where is the symbol of hash on the Apple keyboard

where is the symbol of hash on the Apple keyboard


Hold down the option/alt key, then press 3.

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  • Where is the Apple Mail 'not junk' button?


    In Apple Mail, Yosemite 10.5.5. There is no option to mark an e-mail in the Junk folder as legitimate. I have the active built-in junk e-mail filter. When I select the message and select «Message-> Mark...» "in the menu bar, there is an option to mark as junk mail, but not to mark as not junk. Similariy, if I press control button or right click on the message itself, the only option «Mark...» "must mark as junk. If I try to customize the toolbar, the button that I gave is a thumbs down/undesirable. From left to right, on the top line of the range of customization, the buttons are remove, unwanted as a pair, remove alone, only Junk, Archive, reply, reply to all, forward as a triplet, only answer, reply to all, forward only, flag, move, copy. No thumbs up/no no junk.

    Many of the items I found on the Web about this, including recent operating systems like Yosemite, imply that some people see a button not Junk.

    What is going on?

    Thanks in advance.

    I should add that in this thread:

    My button "Not junk" is missing

    There is a lot of confusion on what is the problem. I should clarify that my mail preferences say in effect "Trust junk mail headers", part of the mail that ends up in my Junk folder is NOT explicitly identified as spam by headers, so this isn't why the messages can not be marked as spam. Some of these posters in the other thread seemed to believe the Junk button is a toggle, that mark a message as not being not junk if it's in the junk mail folder (assuming that no header interfere) and undesirable, if not in the junk e-mail folder, or something like that. I could believe that for other operating systems, but Apple is generally not nearly as careless with its icons and their labels. and in no case is the MENU item in 'Message-> Mark... '. "forever; It always reads as"spam." In other words, there is absolutely no evidence that Apple Mail, at least my installation of Apple Mail, has any idea how to mark a message as legitimate - it is a way of saying current marking what the message.

  • I'm the only one who seems to be draining the battery when the Apple keyboard is connected?

    I find that when I do not use my iPad Pro keyboard empties my battery during his stop. You want to know if I should go for service or is this normal?

    Don't know what keyboard you are talking about, but if it is Bluetooth, try turning off Bluetooth between uses and see if that helps.

  • where are the photo books manufactured?

    Where are the Apple on a manufactured Mac photo books created?

    Apple does not announce - you need to ask them - I guess that's where ever they choose and could be one of a number of different places according to volume and when ordering

    And you posted in iPhoto for Mac forum - Photo Books can no longer be ordered at all since iPhoto - they withdrew in April


  • The smart keyboard has backlit keys?

    I look at the keyboard options for iPad 9.7 "new Pro and I love the backlit keys on my MacBook Pro.

    Were not yet at the Apple store in my area.  Does anyone know if the Smart keyboard has backlit keys?

    Thank you!

    No, the keys are not backlit on the Apple keyboard.

    The keyboard made by Logitech for iPad 12,9 Pro is backlit. However, I don't know if they make a still for the 9.7.


  • Work of the drivers for the sound, wifi, or Apple (with the numpad) keyboard for Windows 10 partition?

    I have a new iMac 21 "with El Capitan installed. I created a partition Windows 10 but in the case of Windows, I can only get sound through headphones (it seems by default helmet optional). Also I can't use WIFI, but I connected LAN and work. Finally, my keyboard is the Apple keyboard with numeric keypad, which works very well under OS X, but does not recognize the numeric keypad in Windows. Can someone help me find the right drivers? As a note: I didn't install through Bootcamp in OS X (kept getting errors during installation), I was able to succeed through the Super Drive, so no, I can't install the drivers through Bootcamp assistant in Windows.

    There is no wizard Bootcamp in Windows. It is only on the side of OS X. You can download BC6 drivers for a USB (regardless of the Deputy BC) of the side OS X using BCA and run setup.exe in the Bootcamp folder.

    What were the issues with BC Wizard tries to install W10?

  • where is the key of "hash" on my keyboard

    where is the sign of hash on my keyboard tag... Please quite

    We need a lot more information to give you special help.

    Quoted by of Apple  'how to write a good question.

    To help other members in answering your question, give as much detail as possible.

    • Include your name (peripheral) product and specifications such as the speed of the processor, memory and storage capacity. Please do not include your serial number, IMEI, MEID or any other personal information.
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    • Describe the problem and include all the Details on what seems to make it.
    • The list of troubleshooting steps you have already tried, or temporary corrections that you discovered.

    For a detailed 'coaching', please see usage tips , help us help you on these forums and wrote an effective communities of Apple Support question

  • Satellite Pro L70-A-140 - where is the bar symbol backslash on the keyboard?


    I have Satellite Pro L70-A-140 and German Windows 7.
    Where is the backslash on the keyboard symbol?


    Message was edited: assignment has been translated

    If your laptop has a German keyboard and language that you use is German, the backslash can be activated if you use ALT GR +?.
    Please check it out here.

  • where is the SHA-1 of this iso file hash?


    where is the hash SHA-1 of the downloadable file from this page?
    Thank you

    You must complete all information as Microsoft applications in order to access this information.
    Click Start and follow the instructions.

  • where are the special characters in the new Pages?

    where are the special characters in the new Pages?

    Menubar pages: Edit: Emoji & symbols, or control-command + space combination. Same situation in other Apple applications. In addition, available as a menu item from the menu entry in the menu bar to the right, Finder.

  • for relaxation: where is the table created by the Wizzard users create in the APEX?

    Hello everyone and Tony in particular since it was followed and mentoring my progress on this.


    Here we have 2 things:

    (1) when the wizzard of Administration > database > manage users creates a user. Where is the table it creates? What name does have? Why is it not visible in the object browser? I need the name of this table to put it on my trigger (I called users_table)

    (2) how to do that whenever a user connects, his formerly generated by the trigger sequence is used by a State to extract personal data (it's sort of VPD) in this case would be, how do you know what surrogate key, we need to call. To do this, I think, the thing would be to request the: = APP_USER (that was created in step 1) and each APP_USER will surrogate that are associated with this key.

    I set up a simple trigger, but just the substring of the concatenation of the given username, the system randomly generated pwd up to 12 characters.

    insert into users_table (surrogate_key)
    values (SUBSTR (¦¦ username password), 1.12);

    but as I said, this users_table must be the table where the wizzard to create users stores its data,... .but where is this table?

    Thank you very much


    Published by: Alvaroe on February 6, 2010 09:13

    Published by: Alvaroe on February 6, 2010 10:00


    (1) create a table and then start filling in

    I think you need to have a custom table of your patients (and users), say,

    CREATE TABLE patients
        "USER_ID"   NUMBER,
        "USER_NAME" VARCHAR2(100 BYTE),
        "FIRST_NAME" VARCHAR2(100 BYTE),
        "LAST_NAME" VARCHAR2(100 BYTE),
        "PASSWORD"  VARCHAR2(4000 BYTE),

    you need to build customized in your appl authentication and do not use the Apex or Db authentication.
    To do this, you must do this table in the schema that is used in the analysis of your application's schema.
    And you need create the function custom_hash like this:

    create or replace
    function custom_hash (p_username in varchar2, p_password in varchar2)
    return varchar2
      l_password varchar2(4000);
      l_salt varchar2(4000) := '55PSP4P78JLDQ2AMBXQ60DW9OW7G9Z';
    l_password := utl_raw.cast_to_raw(dbms_obfuscation_toolkit.md5
      (input_string => p_password || substr(l_salt,10,13) || p_username ||
        substr(l_salt, 4,10)));
    return l_password;

    (2) then build the trigger when it detects that I completed a line
    It generates this sequence AND inserts it into another table (as you say, I could not put it in the same table)

    users must register themselves?
    Or register?
    Then you must create the free registration form or a form where you fill in your table above users.

    I think that your user_name must be unique. Put a Unique about this strain.

    When creating the patient button is pressed, then the above table is filled (you must and name, user in the form fill password)
    You must calculate USER_ID, user_name, password and created_on, this can be done in the trigger

    create or replace
    TRIGGER patients_trg_bi
      before insert on patients
      for each row
    if :NEW.USER_ID is null then
        select patients_seq.nextval into :NEW.USER_ID from dual;
    end if;
    if :NEW.CREATED_ON is null then
    end if;
    if :NEW.USER_NAME  is null then
    end if;
       :NEW.PASSWORD := custom_hash(:NEW.USER_NAME, :NEW.PASSWORD);

    you create the sequence of patients_seq

    In this case the surrogate key be hashed password.
    And you can use it by selecting table using patients: APP_USER
    that is when the user is connected to his USER_NAME, variable APP_USER is filled

    (3) then, the SQL query would recover this surrogate_key and show as connected individual data.

    Yes, when the user logs on, the key is populated by users based on table: APP_USER

    select password
    from patients
    where user_name = :APP_USER;

    You must understand how EVP can be implemented at the Apex.

    You can use any application for this SURROGATE_KEY say

    which is calculated by Application of calculation on the new Instance

    4) but in order to know what to ask, surrogate key should be a key with the substitution APP_USER connection

    is that correct?

    Yes. You have the info from the users table

    Do you have examples of Applications Apex somewhere.
    If you use Apex 2.1, you can install it from the repository and if you have 3 Apex, they are normally automatically installed if you create the new workspace.

    You can use it a lot to manage users.



    Yo have your appl?
    If you sent your Db and tables all the Pl/SQl, as well as application Apex, you have for me by email, I can check and make/suggest improvements
    (For free, of course)
    I need to check what you did there, otherwise it seems to be a very long subject.
    Well, I have the time to discuss

    Yes, you can make the trigger like this

    insert into GENERATED_SEQUENCES_TABLE (lastinserted_name, surrogate_key)
    values (SELECT name from USER OF USERS_TABLE WHERE USERID..., SUBSTR (lastinsertedname¦¦ password), 1.12);

    but where the values are made here
    SUBSTR (lastinsertedname¦¦ password), 1.12

    Published by: oleg.lihvoinen on February 6, 2010 14:55

  • Where are the options of the trackpad in Sierra OS?  In El Capitan the trackpad there NO light tap (ENTER) and just one click HARD (ENTER) and could move the cursor.

    Where are the options of the trackpad in Sierra OS? In El Capitan the trackpad there NO light tap (ENTER) and just one click HARD (ENTER) and could move the cursor.

    System Preferences > Trackpad!

  • where is the icon of the iphone on

    information from the iPhone on the iTunes site or Apple and where is the little phone that you clicked get info and move photos from your phone to a PC?

    The following website contains information of the iPhone: http://www.apple.com/iphone/

    If this isn't the type of information you want, reply with more details.

    iTunes can be used to move pictures from a computer to the iPhone but not the other way. I suspect you're talking about the iPhone icon is shown in the screenshot below (since locate and view your device in iTunes - Apple Support )

  • Where is the messages the button 'send '?

    I see a button a blue circle with an arrow pointing up. I'm guessing that this button brings me to the top of the conversation. It is where the word 'send' used to be. So, where is the button 'send '?

    This arrow is the new Send button. In addition, if you hold down this key before sending a message (or 3D touch if you have a 6 or higher), you can change the appearance of your message, or you can add things to the screen with this message. I hope this has been helpful!

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