where to find a list of the ip of the visitor of my page?

where to find a list of the ip of the visitor of my page?

You cannot lock their IP anyway in British Colombia, you make in google adwords.

You cannot follow this information in Colombia-British in the admin.

Google itself will be filtering and blocking of this behavior. Google itself detects if the same IP, and the people is by clicking on a link and blocking.

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    See the steps in the following article.

    Uninstall or change a program.


  • Vista - where can I find a list of the latest updates for Windows?

    I do a few tests and validation that requires some very specific OS patch levels.  The exact condition is Windows Vista Enterprise Edition with "all the security updates as of June 9, 2009, excluding the Service Pack 2 update.»

    I have a little trouble finding a list of the updates/patches by date.  Can someone give me a hand?  Thank you!

    All Security updates are listed here in chronological order -Microsoft Security Bulletin Search
    Define the technology of the product: field in Vista before the search.

    All published updates in 2010 are listed here - Description of Software Update Services and Windows Server Update Services changes in content for 2010

    For 2009- 2009 Description of changes to Software Update Services and Windows Server Update Services content for 2009

    MowGreen Services update - consumer safety

  • where can I find a list of the licenses activated with my email?

    I have been using my email address to activate many Acrobat 12 facilities as part of my business and my other clients. Is it possible in the site to find a list of the licenses activated with my email address? Even better if he told me the host name of the appliance. I find through other means, but if I can do it over here, it would be much faster.

    https://Accounts.adobe.com/ , then click on Plans & products top

  • How can I find a list of the modules installed in FF5? (the one I'm looking for is installed, but does not appear in the Extensions, appearance or Plugins)

    I installed an add-on that would allow me to change the content of the context menu. It works like a charm and I want to make a donation to the person who developed it, but I don't remember his name and I don't know how to find a list of the Add-ons I have installed. I checked the lists that appear when you go to the Add-ons under appearance and Plugins, Extensions Manager, but he's not here. Any help would be much appreciated.

    A lot of extensions change several context menus.

    The Menu Editor extension allows to rearrange and hide items in the menus, even move items between menus (be careful with moving between menus.

    You can get a list of your Extensions in a playlist by help > troubleshooting or typing information on: support in the bar of addresses in Firefox 4 and above. Note that your extensions disabled your addons list may appear after those who have been activated.

    Please mark "resolved" a response that will better help others with a similar problem - hope it was her.

  • Where can I reallocate the letter of a mapped network drive? In addition, where to see a list of the letters in use by mapped network drives?

    Change the mapped network drive letter

    Letter h: is not available to map a network drive.  Also, it is not listed in the disk management window.  None of my other mapped network drives are no more.   Where can I reallocate the letter of a mapped network drive? In addition, where to see a list of the letters in use by mapped network drives?

    Tips on how to assign a drive letter:

    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc757491 (WS.10) .aspx

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  • where to find 'picked' status of the purchase order table backend sales

    where to find 'picked' status of the order in the main table form.

    table of oe_order_lines_all is not "chosen" status,

    also checked in OE_ORDER_LINES_V this condition called column has the value 'picked up', but not found in the database.

    Please suggest

    The Oracle client order form uses the following code internally.


    OEXOEORD: Status of sales order line is picked, flow_status_code is Awaiting_Shipping (Doc ID 740551.1)

    What you see is the standard functionality when a line is take released, but not yet ship
    confirmed.  Line status is "waiting for delivery" status and delivery is in "Taken" status
    When the line is confirmed ship, the delivery will be shipped status and the line will be
    progression to "Shipped" status and then Fulfilled, invoice and closed.

  • Hi - I signed up for the Adobe Creative cloud monthyly and don't know where to find?  I bought the product, but is not a file to download? What I have to do to get it on my laptop > how to find this > thanks :)

    I signed up for the Adobe Creative cloud monthyly and don't know where to find?  I bought the product, but is not a file to download? What I have to do to get it on my laptop > how to find this > thanks

    Install the desktop cc app from here, https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud

    Check your account indicates the subscriptions that you expect (and that the adobe, used in the next step id is correct) by logging in here and checking the status of your subscription, https://www.adobe.com/account.html

    then, if it's current, disconnect and then back to your client application using the adobe with the link above in cc id: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/sign-in-out-creative-cloud-desktop-app.html

    Use your desktop app to install your programs of cc.

  • I can't find a list of the RSS FEED so I can remove a. I import into Outlook, where I deleted the flow, but can not reload the RSS.

    When I use Explorer, there is a place that lists all the my FLOW RSS I can delete, open, etc... I can't find a similar place on FireFox.

    There is an RSS feed that I have download problems on my Outlook, and I would like to remove the workflow & recharge. (I deleted my Outlook.).

    Any suggestions on where I can find a list of my RSS FEED?

    Firefox does not have a specific list of items in RSS feed.

    Those who are treated like all the other favorites and are managed in the bookmarks (library) Manager.

    • Bookmarks > show all bookmarks

    IE stores each favorite as a separate folder on the hard drive and probably need a special treatment for its elements of flow, but Firefox stores the bookmarks and history in a file places.sqlite database.

    So if you have not placed the RSS all items in a folder of bookmarks or otherwise marked then them it will be difficult to locate them all.

  • Where to find a list of "disks recommended" for mx922? I usually use the Verbatim.

    Where can I find a list of 'disks recommended' for printing or do I need to see a list?

    I usually use the Verbatim.

    Hi jailbee,

    If you want to print on disks with your PIXMA MX922, use only printable discs.

    A "printable disc" differs from normal disc (BD/DVD/CD, etc.) because the surface of the label has been specially treated to be printed on an inkjet printer.

    Do not print on printable disks which are not compatible with inkjet printing. Ink not dry not and can cause problems with the disc itself or devices which the disc is loaded on.

  • Where can I find this list of the subset of the API that supports workers?

    Workers of the ActionScript (concurrency) supports a subset of ActionScript APIs. For example, you can access StageVideo or Stage3D leave within a worker.

    I expect to find this list of supported APIs (or the list of APIs which is excluded) to:

    http://help.Adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/ActionScript/3/Flash/system/worker.htm l

    But I the have not found here. (I asked this question in the forum of Flash Player: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5650761)

    Where can I find this list shows you what ActionScript API are not supported within a worker?

    Release notes for 3.4 had a list. See page 4, 'non-functional API.

    http://labsdownload.Adobe.com/pub/labs/flashplatformruntimes/shared/air3-4_flashplayer11-4 _p2_releasenotes.pdf

    Although I guess that's probably subject to change from one version to the other, so why they list in the documentation anywhere. Check 'isSupported' or the equivalent on a given API is probably the best way to be sure. Also see the following section "behaviorial changes".

  • Where to find a list of processors that are fully supported for my laptop?

    I need to find a list of processors that are fully supported for my laptop, my laptop is a HP PAVILLION DV7 3090EO, im trying to change my processor for a new and need to know what processor taking care of my laptop.

    Thank you


    Hi Dalatoni,

    Looking at the Page 84 of your Service and maintenance Guide, there are only 2 processors compatible with your laptops card motherboard/Bios.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • where I find how to change the icon size and text ahead of settings (box i.e.message)

    Try to change the size of fonts and text in the TEXT WINDOW WINDOW INACTIVE, ACTIVE WINDOW, AND BOX of MESSAGE.  How in this screen?

    Wilma Griffin

    Change the size of icons:
    Right-click the desktop, point to view, and then click large icons, icons or small icons.

    You can also use the scroll of your mouse wheel to resize the desktop icons. On the desktop, press on and hold down the Ctrl key while you highlight the wheel to make icons larger or smaller.

    Change text size:

    You can make text and other items, such as the icons on your screen easier to see by making them bigger. You can do without changing the resolution of the screen of your monitor or your laptop. This allows you to increase or decrease the size of text and other items on your screen while keeping your monitor or laptop set to its optimal resolution.

    Right click on desktop, and then click screen resolution

    Choose one of the following:

    More small - 100% (default value). This prevents the text and other elements to normal size.

    Average - 125%. This sets text and other items to 125% of normal size.

    Expansion - 150%. This sets text and other items to 150% of normal size. This option appears only if your monitor supports a resolution of at least 1200 x 900 pixels.

    Click on apply.

    To see the change, close all your programs and then log off from Windows. This change will take effect the next time that you open a session.

    You can also display text more or less by changing your screen resolution, but if you use an LCD monitor or laptop, we recommend that you set your screen to its native resolution to avoid a blurred text. It is the optimal resolution an LCD monitor or laptop was designed to display based on its size.

    Active and inactive windows:

    Click Start, type: Windows color and appearance
    Press enter on your keyboard

    In the item list, click the part of Windows that you want to change the font for. For example, if you want to change the font of the menu, click on Menu in the list. Then, make the following changes:

    In the font list, click the font you want to use.

    In the size list, click the desired font size.

    In the color list, click the desired font color.

    Repeat these steps for each item that you want to change, click OK, and then click OK again.

  • Where can you buy CD to the Windows Vista Home page?

    Whear you can buy CDs in the Windows Vista Home page

    I have win 7 allredy but I want vista

    Your choice of course, although I think you make a serious mistake. You can get it on Amazon.com

  • Where can one find a list of the full functionality for Lightroom?

    I tried the site links Web and Adobe lightroom. Found very nice, but slow to graphical display ads for mobile, tutorials, How - to (the first was 32 minutes long!), but do not see any list of function or even a good description of what it does. I couldn't even of the screenshots. I want to refine my choice of software before you begin to download and try each others.

    A bit of missing information:

    Provide editing of IPTC data? If so, he takes a photo at a time, or can I ask an IPTC data of hundreds of photos at once - for example, the event, date, photographer, and keywords.

    They dodge and burn tools? I'm not full blown photoshop, but this is very useful when the background blown highlights occur near the edge of my crop, or clear background objects distract the subject.

    He plans to print contact sheets with some IPTC data fields printed in the photos?

    It does not send photos to Zenfolio? If so, he plans to create new galleries in Zenfolio as part of the download?

    Does perform exhibition (OK - brightness, but it seems that exposure), contrast and white balance and adjustments to several files in a batch process -l' user can select thumbnails files.

    It supports multiple monitors tools can be on a monitor and the pictures on the other?

    Plan comparison side by side photos?

    Provide a directional light meter to measure the brightness of a specific area of a photo compared to the neutral gray? (Or classic zones.) This is very useful when working on-site with a computer laptop-calibration of the screen isn't much help when you are still working in different ambient light.

    It supports several processor cores for more hearts equals faster processing?

    I shoot sports in RAW format. I use up to three programs in post processing: Photo Mechanic, Canon RAW software, and Corel Photo. It would be my workflow speed if I could use a single program. Lightroom seems to be a combination of Photo Mechanic and Canon RAW software with some features Photoshop which can carry on what I'm doing with Corel.

    I mainly use Photo Mechanic for post-processing: shots of thumbnails selection, the IPTC data entry down of sampling, cropping, move, copy, removal, sharpening, naming, download and printing of the Board contact with legends. He converted Canon RAW to JPEG files more than 10 x faster than the Canon software, with the best options for the taking of samples, but all changes to in the software of Canon RAW files must be saved in a jpeg file (painfully slow) out because Photo Mechanic can not see the RAW changes.

    I use the Canon RAW software for brightness, contrast, white balance and saturation - but only as an exception. Most of the time I can send photos as shot - with the exception of the Photo Mechanic work.

    I use Corel to dodge and burn, corrector and clone tools software. Corel has the same features that I use in the software of Canon - but these features do not work as well in Corel software as Canon, is not a substitute for the Canon software. For example, often light Won ' t bring out shadow details - it turns just black to grey, where the Canon software for the same photo can bring out details in shadows, when I adjust the brightness. The Canon software has adjustments more significant - I can brighten up in 'stops' instead of arbitrary scale from 0 to 100.

    Sorry for the long post. I'm used to seeing lists detailed functionality and screenshots on the boxes of software. Surprised the Adobe site isn't that. If so, please post the link.

    Thank you

    This should help. Here is a link to the manual of Lightoom:


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