Where is the control of data for a Milestone 2 roaming?

I live near four borders, and I travel a lot. On my old G1, there was a checkbox in menu wireless and networks to enable data roaming, but on the Milestone 2 it is not there. How can I turn data roaming on my phone?

Check in "Menu" + "Data manager" + "execution of the data.

"Data Roaming" checkbox should be there.

WARNING: I don't actually have a Milestone 2, but the settings should be similar. I would like to know if it works.

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    Thanks in advance for your help,


    One of the many soultions possible.

    ME_XE?with data as
      2  (
      3     select 1684662 as id, to_date('26-JAN-09','dd-mon-yyyy') as the_date from dual union all
      4     select 1424097 as id, to_date('27-JAN-09','dd-mon-yyyy') as the_date from dual union all
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     20  (
     21     select id, the_date, max(the_date) over (partition by id) as max_the_date
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                    ID THE_DATE
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                689073 28-JAN-0009 12 00:00
               1052476 30-JAN-0009 12 00:00
               1052476 30-JAN-0009 12 00:00
               1052476 30-JAN-0009 12 00:00
               1052476 30-JAN-0009 12 00:00
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    12 rows selected.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.03
  • Best practices for the handling of data for a large number of indicators

    I'm looking for suggestions or recommendations for how to better manage a user interface with a 'large' number of indicators. By big I mean enough to make schema-block big enough and ugly after that the processing of data for each indicator is added. Data must be 'unpacked' and then decoded, for example, Boolean, binary bit shifting fields, etc. The indicators are updated once / sec. I'm leanding towards a method that worked well for me before, that is, binding network shared variable for each indicator, then using several sub-vis to treat the particular piece of data, and write in the appropriate variables.

    I was curious what others have done in similar circumstances.


    I highly recommend that you avoid references.  They are useful if you need to update the properties of an indicator (color, police visibility, etc.) or when you need to decide which indicator update when running, but are not a good general solution to write values of indicators.  Do the processing in a Subvi, but aggregate data in an output of cluster and then ungroup for display.  It is more efficient (writing references is slow) - and while that won't matter for a 1 Hz refresh rate, it is not always a good practice.  It takes about the same amount of space of block diagram to build an array of references as it does to ungroup data, so you're not saving space.  I know that I have the very categorical air about it; earlier in my career, I took over the maintenance of an application that makes excessive use of references, and it makes it very difficult to follow came data and how it got there.  (By the way, this application also maintained both a pile of references and a cluster of data, the idea being that you would update the front panel indicator through reference any time you changed the associated value in the data set, unfortunately often someone complete either one or another, leading to unexpected behavior.)

  • 30 to 99 daily Photoshop requires an internet connection. What is the amount of data for this connection?

    Photoshop needs an internet connection after 30 or 99 days. What is the transfer of data for this connection? I ask, because I'm going to work on a ship for a long time and ROAMING costs are very expensive. Maybe it's possible via a mobile phone connection?

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  • PowerCLI - there cmdlets to browse the store of data for files/directories and their creation?


    PowerCLI - there cmdlets to browse the store of data for files/directories and their creation?

    If Yes, can you please let me know.

    I took a glance at the reference of the cmdlet, but can not find...

    Kind regards


    You can use the data store provider.

    It is documented in the vSphere PowerCLI Administration Guide that was installed with PowerCLI.

  • Where's the option without constraint for truncation tool?

    I'm not crazy.  Where's the option without constraint for truncation tool?  I transferred my cloud stuff to a new mac adobe creative.  Now the option without constraint for truncation tool disappeared?


    Figured it out.  in the toolbar, select settings and change to 'use Classic mode. Frustrating.

  • Adobe Standard 9.5.2 after update I get the error "insufficient data for an image.

    After the update to Acrobat Standard and devoid 9.5.2, some (but not all) of my pdf files are now open with the error "Insufficient data for a picture." Open files, but they are blurred, pixelated and are missing from the character Ben I applied earlier (by using a utility of LexisNexis Casemap). Fine, I can open the files on another computer with Acrobat Standard 9.5.1.

    How can I uninstall the 9.5.2, or make it work again?

    Acrobat engineering wishes to inform users facing this problem that the latest version of the player (available for download on http://get.adobe.com/reader) XI solves this problem. Users are advised to download the latest version as soon as possible to avoid encountering this error in the future. As mentioned, the team is working hard to solve the problem in earlier versions (10.x and 9.x) as well and plans to deliver a solution by Q1 2013.

    For more information, please see our KB document for this issue:http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/insufficient-data-image.html

    Post edited by: David Kastendick

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    These are the tasks that I have to do to take noise measurements:

    (1) take continuous data to USB 6281 Office, in a sample of 500 k (50 k samples at a time) rate.

    (2) save data continuously for 3 to 6 hours in any file (any format is OK but I need to save in a series of files rather than the single file). I want to start writing again file after every 2 min.

    I enclose my VI and pictures of my setup of the task. I can measure and write data to the file continuously for 15 minutes. After that, I see these errors:

    (1) acquisition of equipment can't keep up with the software (something like that, also with a proposal to increase the size of the buffer...)

    (2) memory is full.

    Please help make my VI effective and correct. I suggest to remove him "write in the action file" loop of consumption because it takes a long time to open and close a file in a loop. You can suggest me to open the file outside the loop and write inside the loop. But I want to save my data in the new file, after every 2 min or some samples. If this can be done efficiently without using Scripture in the measurement file then please let me know.

    Thank you in advance.

    This example here is for a single file and a channel, you should be able to loop over that automatically. The background commentary should be the name of the channel, no group namede the name of the channel in the control.



    Hi Colin,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    • Are you referring to a zip code when you say 29130?

    I would refer to the procedure described in the article below to set the date and time in Windows 7.

    Change the display of dates, times, currencies, and measures

    You can also view: set the clock

    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • Report of the Group of dates for end of month

    Hi guys

    I need to get 6 months of data grouped by months end dates...

    I need to automate this query so that it looks always to date for the last 6 months

    How do I get there?

    The reason for writing the automated query, it's that this sql script is assigned to the business objects reporting.

    I use the pl/sql

    Here's the DOF

    create the table #Something
    base_date datetime, int connections

    Insert #Something
    Select ' 01 jul 2013', 21 Union all the
    Select ' 02 jul 2013', all 22 union
    Select ' 03 jul 2013', 210 Union all the



    Select July 31, 2013,"Union 498
    ' Select ' 01 August 2013 ', 44 Union all the
    ' Select ' 05 August 2013 ', 66 Union all the


    Select ' 03 dec 2013", 456 union all


    'Select December 31, 2013,"788


    Desired output

    Connection of base Date

    31 jul 500 (not exact, just randomly)

    August 31 600

    30 sep 356

    31 Oct 676

    30 Nov 544

    31 Dec 456


    Hope this helps


    In Oracle, you can do this:

    SELECT LAST_DAY (TRUNC (base_date)) AS last_day_of_month

    SUM (connections) AS total_connections

    OF something

    WHERE base_date > = TRUNC (ADD_MONTHS (SYSDATE,-6), 'MONTH')

    AND base_date<  trunc="" (           ="" sysdate,     ="">

    GROUP OF LAST_DAY (TRUNC (base_date))

    ORDER BY last_day_of_month


    If you would care to post some CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements so you want the results of work from these data of the sample, then I could test this.

    Using Oracle?  #Something (with a sign # at the beginning) is not valid a table name, and datetime is not a valid data type in Oracle.

    Always say what version of Oracle you are using (for example,

    See the FAQ forum: https://forums.oracle.com/message/9362002

    The query above works if base_date is a DATE or TIMESTAMP.

    Since it is now January 2014, what are "the last 6 months?  The above query assumes that they are the last 6 months, that is, July to December 2013.

    If you mean the current (incomplete) and 5 months before it (i.e. August 2013 to January 2014), then add 1 month to the two deadlines in the WHERE clause:

    WHERE base_date > = TRUNC (ADD_MONTHS (SYSDATE,-5), 'MONTH')

    AND base_date<  trunc="" (add_months="" (sysdate, ="" 1) ="">

  • Where are the separate variable data stored?


    Nobody here knows not where are stored the data for separate variables?

    I'm doing some research in my environment to know the capacity for the application process and I need to count the use of variables separated from my database.

    Any help is appreciated.
    Kind regards

    Hello Luiz,

    Separate instance variables are stored in the table "PDETACHEDFIELD" of the engine.


  • Where is the often called "Toolbox" for the more than 8600 OfficeJet

    I can't find a title or link or separate call software "Toolbox" on any of the software that comes with most 8600. But aid and support elements continue to say to go to the Toolbox. It never says where he is supposed to be found, but there is no element to choose called Toolbox when I arrive at the end of the path that is Maintenance tasks. Where is this thing called the Toolbox?

    Well, this link is conceptually the solution, although not quite right in my case. For my 8600 more, from the start / all programs on go in the hp/8600 folder and click the file 8600. There is no mention of Printer Wizard, but you receive seems to be roughly the same set of things and seems to be in general what is referred to as the Toolbox. Unfortunately various different paths you can follow do not exactly corresponding elements of manual or assistance that are provided.  At the end of the day, to look for and colleagues.

    At least this "solution" makes it clear that it is not just me who can not find things in the software hp which is supposed to be there. I like hp printers, but it software often has the seeds that they seem reluctant to do anything to the subject. Well.

  • Where is the location of games for Windows Live Marketplace Temp?

    Hi guys,.

    I'm having if bad weather try to install Games for Windows live. I downloaded the http://www.xbox.com/en-ZA/Live/PC/DownloadClient Installer and ran it on my computer Windows 8. The downloader has downloaded the files required to install GFWL, but for some reason some got to the point where it said 22.3 MB to 30 MB download and then immediately jumped and said GFWL is now installed.

    When I try to open GFWL, it is ALWAYS asking for me to install Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant. I downloaded that and tried to install several times, but without success!

    1. I tried to install with Windows 7 compatibility. -NO Succeess
    2. I tried to install as administrator (right click Run as administrator) - WITHOUT success.
    3. Every time when I open the installer, he don't ask me to redownload the Setup, which makes me believe that he jumps right to the installer downloaded previously, which the Setup file stored somewhere!
    4. I uninstalled and reinstalled SEVERAL times and did a reset later.

    I have reason to believe that this file is corrupt because it did not download the full 30 MB as indicated by the program. So my main question is, how do I delete temporary files, where the hell it might be, so that I can re - run the installation program and do the installation of games for Windows Live Marketplace program redownload the files from scratch.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Morne,

    Temporary files are stored and used in the TEMP folders and TMP/system or the user temporarily a task is performed.

    Well, if you want to delete the temporary files, then try the following steps:

    a. press the Windows key + R on the keyboard. Type folder in the Run dialog box and press ENTER.

    b. press on Ctrl + A to select all temporary files and press SHIFT + DELETE to remove the temporary files.

    Once you have finished the temp deleting files that you can download and check the status of the issue.

    Poster with the exit status.

  • Where is the form of cancellation for subscribers of the EU?

    I live in one of the EU countries members and wish to cancel my subscription to creative cloud but I couldn't find a link to an online cancellation form.

    All I get looped pages with no links anywhere. And I tried to use all types of browser.

    Under the Directive on the rights of the consumers of the European Union, a cancellation form the standard EU plan for consumers. Companies do not have to send you a hard copy with each delivery, but they must make the form available online.

    Adobe, where is yours?

    You're wasting my time and I no longer need your services. Then please delete my account without delay, otherwise I have no choice but to consider legal action.

    Hi Laurent,.

    I wrote a personal message to you please check.

    Kind regards


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