Where is the key on the keyboard?

first of all, I do not even know the name of this key, so I can't create better title, sorry.

That's what the look like key:

It is a shortcut for a page break in the application of Pages.

Thank you.


It's two keys: command and Enter.

But a MacBook Air does not Enter, key etc that the shortcut command function to return. If you turn on the keyboard Viewer, you can see that the fn key turn back (↩︎) to enter (⌅).

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    Find a back button to the upper right.

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    Thank you!

    Good day and welcome to the community.

    As you mention that you are still under warranty, I would recommend that you call the Service (info below) to discuss the issue.

    Kind regards.

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    We need a lot more information to give you special help.

    Quoted by of Apple  'how to write a good question.

    To help other members in answering your question, give as much detail as possible.

    • Include your name (peripheral) product and specifications such as the speed of the processor, memory and storage capacity. Please do not include your serial number, IMEI, MEID or any other personal information.
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    ENTRY and RETURN are the same.

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    Salvation will be

    Open Control Panel / ease of access Center / make the keyboard easier to use.

    This option is located at the bottom of the window.

    Note access keys and keyboard shortcuts.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for using Windows 7 Ronnie Vernon MVP

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    Hold down the option/alt key, then press 3.

  • Some keys on the keyboard do not work

    I have the keyboard that came with the HP Pavilion a6500f Desktop that my brother gave to me.   It is a multimedia keyboard HP S/N CA74914073.  It's a good thing that I had an old Gateway keyboard sitting around, because April 20 suddenly the key SUPPR and the digital line of keys does not work.  All other keys seem to work very well, but I really need these keys and the delete key.  Can someone tell me how to fix this or where to find another one of my original keyboard?

    Since the PC is six years old, the acquisition of original keyboard would be quite difficult.

    You can buy a logitech or a different brand keyboard that works very well.

  • Portege R111 - where is the 'END' button on the keyboard


    I have a laptop Portege R111, model No. PPR11N-01KOK2.
    In the bios, I changed. The changes are applied to the key 'end '. Without changes to the ESC.

    This key 'End' I find it on the keyboard.

    Can someone tell me where the key on the keyboard?

    Thanks in advance,

    This portable Portege is not known to me... He doesn't seem to be a European model for laptop so I did find many details on this unit... However, depends on the allocation of key keyboard keyboard language.
    On the keyboard of my computer laptop first END is located between the LED and PGDN (page down) button buttons.

    The other laptop supports another configuration of keyboard and the END key is placed between POS1 and PGUP buttons (previous page).

    Also I recommend you to check out the user manual too.
    Especially different keyboard layouts are described in operating manuals

  • Satellite Z30-A-1CZ - broken key on the keyboard


    I am proud to use a Toshiba Satellite Z30-A-1CZ., I bought this winter in Germany.
    It is a wonderful machine and work or surf is an absolute joy.

    Last week I broke accidentally (left arrow) key on my keyboard.
    The key cap is broken, it does not have to clip, the Clip of withholding key and the Cup rubber are still ok.

    Can you help me, giving a hint, where can I buy new key, while I can appreciate even more the work?
    To return to Germany for the guarantee is not a solution for the moment.

    Now, it's horrible, and working on it is a pain

    I hope that your team can save my key? You are my last hope.

    Best regards

    You can try to contact the ASP from Toshiba in the country where you are resident or currently stay.
    The ASP may be able to provide unique key hats...

    Another idea: visit a few independent computer stores / downtown dealers.

    As I know the keyboard Poretege Z30 uses a key town CAP, editing which should be accompanied by other keyboards...
    then perhaps you could get such a ceiling for another similar keyboard key...

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    Do you want to replace the keyboard or the simple buttons on the keyboard.
    As much as I know, you cannot replace or correct simple buttons, but you can only remove the keys

  • Where is the key to refresh on C50 - A Satellite?

    Where is the key to refresh on C50 - A. On my old laptop is F5, but on an F5 disables the touchpad.

    You can use F5 as refresh the key, but you must change the mode of use of the F-keys.
    Follow these steps:
    Start Desktop Help > tools & utilities > system settings > keyboard you will find the option for function keys mode. Change special in standard mode.

    Now you should be able to use F5 as refresh key but don't not to disable the touchpad. This feature will be possible when you press FN and F5.

    Check it out please.

  • Replace keys of discoloration on the keyboard of the Satellite M105-S3084

    Some of the keys on my keyboard M105-S3084 disappeared while they are more readable.
    I replace the keyboard is generally easy (tips?), but where to buy these replacement keys?

    I guess they are different according to the model.

    You can not buy individual keys, they are delicate and can easily break if removed.

    You will need to replace the entire keyboard. Getting a quote from an ASP, keyboards are not very expensive.

  • Satellite S2410-504: keys of the keyboard have fallen


    I recently encountered a problem where 2 of the keys on my keyboard have fallen and were irreparable and so I find myself with 2 keys "spongey" who are still working fine, but are obviously without key.

    I was told that I can buy a replacement online keyboard (E - Bay, ideally), but I have no idea what model specific n ° I'm looking. Can someone help with the correct details and also as a guide what price I have to pay. And further suggestions other than E - Bay for its source.

    Thanks for your help

    If the key is broken and the keys do not remain in place, so in my opinion, so there is no other solution apart from the replacement of keyboard.
    Of course, it of possible to order the keyboard online.
    On the Toshiba page, you will find a site Options and accessories:

    Here I found only the Satellite S2410-S403 but I guess that there is not much difference between these units.
    Under options based on the desktop, you will find keyboards supported.

    On this path, I also want to say that all the pieces that are supported and compatible, you can order from the Toshiba service partner in your country

  • Where can I get a new keyboard for my Tecra A3 in the United Kingdom?

    I spilled water - heck! -a couple of days ago on my Tecra A3 and I think it is beyond fixing, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I was not clean it regularly and I think there's probably some dust - and other foreign bodies - under the keys and I think that dust got, through the water, in the electronics connecting the keys to the white fabric - I don't know what you call it - the keyboard connecting links for the rest of the machine.

    Most of the keys does not work, and some of them, they work, whey in free, add additional letters for a tap.

    I removed the keyboard and left it and the machine to dry and when has not toured and dried the keyboard and surrounding parts thorougly - working delicately - cleaned using a little bit of alcohol and ear hydrophilic cotton cleaners. I also used a small air pressure producing machine to try to get rid of any dust. I think I did a job just, but it still does not.

    I think I have to buy a new keyboard. Do you know where can I get a new keyboard A3 in England or a second hand keyboard that would be in perfect working order?

    Thanking you in advance,

    Conor Joyce


    New parts can be ordered from the ASP from Toshiba (certified partner) in your country. Guys could control the room is not available directly from Toshiba.

    If you want to buy a second hand keyboard, I recommend you research in the internet, ebay, etc.

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