folder names.  Thus, the path stored in the catalog is false because records are now on the F drive.

    I looked at the previous posts, but did not see an answer.   The LR folder box has no record and click on restore. I see no pictures to restore.  The button synchronize is gray...

    Given that this problem of the evolution of the railways will occur regularly since I use several readers, I appreciated all the help

    You have a recent backup of your catalog file?

    Have you tried elsewhere on your hard drives?

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    Is WWhat version this? If you put the library and the media on the outside, you can take it with you.

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    You will need to use a full copy of Windows XP.  Should be a sticker with the product key on the side of your desk or below if it is a laptop.

    Once you have this drive, you can reinstall Windows XP.  After you have installed all the software and drivers, you will be able to transfer all your data to the new HARD drive.

    If you don't have a copy of Windows XP, you can probably get a copy of the recovery from the manufacturing of computer media.  Just to provide the model and serial number and they should sent it.

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    I went in lightroom and can't find my photos. I lost the link before and did the right click to find and they have been found, but it's different.

    I bought an external hard drive and copied some elements but did not cut their.  I did a back up on my external hard drive, but even once did not move them. I did the simple troubleshooting and it doesn't work.  I'm trying to find the original by right clicking the? on the folder LR and once I find the file it tells me that Lightroom has this file already in the catalog - and I want to merge. I tried one and it disappeared or moved. Help!

    Use the file Explorer to see if the images are still in their original location. I suspect that move instead of copy them. This can happen if you drag you the.

    I found that it is best to use either right click on a file or folder name and select copy then right click on the drive-destination folder and select Paste or use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste folder and files from one disk to another. The keyboard shortcuts are the CTRL + key C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste in the selected destination folder-drive.

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    Because Lightroom uses the hard real path for images, change the name of HD has broken this link. The best way to restore the link is to go in the library, make a right click (control click on Mac) the folders on the left side and select the location of the update folder. If the images are in a closed file as the top-level folder (recommended) digital capture needs updating. If there is a lot of files, then you will need to update each record separately...

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    Network shares do not support the Windows Recycle Bin, so you just have to confirm the dialog box delete without moving to trash.


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    Thank you very much in advance!

    Yes, put your iMovie library/ies on a fast (7200 RPM) external hard drive to the Apple format is a good way of working.  Details of the setting up of libraries are covered in the help files to:


    Note that you may need to consolidate the media in an existing library before you travel to avoid breaking links to media located in the libraries from other Apple applications.  See:


    I would not recommend using Time Capsule - you would need a separate partition above the used by time machine, and you could put some data on the same drive as backup.  Connection speed can also be a problem.


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    You can try:

    (1) open system preferences.

    (2) then click time machine.

    (3) select your external drive, and then click use drive.

Maybe you are looking for

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