Where the individual imported pictures?

When you import the photos to the computer using 'Photos for Mac' where are they going? I know that I can click on the "photo library" icon after clicking on the icon 'Images', but how to navigate to individual pictures actually on the hard drive. Here are the individual photos on the hard drive?

Thank you!


They are in the file called "Library.photoslibrary Photos", but you are not supposed to go out there and more that probably will make your entire library unusable if you try unless you have a good knowledge of what you are doing. If I were you, I would leave the idea here now.

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    The only files that appear under 'Media' are the music files.  There are 8 other pre-installed directories (animals, flowers, holidays, etc.), but highlighting them has no effect.  I'm dense or missing something here?

    Can you please check the filter under view-> Media Types? All options must be checked to see all types of media.

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    You can use an add-on to display add a column to the Library dialog box for the folder of the bookmark.


    The extension can indicate only the name of the folder or you can view the full path via the menu in the folder. This full path option is useful if a file accidentally gets you drag somewhere in order to explore the it and find it.

    To access the settings of the extension, you can use the page modules. Either:

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    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

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    A little luck?

  • "Import pictures and Vidoes" Routine changes Up...

    When you shoot pictures from an SD card in my camera the routine "import pictures and video ' hang up.  The only way to close it is to use the Task Manager closed down.  Any help?   To my knowledge, I have the latest drivers and updates.

    A little more in detail about what caused the error could have helped.  When an SD card is inserted into the computer, a dialog box appears with an option "Import pictures and videos."  This is the routine that was defective and left the dialog box after YOU import the photos on my computer.

    Section one did not apply.  All the files have been transferred, the question occurred during the copy was completed and the dialog box is not closed.

    Point two was inapplicable because the camera was not connected to the computer, or any application was running when I tried to do.

    The software which provides gun is used only if the camera is connected to the computer.  My local camera store owner told me this often permit lost photos and advised me to directly transfer photos using the SD card.

    However, I was able to find a work around using a different method to draw pictures on the SD card.  I opened the folder of file (rather than the first highlighted option "import pictures and videos" which resulted in the question) and then did a copy and paste files without a hitch.  Obviously, the photos and videos to import program does not work correctly.

  • Hi, I just downloaded trial of adobe lightroom. However, when I try to import my images it does allow me to. It shows the preview where I choose my pictures to import, but once I click on import, it is said that it is impossible to import my thread

    Hi, I just downloaded trial of adobe lightroom. However, when I try to import my images it does allow me to. It shows the preview where I choose my pictures to import, but once I click on import, it is said that it is impossible to import my files, which are in jpg format.

    Hi chelseac46438928,

    Please make sure that you have permissions to the folder where you try to import images.

    Or you can try to change the location of import of images in Lightroom.

    Kind regards


  • How to identify where my photos imported, organized into events, appear in the library events?

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    When I import pictures from my iPhone, I label the individual events while they are still in the import window. When I change the window of events, new events appear at the very top/beginning of the library. In order to get these new events in order chronologically, which means that they should be at the bottom of the window, I have to drag the new events down through several years and thousands of photos. I can't find anything in the preferences that I can change to specify that I would like to added to the base, not from the top. Or, said differently, is there a mechanism to ensure that the library is organized in chronological order? Any suggestions? Thank you!

    Click on events in the source to the left - pane in the view menu == > sort events, and then select the type you want - this is for iPhoto 9.6.1 - you don't specify what version you have, but I think it's the same for all versions of iPhoto 11


  • Where the photos are normally stored on a Mac computer? In the folder images in the Finder on my Mac, I see a file called "Library.photoslibrary Photos" i.e. 28.52 GB but I also have about 160 other image files in the same folder. But in pictures,.

    Where the photos are normally stored on a Mac computer? In the folder images in the Finder on my Mac, I have a file named "Library.photoslibrary Photos" i.e. 28.52 gb and another folder called 'iPhoto Library.migratedphotolibrary' i.e. 4.95 GB, but then I have also on the 160 other photo and video files in the same folder. But in my Photos app, it says that I have 6 260 'elements '.

    The pictures that you have imported into the photo library are, by default, stored inside the package (not file) "Library.photoslibrary Photos" in your pictures folder. The 'iPhoto Library.migratedphotolibrary' package would contain photos that have been stored in your library, iPhoto at the time of the migration.

    The other files in the pictures folder are that: other files. Also, they can be in libraries if you imported and has not deleted the copies lying around in the images.

  • 'Import pictures and videos' parameters collapsed at work after the installation of Windows Live Essentials

    Hi guys,.
    Today in the morning, when you import pictures from my Canon EOS Rebel Xti, I tried to change some settings in the dialog box "import pictures and videos" and to my surprise the link (button) Options does not work. I used to change the folder where the files would be saved or if the images would be deleted or no device.
    I think that it has become defective after the instalation of Windows Live Photo (Essentials), have you heard of this issue before? Is there a solution? Should I uninstall the Windows Live?
    I prefer to use the dialog box "Import pictures like videos" for most of my daily imports.
    Thanks in advance
    OS: Vista Edition Home Premium
    Sao Paulo/Brazil

    Hi Aluisio Macedo,

    Return the items.

    Troubleshoot AutoPlay


    How can I get pictures from my camera to my computer?


    If the problem persists, you can post your query in Windows Live Solution Center for better support.


  • How can I prevent the Lightroom synchronization of the individual, after photos that they were imported to my Office catalog?

    This is my workflow:

    1. Photo is automatically added to the mobile application of LR
    2. Photo in the Office LR catalog synchronization
    3. Photo is moved from iPhone > folder of Photos imported to my regular places (ex: Macintosh HD\Photos)

    Now that this picture is in my regular work in LR Office I want to withdraw LR mobile to free space and clutter, but I don't see a way to do it from the LR desktop application.  Photography has always the little icon on the thumbnail, indicating that he has now had to sync mobile LR, but there is no option to stop synchronizing as there is on the sync there collections themselves.

    If I go into the mobile application to LR or cloud (lightroom.adobe.com) and remove / delete the shape where it gives the expected results but having to move back to the cloud or my smartphone to complete the workflow is a pain.

    Is it possible through desktop LR?

    If the method to add it manually to a synchronization had collection and then removing the works.  From this moment, I have setup my photos of LR Mobile to be automatically added to a collection called Mobile on the desktop.  Once they sync would be on LR Office I can simply remove from this collection.

    For a better description of my luggage and some of the other option, I tried here are some notes in screenshots.


    This is my workflow:

    1. Photo is automatically added to LR mobile app (and not to a specific collection, just the section of pictures by default Lightroom).
    2. These sync ends would have for iPhone > Photos imported into LR Desktop
    3. After I moved these photos in my regular folder structure (ex: Macintosh HD\Photos) they have always shown as sync'd (icon at the top right of the thumbnail).
    4. There seems to be no way to stop these LR desktop synchronization.  Choose 'Remove' in the photos made a right click menu, even when displayed in the synchronization of all aircraft Photos view, prompted me to remove their form LR Office completely or delete them disc (the standard delete dialog box). It seemed I had to go in LR Mobile or cloud to lightroom.adobe.com my account to 'Remove' them from the Cloud.
      Because they were added to the area of Lightroom Photos in LR Mobile initially they were not part of any collection of LR Desktop.

    The solution was to add them manually to a synchronization had collection and then remove from this collection. He stopped syncing with the cloud and the synchronization icon went form their thumbnail.

    Thanks for me in the right direction to see everyone.

  • Premiere Elements: I'm doing a montage which is the size of the postcard.  I found how to import pictures, but not how to make a collage.

    Aargh.  I don't know even what are my questions.  I bought the Premiere Elements: check.  I downloaded my purchase: check.  I'm CONFUSED now.  I am trying to achieve a montage which is the size of the postcard.  I found how to import pictures, but not how to make a collage.  I read the instructions to "seek" how to make a collage.  I am more than 50 years, maybe that's my problem.  Please help me to achieve this simple montage.

    [Ask in the correct forum allows... Left Pro for first things first... MOD]

    [title published by mod]

    Premiere Elements is a video editor. You try to make something of a video collage of your photos?

    If you try to make a photo montage in Premiere Elements, you use the wrong tool for the job.

    If you try to make a photo montage, there is a number of tools to do this in Photoshop Elements and the elements Organizer. Actually, the organizer has a tools especially designed to create collages of photos on the tab create. Have you tried to use this tool?

    BTW, I said goodbye to 50 a long, long time ago, pamela. It is really not difficult once you know what you want to do and where are the tools. You will want to perhaps by the book "Muvipix.com Guide Photoshop elements & first Elements 14", available on Amazon, which shows you step by step how to use all the tools in the programs as well as the Organizer.

  • Fewer steps to move has already imported pictures to the desktop folder in the LR catalog.

    I'm sure this has been asked and I just use a terminology inappropriate then forgive me.  I'm trying to get a group of imported pictures that currently link to a folder on the desktop in my LR catalog instead.

    I use a Mac.

    Thank you for your help.


    Sure.  Yes, I imported the photos in lightroom, but they were not copied to the LR making catalog. I can not use the term 'catalogue' correctly. I am referring to the designated folder system where LR stores all of my original images.  I have used inadvertently the function 'Add' during their import?

    Photos imported into Lightroom are indeed in the Lightroom Catalog. There's no other way.

    If you used the option Add instead of the COPY option, you would have to do one of the following values (only one, not both of them or all three):

    1. Move photos to the desired inside Lightroom (select all the pictures, then drag them to the desired folder, everything is done entirely in Lightroom). OR
    2. Move the pictures in your operating system to the folder desired; Then, you will find that each photo in Lightroom has an exclamation point icon; Click on the exclamation point icon, and then select the new folder (see these instructions: How to find missing pictures in Photoshop Lightroom ). OR
    3. remove photos from Lightroom (this will remove also publishes, metadata, collections, etc.) and then import them using COPY

    I prefer option 2, but option 3 is actually easiest if you have not yet completed all the work on photos.

  • After the update recent import photos disappearednction. Just white where the photos were. Where can I find them?

    After the update new import photos disappeared during the «two processes» service Just white Windows where the photos were. Where can I find them?

    Got a solution - not ideal because I don't always know what's going on or why...

    So - I just encountered the same problem on my first import since the update.  I have a default to apply the average contrast curve to import.

    Fast/temp fix: in library view, select all the pictures, and then change the preset saved 'default' or 'zero '. or to expand the view, select the same default or reset.  Then change back to the average contrast curve... Might work for any option that you select, but that's what I used.

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