Where to buy for my Satellite Pro P300 CPU fan?


I noticed some not very good sound from my cpu fan, as well as my 17 "laptop overheating.
I decided it was time to replace the cpu - model KSB0505HA fan

Now I wonder where I can buy a new fan for this model?
I found a site in New Zealand, but the fan is for the P305 series, and I'm not sure if it would be compatible with my laptop.

Could someone advise me on where I can get a new fan of cpu for this series?

Thank you ~.

In order to ensure:
I'm looking for one in my country - the New Zealand!

Added that the search for a New Zealand

P305 is probably model proposed in US, but it must be the same as P300 in Europe or in THE so I think it should be good.

I put t know where you can order it, but try to use Google and check if you can find a store online in AU where you can order.

I can also imagine that you can order by the nearest Toshiba authorized service provider. Call and ask.

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  • Memory should what upgrade I buy for my Satellite Pro A60?

    Hi, I have a Satellite Pro A60 PSA65E, who currently has 192 MB of RAM and 2.8 GHz Celeron processor.

    My problem came when I tried to install Adobe Creative Suite 2 on it, but it would not allow me to do so because he needed 384 MB of RAM to run it. I was wondering if someone could tell me what RAM upgrade is compatible with my machine and if it inserted in another port or if I have to get out the old and replace?

    Thank you


    your laptop is 256 MB internal memory, I'm not sure why it shows only 192 MB. This internal memory can be replaced only by a technician. But you also have a currently unused memory slot, in which you can place a maximum of 1024 MB of RAM.

    Here are the modules from Toshiba lets you:
    PC2700 256 MB (PA3311U - 1 M 25)
    PC2700 512 MB (PA3312U - 1 M 51)
    1024MO PC2700 (PA3313U-1M1G)

    Good bye

  • Instructions for AMPERAGE satellite 1905-S303 CPU fan

    Hi guys,.

    First of all thank you for your help in advance.

    My fan is this similar to a buzzing noise, but not very much. Almost as if something interferes here or something is loose.
    It can also feel vibrations final on my wrists resulting from the present.

    The computer itself works well no problems. And fan of stitching to do this work, however since his on and outside the usual tricks.
    I get the feeling, it must be emphasized in working well.

    It was that don't happen at the initial start upward and the problem would go sounds fan away quickly to normal.
    Now this noise/vibrations come all the time every time that the fan starts.

    More fan calls, more noise/vibration.

    In any case I tried to blow out with compressed air to clean it. But nothing has changed.
    That's why I want to open it up, take it out, maybe clean it or see if something is loose. Or maybe replace it.

    That's why I'm looking * instructions on how to replace the fan on my Satellite 1905-S303 CPU *.
    Does anyone know all the instructions I can follow? I couldn't find anything on the Toshiba support site.

    (Or instructions for a computer similar to mine at least?) (Or something that might help?)

    Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate you!

    > My fan is this similar to a buzzing noise, but not very much. Almost as if something interferes here or something is loose. It can also feel vibrations final on my wrists resulting from the present. The computer itself works well no problems. And fan of stitching to do this work, however since his on and outside the usual tricks.

    In this case, I would not recommend to disassemble the laptop just to check if the fan is ok or not
    I mean disassembly of the laptop is really a delicate procedure and there is a risk of damage to the part.

    However, the disassembly instructions are not downloadable on the Toshiba page. I didn t find anything and I think that these manuals are released for service only partners.
    But I think you might find a few details and info on the internet. Use google and search for irisvista.com/tech/

    Good luck

  • Bulild tailor-made for a Satellite Pro P300

    I'm looking to standardize on the P300 for 100 mobile users.

    Where can I find someone to create a version of standard operating system based on XP or Vista, (is it too soon?).

    I'm making a list of software to go standard, including the VPN and drivers for various road warrior accessories and I want to assure you that I have a solid image that can be deployed throughout the organization.

    Custom items, licenses and had to be stored on a secure flash drive or something similar.

    The idea is to minimize the problems of remote support as much as possible.

    Someone at - it was in this way? Can what advice you give?


    I put t know exactly what you are looking for, but I think that this place is not good for you.
    Here in the forum, you will encounter users who share knowledge, solve problems and discuss the technology that appears on the Toshiba laptop.
    But they don t develop systems operating or images.

    So I think that you should visit a few developer forums.

    Good luck

    By the way; If you want to reduce the Windows operating system, you can use nLite software.

  • Satellite Pro L10 CPU fan replacement


    the CPU on my L10 fan has stopped working now is over heating after about 15 minutes. Anyone know what is the part number of replacement, or if there is a fan of spare for another model that I might be able to use?

    Thank you


    As I remember the Satellite L10 series are delivered with two different circuits and so could the unit supports a processor Intel Celeron-M CPU and Intel Mobile Pentium M.

    North Bridge is it 852GM, it supports Celeron-M as follows:
    -Intel Celeron-M (number of processor 350) 1.30 GHz
    -360 1.40 GHz
    -370 1.50 GHz

    North Bridge is it 855GME, it supports the Pentium-M as follows:
    Intel Mobile Pentium-M (number of processor 725) 1.60 GHz
    -735 1.70 GHz
    -745 1.80 GHz
    -755 2.00 GHz
    -765 2.10 GHz

    You should be very careful with the replacements! If you have no experience, you should ask the technician for help and advice.

  • Where can I buy a network card wireless minPCI for a Satellite Pro A30 PSA35E


    Anyone know where I can buy a card pci WLAN for a Satellite pro A30 PSA35E laptop?
    I live in England.

    See you soon

    The laptop would support this Kit wireless LAN card: PA3212U-1MPC
    It s an Intel Pro 2100 WLan card and it supports the 802. 11b standard.

  • Satellite Pro P300-19 q - Windows 7 driver for x 86 ACPI system device

    I am trying to upgrade to Windows 7 Vista professional - he told me that to install Toshiba x 86 acpi - compliant value device for general and logical use - help!
    Where can I get it from? I searched for the last 3 hours - my laptop is the satellite Pro P300-19 q - I am a novice to this - thanks a lot in anticipation


    You have already installed the drivers? All what you need you can download on the Toshiba site.

    In addition, you must install Toshiba Value added Package. It contains all the necessary tools Toshiba you need.

  • Satellite Pro P300 best exit way to get audio for blu - ray player or projector


    Would be great if someone has experience on the following points.

    I have a Satellite Pro P300 - PSPCDA 03 P00D: I would like to know the best option for high-quality audio from this unit to a blu - ray player or an optoma projector. (Or a good way to find the answer)

    The blu - ray player has hdmi (the satellite does not work) and the optoma projector has a 3.5 mm mini-plug.

    The satellite has a sound piece dolby - is it possible to get a feed for audio output dolby?

    Any thought / experience welcome.

    Thanks in advance!


    Not sure but I think that the headphone socket supports S/PDIF
    I think you should check the user manual for more information on S/PDIF
    If his support, then you can use it to get the best audio quality

    Also found this doc in the knowledge base of Toshiba

  • Restore CD for XP in combination with double HDD on Satellite Pro P300

    On my Satellite Pro P300, there are two hard drives, two 160 GB.
    Currently, Windows Vista Professional is installed, as it was preinstalled.
    On the first disc, there are 3 partitions, an EISA partition, a partition to boot Vista and a partition for HHDRecovery (contains the image for Vista product Recovery).

    In Vista, there is an option for backing up the computer. This offers the ability to completely restore Vista to the situation at the time of the backup.
    I did a full backup the first complete hard drive (partition 3) PC and saved on the hard disk of the second.

    Now, I want to use the recovery provided product Toshiba for Windows XP to install Windows XP on the laptop.
    I guess that the first hard drive will be completely crushed, but I don't know if the second disc will also be replaced.
    Does anyone know if my data on the second drive will be lost when using the product for XP Recovery?

    I want to keep the data on the second drive, because it gives me the option to restore the laptop to the situation with Vista without reinstalling/activate applications.
    Also all my personal files are on this drive.

    I doubt that installing XP should touch the 2nd HARD drive, but for peace of mind, you can temporarily remove the 2nd HARD drive before installing XP.

  • Satellite Pro P300-18 - canoe install WIn XP for lack of HARD drive

    I just got a Satellite Pro P300 18 with VISTA pre installed.
    I need to install XP Pro on it, but when I start installing XP Pro from the CD, it says it cannot find any hard drives.

    Is that any body can help me?
    Some of my software works or not or could not, t install under VISTA, so I really need XP on the new laptop computer.

    Kind regards

    Hello Tino

    Yes he'll see.

  • Satellite Pro P300 - how to upgrade Intel GM965 display driver?


    I do not found how can I update my graphics driver from the Web from Toshiba website. I found some other updates, but not this one...

    And I have a problem with a game (Starcraft II) with "igxprd32" which seems to refer to the Intel Graphics accelerator driver.

    When I go to the update site Intel it tells me:
    "A custom computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver Update utility is not able to update the driver. Install a generic Intel driver instead of the driver from the computer manufacturer custom can cause technical problems. Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer. "

    Thanks in advance for your help


    (Satellite Pro P300)


    I had the same problem on my Satellite Pro U300 but it of easy to solve.

    Go to Device Manager, right click on your graphics card. Select Update driver and follow the instructions in a new window. Select the Advanced installation where you can choose the directory and the driver yourself.

    But don t forget to extract the zip first, otherwise the driver will not be found. ;)

  • Touchpad on Satellite Pro P300 does not work with Windows 7


    Recently, I load Windows 7 (64-bit) on my Satellite Pro P300. I downloaded all the drivers for W7 64 bit and installed everything, fortunately, most of the time.

    The touchpad, however, is not completely functional. The upgrade page says to use the Vista drivers and did not provide any drivers for win7. Installing the Vista drivers didn't really go so well.

    In any case, the essential element of the missing features is this thing where you drag your finger up and down the right edge of the touchpad, and it scrolls for you. I can click and double click and move the slider. But I can't scroll. And it's such a pain with move the slider above the scroll bar of the application, with a big screen.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    See you soon

    If I understand you right you are missing these additional mouse settings. Am I right about that?
    Which driver you have installed?
    Perhaps Synaptics driver?

  • Satellite Pro P300 just died on me


    Yesterday my Satellite Pro P300 (PSPC1E) died just the'm... no battery charging lights nothing. Nothing happens when I press the power button it is DEAD.
    The battery was ok last time used, the adapter is still give me almost 20volts.

    I took the laptop goes to check the DC in connector, it's ok.
    I guess that, after some research, it is a fault of the motherboard. In general my warranty missed 2 months ago!
    A new motherboard replacement so far here quoted costs £180, not too eager to pass that as I have a tax account at the end of this month!

    Any ideas of what could be the problem?
    I found a mobo on eBay which is a course of p300-1 to 8 for a song, but which would be compatible?
    What are all the variations in motherboards?
    Any other motherboard would be compatible?

    All ideas, suggestions would be much appreciated, and I thank everyone in advance for ideas.
    See you soon

    I think motherboard is dead too. My brother had a similar issue when he wanted to connect the external HARD drive.
    Simply, there is an electro shock and from that moment the cell phone was dead. No reaction at all. Drive external HARD even was dead and it smells like burned plastic.

    Anyway, if you want to have the same hardware, you can buy identical mainborad of a PSPC1E model.

  • Satellite Pro P300-1AY - screen and keyboard issues

    Satellite Pro P300-1AY

    First and most importantly, I suspect that the backlight may have gone in my laptop screen.
    If, for example, it's just something simple like a loose connection, this is an easy solution?

    Otherwise, no idea how much it would cost for a replacement?

    Secondly, I switch to a different keyboard layout.
    Anyone know where I can find a Belgian AZERTY keyboard for this laptop?

    Thanks x

    > First of all and above all, I suspect that the backlight may have gone in my laptop screen.
    > If, for example, it's just something simple like a loose connection, this is an easy fix

    Hmm. Maybe it's s inverter a FL. The FL inverter is a small part that controls the screen backlight
    Generally disassembly laptop procedure is very delicate and looks like you've never disassembled the laptop so I would not recommend to do anything which could damage the other parts get in touch with a local ASP and ask for help.
    Usually the FL inverter should not be expensive pieces but I have no idea on costs

    > Does anyone know where I can find a Belgian AZERTY keyboard for this laptop?
    and once again all spare parts can be ordered from local ASP.

  • Satellite Pro P300 - how to get the original without media image?


    I received a Satellite Pro P300 and there the for win xp recovery disk, I would go back to the installation of Vista pre installed if possible.

    The recovery on the hard disk partition is not available, so I guess, that it cannot be recovered. Is it possible to buy an original image?

    Liam is just that Win 7 is better than Vista OS.
    So if you have the ability to install Win 7 I recommend doing this instead of Vista.

    However, the Toshiba recovery disc contain only the Vista OS.

Maybe you are looking for