where is the button restore?

Try to free up space in my O.E., is go to add/remove and apparently removed something that was necessary in order to O.L.E.

Would reset back a few days but cannot find the calendar to do.

Any help is apreciated.



Add/Remove programs. Add/Remove Windows components. OE is checked?

Right click on the desktop | New | Shortcut. Go to the * c:\program files\outlook express\msimn.exe *. Click next | Click Finish.  It will be a new shortcut on the desktop. OE opens this shortcut?

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    I'm trying to restore some files from a backup that I did with Windows. I use the instructions here.  However, I believe that these instructions can be updated. First of all, I have no button that says "System and Maintenance" in the control panel. I have one that says "system and security." According to this article, I have a link that says "backup and restore". But when I click it, there is no button that says "Restore my files", as described in the instructions. (My screen looks like this. When I click on the link that says "select another backup to restore files from", the list of backups is empty, and there is no way to navigate for backups.

    Does anyone know how can I restore the backup I made?
    Any help is appreciated.

    I was able to find a solution on this post. Thank you for your answer!

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    I install Windows Media Player 11 on Dell Dim/3000, I received the message to turn the system restore. How do I do that?  Turn on SR, where is the button?  How can I enable the system restore?  I want to install Window Media Player 11 and this is the message I received. WMP 11 I need to re install and everything about the need to restore the system to have anyting to install?  I need HELP as soon as POSSIBLE. I'll wait for a response.  I can't play all the music that I recently downloaded.

    I received the message that the system restore is disabled.  How do I turn it on, turn so I can install WMP 11 new or I need to reinstall the latest version of WMP11 again?  Help ASAP, I'll wait for a response.

    Hi AnnieStewart,

    1. What happens when you try to listen to music downloaded in Windows media player 11?
    2. What is the complete error message you receive when installing Windows media player 11?

    See the articles to turn on system restore on the computer.

    How to turn on and off on system restore in Windows XP


    Steps of troubleshooting for problems when you try to use the System Restore tool in Windows XP


  • Where is the button go on Aurora

    Where is the button GO on Firefox or Aurora. I have always used the enter on the keyboard, or have I missed something.

    Are you by chance using a complete theme? It is not fully compatible so always activated.

    This button should be there when you type something into the address bar (address).

  • How do I restore the backup from iPad Mini if the button "restore backup...". "is grayed out?


    Yesterday, I tried to downgrade my iPad Mini 2 (128 GB) of 9.3 to 9.2 of iOS in DFU mode. Before that, I backed up my iPad in iTunes. After decommissioning, apparently all of my 3rd party apps have been wiped out, and that left me with a huge 'other' part of the use of the iPad. So I decided to reset the iPad and erase everything. I noticed that after the reset, the iOS returned to 9.2.1.

    When I plugged the iPad to my computer later, and tried to restore the backup, I got the message "the backup cannot be restored for iPad because the software is too old". In addition, in the iTunes iPad summary page, the button "restore backup... "is grayed out.

    I guess it's because I backed up my iPad to iOS 9.3, and now it's 9.2.1. But y at - it another way to restore backup of iTunes? Or do I have to update to 9.3 first? iOS 9.3 is currently unavailable (last week it was, however).

    Thank you!

    You cannot restore a more recent iOS backup on a device that has an older iOS. You have saved when running iOS 9.3 and your device is now in 9.2.1. You must update the device until backup, you can ise. Unfortunately, as you know, the update is no longer available. Apple shoot because there were significant problems.

    Read more here.

    For those having issues with the iOS 9.3 update please read...

  • Where is the button 'Send' for Outlook Express email?

    Where is the button "Send" to email outlook express?

    original title: button 'send '?
    If you don't see it on a toolbar window new message, right-click on the toolbar. Customize and add it. (There is no shipping in the main window)
  • Where are the "System Restore" files in Windows Vista Home Premium

    Where are the "System Restore" files in Windows Vista Home Premium.

    I would like to simplify the installation process.

    Is there a program in Windows Vista Home Premium which can create an image disk for future use.

    Is there a good disk image program/software?

    Can I record a restore point on an external drive? That is, only the last 5 days of "restore points" are available in the system restore.

    Hi SoundHealth,

    Follow the steps in the article.

    Restore your computer from a system image backup


    Back up your programs, files and system settings


    No, you can't save a restore point on an external drive.

  • What and where is the button of start page?

    What and where is the button of start page?

    I hate windows 8


    If you have Windows 8, then there is no start button in the taskbar to desktop. Instead, press the Windows key on your keyboard that will access the start screen.

    If you have Windows 8.1 then the Start button was introduced at the far left of the taskbar of office and also opens the start screen. It has the Windows logo on it - see:

    Please note that the start screen (one with all the tile direct for your applications) replaces the old Start Menu style that was traditionally in the lower left corner of most older versions of Windows.

    If you have Windows 8 and want to update (for free) to 8.1 Windows then please visit:

    http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-8/update-from-windows-8-tutorial .

  • where is the button track?

    where is the button track?

    It seems that you might be looking for Adobe Illustrator ImageTrace (object / Image path)?

    But if you're looking in mobile applications, check out Adobe Capture

    If you use forms in Adobe Draw, you can use any brush to draw this shape.

  • I have Adobe Acrobat Standard DC and I would be able to reduce the size of PDF files that I could with Adobe Acrobat Professional. Reduce size PDF with Adobe Acrobat Standard DC file? If Yes, where is the button? PRO button was in the "D".

    I have Adobe Acrobat Standard DC and I would be able to reduce the size of PDF files that I could with Adobe Acrobat Professional. Reduce size PDF with Adobe Acrobat Standard DC file? If Yes, where is the button? IN Pro, the button was in the drop down "Document"... Thanks for the tips, Bob

    Hi Robert,.

    Please visit the following link: https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/optimizing-pdfs-acrobat-pro.html

    Kind regards


  • Where is the button 'Use small icons' customize the toolbar (or equivalent) passed?

    I think my toolbar is taking up a lot of screen space since I installed Firefox version 29,0. I want like to screen for web pages space that possible but have still my toolbar is accessible at all times. Is it possible to do what the button 'use small icons' in the toolbar Customize with some other (hidden) setting? I don't mind if it crops up and down "big buttons.

    I read something about a 'Restorer of classic theme", which is the only recommended way to go for now?

    Thanks for a great web browser, I use it as my main browser since version 1.0.x.

    Thank you, but that does not make the icons smaller in size as the old way, used to work.

    I try the extension Classic theme restaurant to see if it will fix it. So far, he seems to have a bug that I informed the author.

  • Where is the button "playlists"?

    Hi, I updated my itunes to version and it was pretty boring. Where f is the button "playlists"? Now when I want a new reading list that I have to go to file-> new-> Playlist? It is this, or are there other ways?

    Right click in the sidebar opens a context menu with options new Playlist folder new Playlist and new smart playlist.

  • where is the button refresh?

    I don't have a refresh button on my screen... I clicked on everything, and I'm not. Help please!
    Thank you. I have Mozilla base with exp to windows 7.

    The answer has already been given, but it would be much more useful if someone had mentioned what the button looks like recharge. It is a circle with an arrow top to the 01:00 position - sorry, but I don't have the skill to reproduce here.

    It is located at the right end of the navigation bar. This is the toolbar where type you (on the left) the information from a site you want to visit as www.answers.com.

    The answers are still obscured by information about the customization of the toolbars - you shouldn't have to do it all. I think everyone has already in place navigation bar.

  • where is the button refresh for firefox?

    simply search for firefox refresh button. Help

    To actually answer the question on where is the Reload button.

    Look at the right end of the address bar (address) and it should be a combined Stop/Reload button.

    Right click on a toolbar and select Customize and you can drag the reload and stop on somewhere else if you want. If you want to keep them separate and place something between the two as a flexible space or place them as stop then reload.

  • Where is the button refresh and the drop down menu the menu to go to previous tabs

    Usually, there is a button to refresh/reload the page in its current state. You can also click Next for the "previous or next page" arrows and have a list of pages viewed before if you can select one of them to go back to not necessarily just the previous page. I guess you could just keep clicking on the arrow to the left, but it is really not satisfactory. I used these two features all the time and it is a definitive failure in the new version.

    Combined Stop/Go/Reload button

    From Firefox 4, the Go, the buttons Stop and reload are combined into a single button at the right end of the toolbar URL or address. The button changes depending on the type of activity:

    • green arrow GB when you type in the address bar
    • Red Stop ("X") button while the page is loading
    • Reload (circular arrow) to gray when the page is finished loading.

    There are separate buttons:

    1. Open the Customize the toolbar by clicking the Firefox button > Option > toolbars OR by clicking View > toolbars > customize if using the menu OR bar right click in an empty space on a toolbar and select Customize
    2. Stop and Reload buttons will show separate from the address bar and the search bar
    3. Drag the buttons anywhere on the Navigation toolbar
      • order Reload-Stop will bring together into a single button
      • order Stop-Reload will remain in separate keys
      • or drag a 'Separator' or 'Space' in the window customize between Reload-Stop and they will remain separate OR separated the two buttons with any other button
    4. Click done at the bottom right of the window customize to finish

    See: https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/how-do-i-customize-toolbars

    Button front/rear

    To access the history tab on the previous/next button, you can:

    • Right-click on the previous/next button
    • HOLD the left click button rear until appears the menu drop-down

    You can also install this add-on to restore the marker drop on the previous/next button:

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

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