Where is the named anchor button?

I can't find the button named anchor in the Insert panel. I have dreamweaver cc 2014. Any help thanks.


She has been removed from the program there are several versions as "named anchors" were considered as obsolete in the HTML standards.

Instead of using a named anchor, you give to the item you want to link to an id unique html in the Properties window. Then use you #thatid as the link field in the property window for the item acting as the link.

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    Everything is new is outside our current understanding.

    Maybe you better learn with a Visual audio method.


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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Marcus Bacon

    Hi Marcus,

    Click twice on the design of the tree, or right click then properties.

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    If you click on organize upper-left.

    Click on the folder and search options,

    General section

    Check the upper option,

    Open each folder in the same window.

    Apply and OK.

  • Cc of Dreamweaver [where is named anchor?]

    Where is the Dreamweaver shortcut to the named anchor cc?

    It is not a plus for named anchors were regarded as obsolete in html.

    Use the html ID instead. In your html code, the element that you want to access, place a unique id in the field of the property inspector ID, so you get something like this...

    Some info

    In the link that climbs to it, you can place a # and id in the link field of the Properties window to create something like this...

    Link to anchor 1

    Named anchors will still function in DW if you code them manually. They'll even show the little anchor icon in Design View, but the program no longer features a one-click tool to add them since they've fallen out of favor in the html spec.

    href=" "="">

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