Where is the virtual private database Option

Apex 3.2, I could find in virtual private database option

Shared components/security

I now use Apex 4.2 and I can't find this option under

Components/security shared or anywhere else.

Where is he past?




It is in the same place, but renamed in database Session


Kind regards


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  • virtual private database / AUTHID DEFINE procedure

    Hi all

    quick question ( EE): is the work of virtual private database (dbms_rls) as well as a procedure defined as AUTHID = DEFINE?

    We have the following scenario:

    The user is the owner of table AA (mandantid number, name varchar2 (20))
    100, ABC
    102, XYZ

    User B has access to the table A.AA with RLS in place given the record of the 100, ABC only.
    So far, this works fine.

    There is now a procedure owned by b:
    create or replace procedure BB AUTHID DEFINER is
         num     number;
         select count(*) into num from A.AA;
    end BB;
    Running the BB by B procedure returns 1 (correct)

    Now, the part that problem:
    There is another user X, calling the B.BB procedure. In fact, I thought, the procedure output would be 1, because it runs under DEFINE, but actually it's 0.


    Thank you for any advice on this

    The procedure runs with the privileges of B. But the SESSION_USER will always be X.

    You could create an application with a package context to set this context, modify the political function to use the RUN_AS_USER (or whatever you want to call it) rather than the context USERENV SESSION_USER and have then your stored procedure fill the frame with a value of B.


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  • Where is virtual private database (VPD)) contained in APEX

    Dear all

    I need to put the pl/sql code in the VPD (private virtual database (MEV)) section in the APEX .i have find each section using shared, but there is no section of the private virtual database (DPV).

    a cn guide me where it is?

    Thank you

    Apex 4.2:

    Components shared > Security > security attributes > Data Session > initialization code PLSQL Code PLSQL/cleanup. You can also get security attributes using the "Edit Application Properties" button and selecting the tab 'security '.

  • The virtual Center database

    Quick question, what will happen if you restored an older version of database virtual Center on the virtual Center Server.

    Would you lose all the virtual machines on the server at this point in time?

    Thank you


    No, you won't lose all the virtual machines.

  • Difficulty accessing the virtual private network (VPN) to run on VMware Fusion

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    I tried bridged and NAT connections.   For packed I put the XP network settings to DHCP and of course, he is able to get on the internet.  It detects the VPN server, but the client does not let me enter a password.  Only a single character is accepted.  For the NAT settings, I used normal settings for the XP operating system I internal thought Windows communication would be tunnel by the VPN connection on my Mac.  But I can say that it does not work.

    I prefer to use the NAT connection if possible as this seems the right way to do it and should be more simple.  Any thoughts?


    I think that there is a good chance of your router only supports 2 connections to the same VPN at the same time, and that's why you can't have the Mac and the VM connected at the same time.  According to your needs I think you only need one or the other connected at a given time.  When the Mac is connected you can access VPN network resources by placing the virtual machine mode NAT network.  When the Mac is not connected, then run the VM in bridged mode and VPN with only the virtual machine.

    I run 2 Windows XP Pro SP3 machines virtual enough daily, each connected to a different VPN.  My Mac is not connected to a virtual private network (and does not need to).  This configuration allows to my Mac to access local network resources and the virtual machines to do everything that is required through the VPN.  I am running customer Cisco 4.6.x on a virtual machine and a client owner on the other.

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    This question might have been asked before but I figure I'll ask anyway... In our environment that we currently use SQL 2005 SP2 as our database server... This is a physical box and want to know what other people do with their DB server? You virtualize them or leaving them physical? Currently we have our Virtual Center Server as a virtual server on our cluster and I followed the guide of best practices, VMware revealed and don't see any problems with it but I am quite hesitant with DB server virtualization... Thoughts? Should do us it or not?  All the virtualized world their database of VC and have not had any problems?

    Thank you.

    See also this page for more specific information - case studies, white papers - on SQL Server.


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    Hello Robcorb,

    Welcome to Apple Support communities.

    I see that after updating to iOS 10, you can't rely on an image and get the recording image option. I guess it's about to have a problem with something that worked with your previous version of iOS. I'm happy to help you to help you find the best resolution.

    If you have an iPhone 6s or 6S, please press and hold on the image to save, and then you will see an arrow pointing upward. Swipe up and you will see the 'Save Image' and 'Copy' downstairs.

    If you have an iPhone 6 or more, then just tap and maintaining the image and the ability to save the Image or copy will be presented.

    Best regards.

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    Yes, I stopped services.  Also, see this KB, http://kb.vmware.com/kb/7960893 , it may be useful

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    You cannot change the menu bar on Mac as can be done on other platforms such as Windows and Linux via userChrome.css code or with an extension as the menu editor.

    On Mac, the menu bar is maintained by the Mac OS and so out of reach of the adaptations.

  • Where is the cut and paste option?


    Recently moved from Windows to OS X.

    If I select text and click right I can not find the option "cut". What I have to add parameters, or there is no such thing in OS X?

    Thank you


    Option cut will only be there if the text is in an editable field. Otherwise, choose copy.


  • Where is the 2 computer installation option?

    I have a ccs adobe account on my computer mac laptop. Im trying to download on my pc but I see only the options of buying a package. Why I don't see an option to download since I have already an account? That would be my 2nd computer.

    install the application of cc on your 2nd computer desktop and use your id, adobe, https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud , to install your programs cc

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    Hi all
    Something that I've not met before. How do you enable VPD in oracle 10 g 2 (

    I read some articles on the web where he speaks of the CAE, be involved in security, but I don't know to turn the function




    lists the related data dictionary views.

  • How to use Oracle Virtual Private Database (VPD) with EclipseLink JPA

    My project is obliged to use VPD in database to isolate access to data according to different user type. How can I use EclipseLink JPA with CAE? For example, how could I configure the server context of database for each database session? Thanks for any help.

    There is some information about the authentication proxy Oracle here,


    Use EVP would be very similar.

    James: http://www.eclipselink.org: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Java_Persistence

Maybe you are looking for

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