Where to buy a key legitimate to correct a purchased copy of Windows 7 which has been hacked?

I bought a copy of windows 7 ultimate at a private person, and he has proved to be a pirated version.  I am looking to buy a legal key.  No matter if I buy a full version or an upgrade key since my computer just asks me to enter a valid key?


I'm sorry to hear that you bought a pirated version.

You can buy a key for the full version that you have nothing to upgrade.
Also I suggest that you do a full reinstall as you never know if the pirated version has been tampered with.

You can buy it here:


Kind regards


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  • has deleted part of the key of windows vista which has been integrated with the laptop and when I start the laptop it asks activation, what to do, please give solutions

    the sticker on my laptop has disappeared/deleted and I am not able to see the full key for windows vista operating system has been pre-installed on the laptop and now she asks activation and I did not quite correct key because he got faded/deleted, how can I get the key to work on the laptop I have compaq-presario-cq60-420 US laptop.please help me or give me the microsoft contact numbers where I can get my key of windows vista back by providing the serial number and the product number for my laptop.  I am unable to work as the laptop does not work without the activation key.


    You can use a magnifying glass and a flashlight to see if you can read the numbers of the product key on the label.

    Or take a picture of it and expand it on the screen.


    Also that, read also:

    You can contact your computer manufacturer and ask them to send you a set of recovery disks and to reinstall the operating system.

    They should do this for a fee, if they still have available to them.


    And if you have never received a recovery disk when you bought your computer, there should be a recovery Partition on the hard drive to reinstall Vista on how you purchased your computer.

    The recovery process can be started by pressing a particular combination of the key or keys at startup. (Power on / start)

    Maybe it's F10, F11, Alt + F10, etc., depending on the manufacturer.

    Ask them to the proper key sequence.


    And if you do not score a manufacturer of recovery on your hard drive, you should be able to make your own recovery from her disks to reinstall the operating system.

    Go to programs > name of the manufacturer of your computer > then their system or recovery tools software topics for them, depending on how it is formulated.

    If you can't find any reference to it, contact the manufacturer for advice on how to make these recovery disks.

    The methods above resettlement generally do not require allows you to provide a product key during Installation, the recovery process uses the Installation product key factory to activate automatically during the resettlement process.

    See you soon.

  • How can I find the product key for a copy of Windows Vista, which has since been upgraded to Windows 7?

    Get a product key lost

    I have Vista Ultimate, upgraded to Windows 7 Home.

    Unfortunately, I lost the product key for Vista installation underlying.
    I used the Belarc, but this shows that the key to upgrade (which I have NOT lost!)
    Is all the same to recover the underlying key to Vista? I bought Vista Home MS directly and they sent the key to a few years back, unfortunately, I have more e-mail either. MS draw their email or pick up the transaction?
    I wan to do a fresh install / clean to a new SSD and this issue is currently prevents me to do.
    see you soon


    Unfortunately, the answer does not address the issue.

    Fortunately, MS were able to trace the original transaction and provide me with the key. (The original key has been provided directly by MS by e-mail.)


  • I formatted my PC with windows vista and reinstalled but now it shows the wrong key. I use my purchased copy of the software in 2009

    original title: ACTIVATION of VISTA
    I formatted my PC with windows vista and reinstalled but now it shows the wrong key. I use my purchased copy of the software in 2009.

    You simply have to use telephone Activation...

    activation by telephone (call of the operator)
    Click the Start button
    in the search box, type
    SLUI 4
    and press the Enter key
    Follow the instructions - but when asked which service you need the ansafone phone, don't answer - it should oblige the operator to answer, who can deal with you
  • bought computer from craigslist and no genwine a copy of windows 7, but has the key of vista on it. How to upgrade to vista?

    bought computer from craigslist and no genwine a copy of windows 7, but has the key of vista on it. How to upgrade to vista? and I have no disk Vista

    You need to find a Retail Vista disc for the edition on your COA sticker and use it - or contact the manufacturer and order a set of recovery disc for this machine (they normally provide these discs at a reasonable cost)

  • I had to reboot my system and then to install my ACC, I used the same product key (redemption code). However, the system says that the code has been used. Anyone can teach me how I can use the same installation code to download VAC. Thank you in advance

    I had to reboot my system and then to install my ACC, I used the same product key (redemption code). However, the system says that the code has been used. Anyone can teach me how I can use the same installation code to download VAC. Thank you in advance.

    Download/install the desktop application, connect and install applications subscription.


    Creative cloud to desktop


    Sign out, sign in | Creative office cloud app


    Install, update, or uninstall applications



    Recently, I encountered problem to show my Window 7 Professional is not authentic. I bought this laptop since the year last June 2014. Until today, only get this problem. I tried to use the product key that stick on the back of my laptop, but it didn't work. He showed that a message from my product key was blocked. I called the Malaysia support center, the person told me the only way to solve this problem is to buy a new. I hope can get answer here to help me solve my problems. Your help is very appreciated.

    Here is the information of window Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool:

    Diagnostic report (1.9.0019.0):
    Given WGA-->
    Validation status: invalid license
    Validation code: 50

    Code of Validation caching: 0xc004c4a2
    Windows product key: *-* - B3W6H - YDYQV-9WBVP
    Windows product key hash: MnDKKNxyjOr8qs2XiCSUVR3zjDY =
    Windows product ID: 00371-702-0996254-06156
    Windows product ID type: 5
    Windows license type: retail
    The Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010100.1.0.048
    ID: {3AA372DB-E5B5-478D-A123-D092B284E2F9} (3)
    Admin: Yes
    TestCab: 0x0
    WGA Version: N/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    Signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    Product name: Windows 7 Professional
    Architecture: 0 x 00000009
    Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_gdr.150525 - 0603
    TTS error:
    Validation of diagnosis:
    Resolution state: n/a

    WgaER data-->
    ThreatID (s): n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    Version: N/a, hr = 0 x 80070002

    WGA Notifications data-->
    Cached result: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    File: No.
    Version: N/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    WgaTray.exe signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    WgaLogon.dll signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002

    OGA Notifications data-->
    Cached result: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    Version: N/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    OGAExec.exe signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    OGAAddin.dll signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002

    OGA data-->
    Office status: 103 blocked VLK
    Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 - 103 blocked VLK
    OGA Version: N/a, 0 x 80070002
    Signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    Office Diagnostics: 025D1FF3-364-80041010_025D1FF3-229-80041010_025D1FF3-230-1_025D1FF3-517-80040154_025D1FF3-237-80040154_025D1FF3-238-2_025D1FF3-244-80070002_025D1FF3-258-3

    Data browser-->
    Proxy settings: http =; HTTPS =
    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Win32)
    Default browser: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    Download signed ActiveX controls: fast
    Download unsigned ActiveX controls: disabled
    Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: allowed
    Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe: disabled
    Allow the Internet Explorer Webbrowser control scripts: disabled
    Active scripting: allowed
    Recognized ActiveX controls safe for scripting: allowed

    Analysis of file data-->

    Other data-->
    Office details: {3AA372DB-E5B5-478D-A123-D092B284E2F9}1.9.0019.06.1.7601.2.00010100.1.0.048x 64*-*-*-*-9WBVP00371-702-0996254-061565S-1-5-21-3537876873-3586358216-4246014811LENOVO20298LENOVO89CN25WW20130807000000.000000 + 000CD383907018400FC44090409peninsula malaise Standard Time(GMT+08:00)03LENOVOOC-01 103103Microsoft Office Enterprise 20071284B9C24ED082586tyiZ/dcb + zqWe0jHG65uncl8TX8 =89388-707-0366501-65657 14

    Content Spsys.log: 0 x 80070002

    License data-->
    The software licensing service version: 6.1.7601.17514

    Name: Windows 7 Professional edition
    Description: operating system Windows - Windows (r) 7, retail channel
    Activation ID: c1e88de3-96c4-4563-ad7d-775f65b1e670
    ID of the application: 55c92734-d682-4d71-983e-d6ec3f16059f
    Extended PID: 00371-00212-702-099625-00-2052-7601.0000-2742015
    Installation ID: 015974938746516422206691849555339923869825579124292136
    Processor certificate URL: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=88338
    The machine certificate URL: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=88339
    Use license URL: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=88341
    Product key certificate URL: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=88340
    Partial product key: 9WBVP
    License status: Notification
    Reason for the notification: 0xC004F200 (non-genuine).
    Remaining Windows rearm count: 3
    Trust time: 10/01/2015-09:55:25

    Windows Activation Technologies-->
    HrOffline: 0x00000000
    HrOnline: 0xC004C4A2
    Beyond: PASS
    Event timestamp: 9:29:2015 18:18
    WAT Activex: registered
    WAT administration service: registered

    --> HWID data
    Current Hash HWID: MgAAAAEAAgABAAIAAAABAAAAAwABAAEA6GG8nIo/ut/It6Dr7g2kFpJ04KXMnk54uno =

    Activation 1.0 data OEM-->

    Activation 2.0 data OEM-->
    BIOS valid for OA 2.0: no, table invalid SLIC
    Windows marker version: N/A
    OEMID and OEMTableID consistent: n/a
    BIOS information:
    ACPI Table name OEMID value OEMTableID value
    SSDT LENOVO sensrhub
    SSDT LENOVO sensrhub
    SSDT LENOVO sensrhub
    SSDT LENOVO sensrhub
    SSDT LENOVO sensrhub
    SSDT LENOVO sensrhub
    SSDT LENOVO sensrhub
    SSDT LENOVO sensrhub
    SSDT LENOVO sensrhub
    SSDT LENOVO sensrhub

    You own reinstall Windows 7 using the same exact version printed on the COA sticker and make sure the key has been entered correctly?  I have never seen this failure except in cases where users to setting the first erroneous characters.

    Once you are sure you have the exact same version and characters of the product key on the COA sticker that it should turn on, at least I have never seen in failure for more 1.7 million consumers who have used my tutorial above in the blue link to reinstall.

    If so then open an elevated command prompt, type slui 4, follow them instructions in the robocall to turn on and if it does not stay on the phone so an activation agent explain the situation.

  • My hotmail has been hacked on 01/02/12 & screen changed in Arabic by the intruder. None of the info, I've tried here have corrected it back to English.

    My system is now and always has been set to English (United States).  After hacker done his bad deeds, I reset pw and all security measures.  Is always displayed in Arabic.  Followed all of range them from suggestions to change the language - nothing has worked.  I ended up getting a Gmail account and have my hotmail email ACCT. imported via Gmail.  Ridiculous that I can't fix mess that one hacker has left on my account hotmail somewhere on Microsoft. A Live Tech Support told me that I should call 800-Microsoft front he politely the end of our session.  Stuffing... IF this number is legitimate, it is constantly busy 24/7.

    By clicking on "next to the? icon"then on the last element of the Arab list then... this proposed solution took me to yet another independent screen on 'using your hotmail account help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. For all I know the hacker still has access to my email, Favorites, etc.  It has tried to access my online bank account.  They were blocked by my Bank and today I finally changed my bank with my gmail-account after several hours of not being able to find a solution to the damage caused by the hacker msn.

    The box at the bottom of this screen is checked to notify me when someone replies to this question.  HOW DO I?  I can't very well post my new gmail account and give a hacker access even more.  I can't open any of my emails on my hotmail account.  Guess I cross fingers and hope for the miracle.


    The question you posted would be better suited to Windows Live Solution Center. I suggest you to send your application in the Windows Live Solution Center for better support.

  • where can buy product key for windows 7 on microsoft website - all links lead to win 8

    have another computer with win7 and want to upgrade another vista to win7 - software of the camera does not work on win8

    Can't find a page on the microsoft Web site to buy win7

    THX, pat

    You are welcome

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

  • Windows 7-64 bit/has been hacked - now have the correct product key!

    Can't clean install or recovery without entering key - where I have to enter? Pls help!

    THX in advance!

    Windows 7 came preinstalled on your computer or you buy separately and install it yourself?

    New computers coming often pre-installed with Windows 7 have what is called a recovery partition. This is used to reinstall an operating system in the case of a system failure. To access it, you need to start when you start your computer by pressing a function key. This can be either F1, F2, F9, F10, F11, F12 key DEL or tab. See the manual that came with your PC for instructions on how to reinstall Windows.

    This is how the recovery partition is available for the most popular brands

    For Dell, press CTRL + F11 directly after switching on the device

    For HP, press F11 directly after switching on the device

    For Toshiba, press and hold "0" BEFORE and during the power upward

    For Acer, press and hold ALT + F10, as soon as you see the logo

    For Samsung: Press the F4 key to the Samsung logo when you turn first.

    For Asus, press F9, as soon as you see the Asus logo.

    Advent, restart your computer. Then, press F10 repeatedly until the message "Starting system recovery"


    If you bought it separately, did you upgrade from a previous version of Windows?

    However, the requirements for the media upgrade is that you have an operating system already eligible such as Windows XP or Vista installed to use it. Since the Windows 7 end user license agreement.

    15 UPDATES. To use upgrade software, you must first be licensed for the software that is eligible for the upgrade. After the upgrade, this agreement takes the place of the agreement for the software that you upgraded. After upgrade, you can no longer use the software that you upgraded.

    So, if you are always denied, you will just have to reinstall Windows XP or Vista and let it do the verification of eligibility.

  • I got a call saying that my computer has been hacked, options to pay for the correction. Is this legitimate

    They gave me the support options for windows costs $139 for one year; 188 for two years and more

    No, it's a scam.

    Did you leave the appellant access to your computer?

    If so, you must save your stuff on an external media and then re - install Windows. Actually he will wipe away anything that the person could have installed.

    If you're banking online or gave the appellant credit card number, contact your bank immediately and follow their advice on what to do next.

  • My ICloud has been hacked, how do I check the place where he has been consulted?

    Hey guys, so yesterday my iCloud accessed from an iPhone not recognized 5 and I'm afraid my backup have been downloaded. I need to track the location where my iCloud was connected somehow to, so I can understand who hacked my account. Is it somehow possible to do? Maybe the apple support will be able to help?

    Apple support, you can try, but I doubt that they can help. To avoid this problem in the past in the future you should allow two-factor authentication.

    For Apple ID - Apple Support two-factor authentication

  • Where is the drop down the arrow next to the button previous and following which has provided a list of previously seen web pages?

    before firefox 4.0 as I could go directly to a page, several pages back by clicking on the drop down arrow, then click on the address of the desired site. I must now click on the back button again and again until I reached the desired site. What a pain! lack of this feature alone makes me want to go back to version 3.6XXX

    You can get the menu drop-down by clicking on the previous/next buttons or now the left key pressed until the list is displayed.

    If you want the drop-down arrow, you can add it with the add-on of dropmarker rear - https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/backforward-dropmarker

  • Is it safe to buy an iphone 5 s, for what is battery, which has been manufactured months ago?


    I plan to buy an iPhone 5s this month of December, 2015 of an apple authorized online retailer, as the price is cheaper there. They say they will deliver a phone in 2015. What happens if they deliver a phone in January? Assuming exhaust the battery for all these 11 months of unused period up to the date of my purchase, will the battery become defective as soon as its normal life expectancy? Sorry for my bad English

    ajuvignesh wrote:

    the battery will become defective as soon as its normal life expectancy?

    N °

  • I bought the new computer at best buy and they told me to contact microsoft to get my copy on windows 7, which shoul go?


    Oblems withhadadfadsfasdfjadsfadsfladsfjlasdfj0aw9rjdf 90WWWW]

    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!

    Read the info on the 1st link below to see if your computer manufacturer is part of the free upgrade program for Windows 7.


    Above Microsoft link has info for the Windows 7 upgrade Options from the various participating computer manufacturers.


    FAQ about the upgrade is at the link above.

    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd772579 (WS.10) .aspx

    Railways upgrade to Windows 7 at the link above.

    For any other question of Windows 7:


    Link above is Windows 7 forum for questions on windows 7.

    Windows 7 questions should be directed to the it.

    You are in the Vista Forums.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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