Where is the firewire port?

Hey everyone: I have a Slimline s3700y yesterday and I would find the firewire port.  Where is he?

Thank you!

Hi ccrfan1,

Looks like you have a 1394 port (Apple calls FireWire, Sony callis it iLink, etc...) and it is located at the rear of the machine.  Find a photo of your plate at the bottom of this document.  You want to #4.


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    Hello Justin

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  • Pavilion hpe-112y: I have a hp Pavilion hpe-112y and would like to find the firewire port

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    Looking at the back - #4 is the firewire port

  • Unable to connect to a Sony DV from my laptop using the firewire port after the installation of updates

    Original title: connection for Vista FireWire camcorder problem

    I used to be able to connect my Sony DV camcorder to my laptop using the FireWire on the camcorder and laptop.   Once it is connected the Movie Maker detect my camcorder and automatically transfer the video.  However, since I've updated my computer laptop July 13, 2012, my laptop does not recognize not the camcorder.  I checked my computer and your camcorder is not yet listed.  I checked the latest updates for the driver of the firewire port 1394 and is the day the device is functioning properly.  Can anyone throw any light on this.  The only thing I can think is that since the update, he may have done something for the connection.

    Hi Scarlett,

    Thanks for the post. I'm sorry to hear that the Sony DV camcorder is not detected.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will definitely help you with this.
    To help you suggest several steps to solve the problem, I would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions:

    1. What is the model number of the Sony DV camcorder?
    2. you receive an error code or message?

    3 update do you have installed?

    See the Windows updates are installed:


    Please follow the methods and mark the question below:

    Method 1:

    First of all, let us check the status of the FireWire port in Manager devices to do this, follow the steps below:

    Check the status of the port in FireWire devices Manager

    a. Click Start, in the search box type Device Manager and press to enter.
    b. If you don't see the FireWire controller (probably listed under "IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers") in the list, then it is not correctly installed.
    c. If you see a yellow exclamation point, then you must install the drivers, who are usually on a CD that comes with the FireWire card with the camcorder.

    Method 2:

    Step 1:

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows


    Step 2:

    A device driver is not installed or a hardware device does not work correctly after you install a Service Pack in Windows Vista:


    Method 3:

    Connecting i.Link® (IEEE 1394) of the camcorder is not recognized by the computer.


    For more information, see the link below:

    Import analog video to your computer by using a DV camera:

    Import video from a videotape:

    Your response is very important for us to ensure a proper resolution. Please get back to us with the information above to help you accordingly.

  • Virtual PC on MacBook Pro doesn't recognize the Firewire Port

    I'm trying to run a Windows-only based software (Adobe Visual Communicator) and plug my camcorder via Firewire to my PC virtual VMWare Fusion.  However, the PC does not recognize the Firewire port when the camera is turned on. I have the correct cables, I can see the camera from Mac OS.  Please share thoughts or ideas.

    Sorry, but you're out of luck.  At this point, NO virtualization software is able to firewire devices to their guests.

  • Satellite A100 doesn't detect camcorder connected to the firewire port

    Recently, I upgraded my Satellite A100 for XP Pro SP3.
    In order to capture the video from my camcorder Canon I attached the camera to the 1394 port, but the computer does not detect my camera.

    I have changed the cable, restored the software factory default but the presist still problem.
    The camera works fine with another computer, which means that there is some setting or a hardware problem with 1394 port.

    Help, please.


    Did you check device manager if the IEEE 1394 (firewire port States) bus host controller has been recognized correctly?
    Are there any yellow exclamation marks?

    Try this workaround:
    -in Device Manager, remove the IEEE 1394 bus host controller
    -restart the laptop
    -Wait that windows reinstalled this controller again
    -Connect the camera and turn it on.

    See you soon

  • Where is the USB port on my new HP Pavilion 6735a?

    I just installed and that you now want to copy all my files stored on USB? But where is it? Surely I don't have to pull out the office and go to the back of the conputer whenever I want to save something on memory stick?

    There are several HP, named '6735a', with a different prefix, different cases of figure and different specifications. Please provide the full HP model number and/or the number of HP product for more specific information about your computer. According to the model, there may be some USB ports at the front of the computer. In general, these ports are hidden behind a sliding panel. Push down on the strip of money in the middle of the computer, if there a.


  • Where is the hdmi port?

    I have a 1205it TouchSmart 600 c.

    It's the http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportDocument/c02575520/c02162360.jpg port

    I do not open. The shooting, but nothing. How do I? I'm afraid to break

    Oh, are you talking about the three USB ports that are under a cover on the left side of the system? Those who are always included. If you remove the cover, they will be there. There are also two USB ports to the bottom left of the system.

    Ports of entry/output only option (I think) are those that are included in the game console - video display entries, including the HDMI interface.

    May I ask if there is a certain task you're trying to do with your computer? If you let us know what you try to use the input/output ports, because we might be able to help more easily.

  • Omni 120-1024-is it possible to install the firewire port via the mini connector PCI Express to spare?

    Hello, my old HP is dead and we bought the Omni all-in-one, I must have fog on the brain I never even thought to the fact that he doesn't have a firewire and I have 1 years worth of my newborn, sitting in the video camera DV tape.

    I see on the site of HPs that there ' a half-length PCI Express mini card "

    But I realize that this all-in-one is more like a laptop to the extent of the site.  Is there a map that I can buy to add firewire capabilities using this slot on the motherboard pci express?  It doesn't seem like he would have anywhere to run 'out' because there are no visible locations, but thought I'd ask.

    I'll be so sad to know that I have no way to capture the video more.

    I'm guessing that the "PCIe half mini map" slot is already occupied by the adapter 802.11 b/g/n. discover your Omni 120-1024 to the HP part surfer. Scroll almost to the bottom and look for "PC LAN card wireless (Interface) p/n 638403-001 - Flamingo, Halfmini 802.11bgn 1 x 1.


  • Satellite X 200 PSPBUA cannot capture video using the firewire port

    Satellite X 200 PSPBUA 00N007

    I try to capture dv video from a camera via a capture software but is not working/errors generated.

    Tried Pinnacle and free software that do not work. Texas Instruments 1394 OHCI driver exists and works OK.
    Satellite X 200 PSPBUA 00N007 upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit.

    Any suggestions appreciated

    > I'm trying to capture video from a camera via dv capture software but is not working/errors generated.
    What happens exactly? This error message do you have?

  • Equium A100-299: the Firewire (IEEE 1394) port is not recognized

    I have a new A100299.
    It seems that the firewire port is not recognized. Y at - it software or a driver that is not installed? Or what can I do?

    U Molin


    What do you mean with not recognized? Have you checked the Device Manager and there is a yellow exclamation point or what?

    To my knowledge the Windows XP uses own firewire drivers and you need t use the advantage drivers 3rd for activate the IEEE1394 port.

    As I said above, please check device manager if the port is listed correctly. If there is no yellow exclamation that everything has been installed correctly.

    By the way: you reinstall the OS?
    If yes how did you install it? Have you installed the chipset utility.

  • Satellite A30 921: XP does not detect the Firewire IEEE 1394 port

    I have a satellite A30 921.
    There I link port aswell. My problem is that im trying to connect my camcorder dv via I LINK and this is the first time since I bought this laptop. But XP won't dectecting it.

    Can someone help me on this problem?

    Hmm, it seems that the satellite A30 921 supports really 4pol IEEE1334 Firewire/iLink interface. Therefore, it should be possible to connect your external camcorder without big problems.

    May I ask if you are using Win XP with SP2 preinstalled?
    You should do it.

    AFAIK the SP2 contains a bug which has affected the firewire port.
    But it has been resolved with the additional patch. Check this box:

    + * Performance of 1394 devices may decrease after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2 * +.

    I also recommend to check the firewire port in Device Manager.
    It would be desirable to remove it from the list of Device Manager, then restart the laptop for reinstalling the port once more.

    Welcome them

  • FireWire port on satellite A210-1AS


    A simple question, I hope.

    Could someone tell me if the Firewire Port is 4 or 6 pins... I can't find the info anywhere and I need to know what cable to connect my camcorder DV (4 pin), also... What is the meaning of the pines more (or less), would have thought they would be a standard connection, with a fixed amount of pine trees.

    You can tell that I'm not very technical.

    Thank you

    All portable Toshiba have 4-pin firewire port.
    Otherwise, if you have the laptop in front of you, you can see which port is available.

  • Satellite M70-169 Firewire Port


    I think to buy an audio interface that connects to the * Firewire Port *.
    However, the port looks different than on my new desktop PC.

    Does anyone know if the Firewire port on this laptop is able to power a Firewire device?

    I understand that there are ports 4 and 6 pins or connections, and I'm not sure that we have this laptop.

    Thank you


    As I know the laptop supports the IEEE1394 Firewire/iLink 4pol.
    Here you will find a photo and info on firewire ports and how to publish a firewire 4 pin looks like.

Maybe you are looking for