Where is use Google Chrome Frame for IE, 6,7,8. in Adobe Edge animate CC 2014?

Hi everyone, I can't find use Google Chrome Frame for IE, 6,7,8. in the new Adobe Edge animate CC 2014

Please help me

Thanks in advance

Sorry, but Google abandoned the service Google Chrome Frame:


Chromium blog: pension frame Chrome

Kind regards


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    Hi Shiv,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community forums.

    I see from the description of the problem that you are unable to navigate using Google Chrome the computer crashes.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. We are here to help and guide you in the right direction.

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    I'm looking for a way to use jQueryUI slider in adobe edge animate.

    I have to build a master key, our designers are able to use to create the different sliders. But when I use the .slider () - function, I always get the error:

    Eception TypeError: object # < object > has no method 'replace' at edge.2.0.0.min.js:135

    In my opinion, the cause is, this parameter generates a tag has, in order to have a cursor.

    You know a way to fix that? The only way that I found on the web was to use. draggable(). But it is of no use to us. We need. slider().


    I may be a 'solution', but it really isn't an official.

    It seems that the bug when edge runtime tries to reed and camelize descent CSS attributes.

    I really DON'T have to ensure that the amendment that I am proposing will have no side effect ... do it at your own risk!  But it seems to work for me =)

    The file to edit is edge.4.0.1.min.js, the compressed version of edge.4.0.1.js,

    I think the problem is in this function:

    Edge.4.0.1.js, line 4600

    $. prototype.CSS = function (k, v) {}

    var r = css.apply (this, arguments),



    camelize = {function (str)}

    (Return str.replace(/^-ms-/, "ms"-) .replace (/-([a-z] |)) [0-9]) / GI, function (s, l) {return String (l) .toUpperCase () ;}) ;


    This function is used to camelize CSS attributes.

    It seems that when the runtime of edge indicates the css properties of cursors, instead of having a string, an object is returned... so the quicker fix / easier (but maybe not the best), I have found is to test whether the parameter is an object, and if so, turn it into a string

    You do not need to apply this change to edge.4.0.1.js, just to explain what I did in the min version to 'fix' the bug.

    $. prototype.CSS = function (k, v) {}

    var r = css.apply (this, arguments),



    camelize = {function (str)}

    if (typeof str is 'object')

    Str = Object.keys (str) [0];

    (Return str.replace(/^-ms-/, "ms"-) .replace (/-([a-z] |)) [0-9]) / GI, function (s, l) {return String (l) .toUpperCase () ;}) ;


    Now, we must apply the change to the compressed version

    Edge.4.0.1.min.js, line 148, col 92:

    Look for this part of the code:

    line 148: a.replace(/^-ms-/,"ms-") return "

    and add this statement in front of her:

    If (typeof a == 'object') a = Object.keys (a) [0];

    You must have:

    If (typeof a == 'object') a = Object.keys (a) [0]; return a.replace(/^-ms-/,"ms-") "

    There are now two possibilities: you can replace the file in your project, but it will be replaced whenever you're going to save your changes. (to avoid this, you can remove the authorization in writing on this subject). This option does not use the preview feature.

    Alternatively, you can "patch" your version of edge led, for you can use the preview and you will have to replace the file whenever you save.

    Of course: /!-make a backup first! /!\

    For Mac OSX: Make a right click on Adobe Edge animate CC 2014.app and select "Show package content", then the file is located in

    Contents/Resources/js_framework/source /.

    You will need access rights to write to this file to modify: (CMD + i) when the file is highlighted in the finder, then click on the Cabinet, type your password, add a new user by clicking on the icon "+", select your user name and place the read permission / writing

    I hope this helps other people who had problems with it. Once again, please make a backup first!


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    Here are the details how to block or manage the ad


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    The problem occurs as long as GCF is installed (regardless of the fact that his licence or not).  If you uninstall GFC, the generated RoboHelp documents start to work again.

    RoboHelp generates a presentation of the HTML frame with navigation on the left and readable documents links on the right.  Interestingly, RoboHelp 6 documents work well with the GCF plugin.

    We see that the problem with RoboHelp 8.  I don't know if the same problem occurs with the 9 in RoboHelp.  I was not able to find much information on this problem.  If someone else found similar problems with RoboHelp and effective work around we would be delighted to hear it.  

    It is currently preventing us to ride on the GCF plugin to our community.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Welcome to the forum.

    There was a post possibly a year back where a plug-in has had the same effect. I remember with certainty that the plug-in's, but something tells me this is it and I don't think that there is no resolution.

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    You can install the trial version of RoboHelp 9 on another machine to test?

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    This issue could be due to various reasons. I'd like to have you go to the links provided by Google Chrome and see if that fixes the problem.



    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    For more information, see the link.

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    I suggest you post your question in the Google Chrome forums here: http://www.google.com/support/forum

    This looks like a problem with this specific program and not with Windows. I hope this helps!

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